The Beatles - Live At The BBC - The Collection

Cover The Beatles - Live At The BBC - The Collection
Apple 3758447
Cover The Beatles - Live At The BBC - The Collection
Cover The Beatles - Live At The BBC - The Collection


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CD Apple 3758447 (UMG) / EAN 0602537584475
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CD 1:
Live At The BBC Vol. 1
1.Beatle Greetings (Live)
2.From Me To You (Live)
3.Riding On A Bus (Live)
4.I Got A Woman (Live)
5.Too Much Monkey Business (Live)
6.Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Live)
7.I'll Be On My Way (Live)
8.Young Blood (Live)
9.A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (Live)
10.Sure To Fall (In Love With You) (Live)
11.Some Other Guy (Live)
12.Thank You Girl (Live)
13.Sha La La La La! (Live)
14.Baby It's You (Live)
15.That's All Right (Mama) (Live)
16.Carol (Live)
17.What Is It, George? (Live)
18.Soldier Of Love (Live)
19.A Little Rhyme (Live)
20.Clarabella (Live)
21.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (Live)
22.Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Live)
23.Dear Wack! (Live)
24.You Really Got A Hold On Me (Live)
25.To Know Her Is To Love Her (Live)
26.A Taste Of Honey (Live)
27.Long Tall Sally (Live)
28.I Saw Her Standing There (Live)
29.The Honeymoon Song (Live)
30.Johnny B. Goode (Live)
31.Memphis, Tennessee (Live)
32.Lucille (Live)
33.Can't Buy Me Love (Live)
34.From Fluff To You (Live)
35.Till There Was You (Live)
CD 2:
1.Crinsk Dee Night (Live)
2.A Hard Day's Night (Live)
3.Have A Banana! (Live)
4.I Wanna Be Your Man (Live)
5.Just A Rumour (Live)
6.Roll Over Beethoven (Live)
7.All My Loving (Live)
8.Things We Said Today (Live)
9.She's A Woman (Live)
10.Sweet Little Sixteen (Live)
11.1822! (Live)
12.Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (Live)
13.Nothin' Shakin' (Live)
14.The Hippy Hippy Shake (Live)
15.Glad All Over (Live)
16.I Just Don't Understand (Live)
17.So How Come (No One Loves Me) (Live)
18.I Feel Fine (Live)
19.I'm A Loser (Live)
20.Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (Live)
21.Rock And Roll Music (Live)
22.Ticket To Ride (Live)
23.Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Live)
24.Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (Live)
25.Set Fire To That Lot! (Live)
26.Matchbox (Live)
27.I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Live)
28.Love These Goon Shows! (Live)
29.I Got To Find My Baby (Live)
30.Ooh! My Soul (Live)
31.Ooh! My Arms (Live)
32.Don't Ever Change (Live)
33.Slow Down (Live)
34.Honey Don't (Live)
35.Love Me Do (Live)
36.From Us To You (Closing)
CD 3:
Live At The BBC Vol. 2
1.And Here We Are Again (Live)
2.Words Of Love (Live)
3.How About It, Gorgeous? (Live)
4.Do You Want To Know A Secret (Live)
5.Lucille (Live)
6.Hey, Paul... (Live)
7.Anna (Go To Him) (Live)
8.Hello! (Live)
9.Please Please Me (Live)
10.Misery (Live)
11.I'm Talking About You (Live)
12.A Real Treat (Live)
13.Boys (Live)
14.Absolutely Fab (Live)
15.Chains (Live)
16.Ask Me Why (Live)
17.Till There Was You (Live)
18.Lend Me Your Comb (Live)
19.Lower 5E (Live)
20.The Hippy Hippy Shake (Live)
21.Roll Over Beethoven (Live)
22.There's A Place (Live)
23.Bumper Bundle (Live)
24.P.S. I Love You (Live)
25.Please Mister Postman (Live)
26.Beautiful Dreamer (Live)
27.Devil In Her Heart (Live)
28.The 49 Weeks (Live)
29.Sure To Fall (In Love With You) (Live)
30.Never Mind, Eh? (Live)
31.Twist And Shout (Live)
32.Bye, Bye (Live)
33.John - Pop Profile
34.George - Pop Profile
CD 4:
1.I Saw Her Standing There (Live)
2.Glad All Over (Live)
3.Lift Lid Again (Live)
4.I'll Get You (Live)
5.She Loves You (Live)
6.Memphis, Tennessee (Live)
7.Happy Birthday Dear Saturday Club (Live)
8.Now Hush, Hush (Live)
9.From Me To You (Live)
10.Money (That's What I Want) (Live)
11.I Want To Hold Your Hand (Live)
12.Brian Bathtubes (Live)
13.This Boy (Live)
14.If I Wasn't In America (Live)
15.I Got A Woman (Live)
16.Long Tall Sally (Live)
17.If I Fell (Live)
18.A Hard Job Writing Them (Live)
19.And I Love Her (Live)
20.Oh, Can't We? Yes We Can (Live)
21.You Can't Do That (Live)
22.Honey Don't (Live)
23.I'll Follow The Sun (Live)
24.Green With Black Shutters (Live)
25.Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (Live)
26.That's What We're Here For (Live)
27.I Feel Fine (Studio Outtake Sequence)
28.Paul - Pop Profile
29.Ringo - Pop Profile

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