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Cover Noah Veraguth | Stress | Bastian Baker - Noël's Room
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“I'm writing this on a puking bag flying to Paris with Noah. So I have to keep it short. Matter of space...
I guess the root of this album was my divorce. Having this big ass house and tons of time in front of me. Things to get over with and things to discover. Like marijuana. Haha. Since the first time I worked with Noah I knew I wanted to work more with him. And I guess that's how he felt too. End of May I gathered friends in my house and the idea was to eat, sleep, spend some time together and eventually make some music. Bastian joined a month later. The connection with Bastian was really natural. You knoooow between Welsh.... I guess for all of us it was great to do music once without any pressure and purpose. And it just poured out. We could try a thing we wouldn't even consider for our respective albums. And it did us good... We recorded everything in Noël’s old room. Personally I just wanted to transform a space which was representing the person I was missing into something positive. So here it is... Noël's Room. (In case you wonder why this is all in English: That is how we communicated in Noël's Room)”

Noah Veraguth
“I'm sitting on a train to Zurich on the way to the studio. It's a typical November morning and the fog keeps the sun away. The coffee is okay, though. I'm wondering if my two friends Stress and Bastian are out of bed yet, but to be really honest, I doubt it! While we were working on "Noël's Room", I was always the first one to get up and to make myself some breakfast. Sometimes, I even prepared something for the moment they would come down into the kitchen. I was the Mama! I remember that warm evening in June 2011 when I first met Stress at the HitMill Studios where we recorded my vocals for "Elle", a track on his last album: We instantly got on great together and kept in touch from that moment, performing and partying together, sometimes with his band and sometimes with Pegasus. Last May, I got invited to his house in Zurich to record some stuff and just hang out. And we sure did both! I got to know Bastian because we released our last records within the same seven days. We met each other on tour and fought the "Röstigraben". From my point of view, "Noël's Room" is an intimate insight into our summer 2012 and it shows how Stress, Bastian and I exchanged our ideas and transformed our conversations about all sorts of things into music. I have to say that "All My Life" turned out to be one of my most favorite tracks ever! It was a joy to work with the guys and to record this album with them in such a special environment.”

Bastian Baker
“I'm in my chalet right now... I have one day off, it's the first since August, I think. I'm exhausted but happy, happy to tell you
about this cool story of friendship and music. I met Stress at the Swiss Awards, early 2012. The contact with him was very easy (we're both from Lausanne) even though I was a bit impressed by the guy. After this, we met again on several festivals we were both booked in. And the "Welsh" we know how to party... That's how we became good friends. Stress invited me to his house someday I think it was in July. The main idea was to spend some good time, away from our busy schedules, and why not, create music... But without any goal, without any sort of pressure, back to the roots : HAVE FUN! That’s exactly what we did. Barbecue, parties and yes, also music. And lots of talking too. At the time I had to make a big decision for my career, Stress and the friends at his house helped me to find the answer that I wouldn't have found by myself. And to consider everything a little less important, to take it easy! I met Noah before Stress. He heard one of my songs on the radio. He invited me to a Pegasus concert in Lausanne, at the very cool "Bleu Lézard". I love Pegasus's music. We talked for a while before the concert started and
we decided to play one of my songs during their show that night. We did it and it was great :) Then I supported Pegasus a few times on stage, and they did support me as well. Even if we are in competition in a certain way, Noah and I always tried to help each other, because we know, that's the only way it works! We are the Röstigraben fighters. Noah is a great songwriter, and together we can talk about things like death and depression, without being ashamed... Anyway I still can't understand why he's always reading books in the backstage!”

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4.6 (Reviews: 10)

Now *I-know-what-you-did-last-summer* !! :)

Für mich ein Meisterwerk vom 1. bis zum 13. Titel - von A wie *All My Life* bis L wie *L’Argent du Beurre*

DANCE-HEADBANG-SONGS => *Robot Girl* *On Vit Q’une Fois* *Urban Symphony* *L’Argent du Beurre*

CHILL-OUT => *All My Life* *Starship* *Back in My Life* *King Of The World*

HEARTBREAKING => *Noël’s Room*

FEELS LIKE YOU WERE IN-ANOTHER-WORLD => *Kurt Cobain* *Elevate* *One At The Time* *Traffic Lights*

go&get the ALBUM NOËL'S ROOM NOW!!!
Zuletzt editiert: 30.11.2012 10:58

Einfach ein Meisterwerk! Packend von der ersten Sekunde des ersten Tracks bis zum letzen Takt der letzen Nummer!

Es ist mehr als ein Album von drei schweizer Topmusikern. Es ist Gefühlsverarbeitung, Freundschaft und Therapie zu gleich für die Mitwirkenden.

Ich kann das Album nur empfehlen. Wer sich das entgehen lässt, verpasst wirklich etwas!

Was für ein Album! Der absolute Oberhammer!

Egal ob Stress-, Bastian-, Noah-, M.A.M-, Karolyn- oder Bliggfan, da ist alles vom besten dabei!

Kurt Cobain, Urban Synphony und One At The Time sind meine persönlichen Favoriten.

Holt es euch, es lohnt sich!

Ich muss den Fanclub hier mal ein bisschen bremsen, also eine 6 ist das für mich nie im Leben, dafür ist mir das vom Songwriting her einfach zu wenig, ich habe von diesem Trio doch mehr erwartet.
Vor allem am Anfang und gegen den Schluss des Albums hat es mir zuviele Songs, die mich einfach nur langweilen, es ist mir zu farblos, zu glattgebügelt, zu seicht, ich hätte mir da phasenweise etwas mehr Drive und Mut gewünscht!
Die besten Songs sind für mich "Noël's Room", "Robot Girl", "Urban Symphony" und "Back In My Life", ich kann hier eine gutgemeinte 4 geben!


Sorry - sagt mir gar nicht zu.

Scheisse auf dem Tellerrand
Wird als Senf nicht anerkannt.
Zuletzt editiert: 10.12.2012 11:05

Roger Hürlimann
Geht in Ordnung. Für Zwischendurch ein ganz entspanntes Album. Mal ganz ohne üblichen Grossaufwand.


muss doch einmal aufrunden. MAnche der Songs sind wirklich gelungen uns bleiben auch haftenn!!

Zuletzt editiert: 03.05.2013 07:44

Dank doch einigen angenehmen Songs eine knappe vier.

Dem Album muss ich einfach 6* geben. Finde, die Stimmen harmonieren super miteinander und die Songs sind einfach, aber gut gemacht. Klar, es hat auch ein zwei schwächere Songs, dafür überzeugen Songs wie "All my Life" oder "Starships" umso mehr!
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