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CD Capitol 0276662 (EMI) / EAN 5099902766621
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1.Our Prayer
3.Heroes And Villains
4.Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
5.I'm In Great Shape
7.My Only Sunshine
The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine
10.Look (Song For Children)
11.Child Is Father Of The Man
12.Surf's Up
13.I Wanna Be Around / Workshop
16.Wind Chimes
17.The Element: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)
18.Love To Say Dada
19.Good Vibrations
Bonus Tracks
20.You're Welcome
21.Heroes And Villains (Stereo Mix)
22.Heroes And Villains (Sections - Stereo Mix)
23.Vega-Tables (Demo)
24.He Gives Speeches
25.Smile Backing Vocals Montage
26.Surf's Up (1967 - Solo Version)
27.Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into A Piano
28.Capitol SMiLE Promo [Hidden Track]
LP Capitol 0875781 (EMI) / EAN 5099908757814
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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.67 (Reviews: 3)
03.08.2007 11:03
Es zählt zu den wichtigsten Werken der Kalifornier. 1967 erstmals erschienen, 2004 auf Glanz gebracht.
Mehr ein musikalisches Kunstwerk.
3.5* knapp aufgerundet.

Und nun nach 44 Jahren Verschollenheit komplett veröffentlicht. Viel Spielereien, viel LSD, viel Psychedelic und Füllmaterial.
An der Note ändert sich nichts.
Zuletzt editiert: 06.02.2012 19:10
10.02.2008 17:50
Hiess dieses Album anno dazumals nicht "Smiley Smile"??
Wie auch immer. Es klingt, ähnlich wie Pet Sounds, recht experimentell und leider nur selten eingängig. Heroes & Villains ist (neben Good Vibrations) der beste Song da drauf. Was auch bei Brian Wilsons Neuauflage aus 2004 so ist. 3.5+

album guru joe
The most famous unreleased album in rock history (until 2011) and the intended follow-up too "Pet Sounds", this was to be Brian's "magnum opus" a "teenage symphony to god". Everything fell to pieces in mid 1967 after 10 months of recording, many factors came into play for it's non appearance (record label disputes, drugs and internal band problems). Recorded in a ground breaking "modular technique" (recording small fragments of music, then putting them together in a concise structure) that Brian used earlier for the albums first single "Good Vibrations" became a burden upon it's self.

The music recorded is breath taking and technically astonishing for it's time, some say if this came out in 1967 it may have changed the course of contemporary music. Standout tracks like "Good Vibrations", "Heroes And Villians Parts 1 & 2", "Surf's Up", ""CabinEssence", "Wonderful" & "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow" are some of the best songs recorded by the group.

About 75-85 percent of the album was complete when shelved, in 2004 Brian revived the album as a solo project which led to the release of The Beach Boys 2011 version from the tapes dating from 1966-1967.

Incomplete, a bit fragmented....but absolutely mind blowing given the time of it's writing and album of legendary status.
Zuletzt editiert: 10.10.2013 10:15
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