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Timi Yuro
Live At PJ's

1 Bewertung
Timi Yuro

1 BewertungTimi Yuro - Live At PJ's
This is the third of RPM's impromptu Tim Yuro series i.e. we released one which was so well received that we released another, and now a third with more planned.
The little lady with the big voice is captured here at the legendary PJs Club in 1969. The original album release on Liberty consisted of only 8 tracks, was issued only in the US, coupled with some studio material on the LP flip side then quickly withdrawn.
RPM present the Live half of the album released for the first time in Europe, and reissued for the first time anywhere, now digitally remastered and enhanced by the reinstatement of the two other songs recorded across that weekend in April '69.
Bonus tracks have also been added in the form of alternate takes recorded on different nights, of three of the songs, all recently mixed down from the original 1" mutli track masters. The sound is very soulful, Timi is backed by a tight Stax sounding house band, and she performs with her customary passion.
Timi is still in our world but has been ill for sometime and never been able to record again since the early 1980's, a great loss to the music world. Live at PJs serves as a reminder of that loss, and is the only recorded testament to her live performance during her heyday. (info from: ..