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Timi Yuro
The Lost Voice Of Soul

1 Bewertung
Timi Yuro

1 BewertungTimi Yuro - The Lost Voice Of Soul
Zeker zijn geld waard, een super cd, uitgebracht door RMP117, vermoedelijk uitgebracht in 2004.
The remarkable voice of TIMI YURO led many to believe she was either a man, or black, or both.

They were shocked to find such a powerful voice eminating from such a petite singer. Rising to fame with HURT, Yuro had a long run of US hits on Liberty.

This first UK compilation includes many of these, the pick of her albums and b-sides plus the Northern Soul rarity IT'LL NEVER BE OVER FOR ME.

Hurt / Just Say I Love Him / Trying / Smile / Let Me Call You Sweetheart / Count Everything / I Know (I Love You) / What's A Matter Baby / Only Love Me / That's Right Walk On By / Should I Ever Love Again / The Love Of A Boy / I Ain't Gonna Cry No More / Insult To Injury / Make The World Go Away / Gotta Travel On / Down In The Valley / Leavin' On Your Mind / She's Got To You / I'd Fight The World / Permanently Lonely / Are You Sure / A Legend In My Time / Call Me / Something Bad On My Mind / It'll Never Be Over For Me