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Iggy Pop (Iggy Stooge), James Williamson, David Bowie (Bewlay Bros.), Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Don Was, Whitey Kirst, Malcolm Burn, Hal Cragin, Dave Alexander, Chris Stein, Bill Laswell, 3 Blind Mice, Pat Moran, Rob Duprey, Thom Wilson, Joshua Homme (Josh Homme), Thom Panunzio, Alex Kirst, David Richards, Goran Bregović, Ivan Kral, Steve Jones, Rick Smith, John Cale, Don Gallucci, Pete Marshall, Steve MacKay [Sax], Eric Schermerhorn, Scott Thurston, Tommy Boyce

A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Alva Noto, Bethany Cosentino, Bobby Previte, Boss Martians, Carla Bruni, David Arnold, David Bowie, Deborah Harry, Emilie Simon, Emmanuelle Seigner, Françoise Hardy, Goran Bregović, Green Day, James Williamson, Jamie Saft, Jet, Joe Jackson, Johnny Depp, Josh Homme, Joshua Homme, Kate Pierson, Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue, Lilian Vieira, Lou Reed, Madeleine Peyroux, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Millenia Nova, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Oneohtrix Point Never, Pan Amsterdam, Peaches, Rita Mitsouko, Rufus Wainwright, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Slash, Songhoy Blues, Steve Swallow, Sum 41, Tarwater, Teddybears, The BPA, The Elegant Too, The Stooges, Thurston Moore, Underworld, We Are The Lilies, WestBam, Yoko Ono, Zig Zags

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I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)Elektra10.1969
1969 (The Stooges)Elektra1969
Down On The Street (The Stooges)Elektra20.07.1970
Search And Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges)Columbia06.1973
Raw Power (Iggy & The Stooges)CBS1973
Sister MidnightRCA02.1977
I Got A Right (Iggy And The Stooges)Siamese04.1977
Lust For LifeRCA Victor10.1977
I'm Sick Of You (Iggy And The Stooges)Bomp1977
I Got Nothin' (Iggy Pop & James Williamson)Skydog1977
China GirlRCA Victor1977
Some Weird SinRCA1977
Gimme Danger (Live) (Iggy And The Stooges)Skydog1977
SuccessRCA Victor1977
Kill City (Iggy Pop & James Williamson)Radar02.1978
I Got A RightRCA Victor1978
I'm BoredArista20.04.1979
Five Foot OneArista07.1979
Loco MosquitoArista26.01.1980
Knocking 'em Down (In The City)Arista1980
Bang BangArista05.1981
Pumpin' For JillArista1981
The PassengerGolden Groove05.1982
Run Like A VillainAnimal08.1982
Tight Pants (Iggy And The Stooges)Line1985
Cry For LoveA&M01.10.1986
Real Wild Child (Wild One)A&M11.1986
Fire GirlA&M04.1987
Risky (Ryuichi Sakamoto & Iggy Pop)CBS1987
High On YouA&M21.01.1988
Cold MetalA&M21.07.1988
Open Up And Bleed (Live) (Iggy And The Stooges)Revenge1988
Johanna (Iggy And The Stooges)Revenge1988
What You Gonna Do (Live) (The Stooges)Revenge1988
Easy RiderA&M1988
She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills (Iggy And The Stooges)Revenge1989
Nowhere (Iggy And The Stooges)Revenge1989
Open Up And Bleed (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)Revenge1989
Till The End Of The Night (Iggy And The Stooges)Revenge1989
Livin' On The Edge Of The NightVirgin22.01.1990
Well, Did You Evah! (Deborah Harry & Iggy Pop)Chrysalis24.12.1990
Kill City (Live)Revenge1990
Easy Rider (Live)Revenge1990
The Passenger (Live)Revenge1990
Lust For Life (Live)Revenge1990
I Got Nothing (Live) (The Stooges)Revenge1991
My Girl Hates My Heroin (The Stooges)Revenge1991
The UndefeatedVirgin1991
Some Weird Sin (Live)Revenge1992
Wild AmericaVirgin01.11.1993
Louie LouieVirgin1993
Beside YouVirgin1993
In The Death CarMercury1993
Mixin' The ColorsVirgin1993
Family AffairSkydog1995
Heart Is SavedVirgin1996
Pussy WalkVirgin1996
Innocent WorldVirgin1996
I Wanna LiveVirgin1996
To BelongVirgin1996
Monster MenVirgin1997
(I Got) Nothing (Live) (Iggy And The Stooges)Jungle1998
We Have All The Time In The World (David Arnold feat. Iggy Pop)EastWest1998
Miss ArgentinaVirgin1999
Avenue BVirgin1999
Marry Me GirlVirgin1999
Little Know It All (Iggy Pop & Sum 41)Virgin2003
Little Electric Chair (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)Virgin2003
Skull Ring (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)Virgin2003
Motor Inn (Iggy Pop & Freedom feat. Peaches)Virgin2003
Rockicide (Millenia Nova feat. Iggy Pop)Motor2003
Kick It (Peaches feat. Iggy Pop)XL05.01.2004
1970 (The Stooges)Rhino08.2005
Punkrocker (Teddybears feat. Iggy Pop)Big Beat2006
I Wanna Be Your DogSkydog2006
Free & Freaky (The Stooges)Virgin2007
King Of The DogsVirgin18.05.2009
Cock In My Pocket (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)Cleopatra14.07.2009
Les feuilles mortesVirgin2009
1969 (Live) (The Stooges)Pitshark2011
If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up (Iggy Pop & Zig Zags)Light In The Attic03.10.2012
Burn (Iggy And The Stooges)Turnstile18.03.2013
No Fun (The Stooges)Warner Bros.20.04.2013
Waiting For The D Train (Iggy Pop & Yoko Ono)Chimera19.08.2013
Mars Is For Martians (Boss Martians feat. Iggy Pop)Lonestar04.12.2013
Nobody's City (Iggy Pop with Nick Cave feat. Thurston Moore)Glitterhouse / V228.04.2014
Fire EngineJungle31.07.2015
GardeniaCaroline / Loma Vista / Republic22.01.2016
Break Into Your HeartCaroline25.01.2016
Chocolate DropsCaroline25.04.2016
SundayCaroline / Loma Vista / Republic06.06.2016
GoldVarèse Sarabande13.01.2017
The Pure And The Damned (Oneohtrix Point Never feat. Iggy Pop)Warp / V209.06.2017
Sahara (Songhoy Blues feat. Iggy Pop)Transgressive06.10.2017
ApolloEasy Action17.11.2017
Bells & Circles (Underworld & Iggy Pop)Caroline25.05.2018
I'll See Big (Underworld & Iggy Pop)Caroline25.06.2018
Get Your Shirt (Underworld & Iggy Pop)Caroline06.07.2018
Mobile (Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop)Def Presse22.03.2019

