Status Quo - Aquostic - Live @ The Roundhouse

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CD Fourth Chord / ear / Edel 0210299EMU / EAN 4029759102991
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CD 1:
1.And It's Better Now (Live)
2.Break The Rules (Live)
3.Again And Again (Live)
4.Paper Plane (Live)
5.Mystery Song (Live)
6.Little Lady (Live)
7.Rock'n'Roll (Live)
8.Caroline (Live)
9.What You're Proposing (Live)
10.Softer Ride (Live)
11.Down Down (Live)
12.Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Live)
CD 2:
1.Down The Dustpipe (Live)
2.All The Reasons (Live)
3.Reason For Living (Live)
4.Rollin' Home (Live)
5.Don't Drive My Car (Live)
6.Claudie (Live)
7.Rain (Live)
8.Marguerita Time (Live)
9.Na na na (Live)
10.Whatever You Want (Live)
11.Rockin' All Over The World (Live)
12.Rock 'Til You Drop (Live)
13.Burning Bridges (Live)
LP Ear 0210302EMU / EAN 4029759103028
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CD Ear 0210333EMU / EAN 4029759103332
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Singles - Schweizer Hitparade
Pictures Of Matchstick Men02.04.1968511
Down, Down07.02.1975215
Rockin' All Over The World14.01.1978312
Again And Again14.10.197886
What You're Proposing02.11.1980213
Something About You Baby I Like22.03.1981105
Ol' Rag Blues06.11.1983175
Marguerita Time26.02.1984235
The Wanderer09.12.1984108
Rollin' Home22.06.1986109
Red Sky07.09.1986291
In The Army Now16.11.1986114
Ain't Complaining22.05.1988212
The Anniversary Waltz (Part One)18.11.19901213
Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Scooter vs. Status Quo)12.10.2008795
Alben - Schweizer Hitparade
Back To Back18.12.1983202
In The Army Now14.09.1986127
Hit Album08.03.198787
Ain't Complaining29.05.198859
Perfect Remedy24.12.1989261
Rocking All Over The Years18.11.19901222
Rock 'Til You Drop20.10.1991184
Thirsty Work04.09.19941010
Don't Stop18.02.1996288
Whatever You Want - The Very Best Of26.04.1998188
Under The Influence11.04.1999285
Famous In The Last Century30.04.2000565
Heavy Traffic06.10.2002216
The Party Ain't Over Yet...02.10.2005215
In Search Of The Fourth Chord30.09.2007184
Quid Pro Quo12.06.2011816
Die grössten Erfolge04.03.2012951
Bula Quo! - It Started With Guitars... And Ended With Guns!23.06.20131310
Back2SQ.1 - The Frantic Four Reunion 2013 - Live At Hammersmith Apollo20.10.2013791
The Frantic Four's Final Fling - Live At Dublin O² Arena07.09.2014581
Aquostic - Stripped Bare26.10.201447
Aquostic - Live @ The Roundhouse19.04.2015334
Aquostic II - That's A Fact!30.10.2016133
The Last Night Of The Electrics23.07.2017175
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Pictures - Live At Montreux 2009 [DVD]01.11.200923
Back2SQ.1 - The Frantic Four Reunion 2013 - Live At Wembley Arena [DVD]20.10.201353
The Frantic Four's Final Fling - Live At Dublin O² Arena [DVD]07.09.201425
Aquostic - Live @ The Roundhouse [DVD]19.04.201545
The Last Night Of The Electrics [DVD]23.07.201716

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Status Quo mit Hammondmusik und Handorgel? Oh nein, lasst es bitte sein. Hat absolut nichts mit dem sonst genialen Boogie-Quo-Hammersound zu tun. Tut echt weh in den Ohren, sorry
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