Alben - Studio

The Stooges (The Stooges)Elektra05.08.1969
Fun House (The Stooges)Elektra08.1970
Raw Power (Iggy & The Stooges)Columbia05.1973
The IdiotRCA18.03.1977
Lust For LifeRCA Victor29.08.1977
Kill City (Iggy Pop & James Williamson)Bomp11.1977
Jesus Loves The Stooges [EP] (Iggy Pop & James Williamson)Bomp!12.1977
New ValuesArista20.04.1979
Zombie BirdhouseAnimal09.1982
I Got A RightInvasion1983
Pure Lust [EP] (Iggy And The Stooges)Revenge1988
Brick By BrickVirgin10.07.1990
Live At The Channel, Boston M.A. 1988Revenge1990
Live Ritz N.Y.C. 86Revenge01.1992
Siamese Dogs (Iggy And The Stooges)Skydog1992
Wild AnimalRevenge1993
American CaesarVirgin07.09.1993
Naughty Little DoggieVirgin22.02.1996
Avenue BVirgin14.09.1999
Beat Em UpVirgin18.06.2001
Skull RingVirgin26.09.2003
Extended Play [EP] (The Stooges)Easy Action30.05.2005
The Weirdness (The Stooges)Virgin02.03.2007
Lust For Life & Brick By BrickVirgin14.09.2007
Anthology 1 & 2Capitol26.10.2007
Escaped Maniacs (Iggy & The Stooges)Charly23.04.2010
Jesus Loves The Stooges (Iggy And The Stooges)Cleopatra18.06.2010
Dirty Power (Iggy Pop And The Stooges)Music Brokers14.12.2010
AprèsLe rat des villes09.05.2012
Ready To Die (Iggy And The Stooges)Fat Possum22.03.2013
I Wanna Be Your DogJungle31.07.2015
I Used To Be A Stooge, But Now I'm A Real Wild ChildLet Them Eat Vinyl21.08.2015
Leaves Of Grass (Iggy Pop / Tarwater / Alva Noto)Morr05.02.2016
Post Pop DepressionCaroline / Loma Vista / Republic18.03.2016
Loneliness Road (Jamie Saft / Steve Swallow / Bobby Previte with Iggy Pop)RareNoise26.05.2017
Iggy 1977 
California Hitch-Hike 
The A&M Recordings [2007] 
Where The Faces Shine Volume 1 - The Official Live Experience 1977-1981 
Where The Faces Shine Volume 2 - The Official Live Experience 1982-1989 
Move Ass Baby (Iggy & The Stooges) 
Search And Destroy (Iggy Pop & The Stooges) 

Alben - Live

Metallic KO (Iggy & The Stooges)Skydog07.05.1976
T.V. Eye LiveRCA12.05.1978
Live At The Whiskey A Gogo (The Stooges)Revenge12.1988
Hippodrome Paris 77Revenge1990
We Are Not Talking About Commercial ShitMeldac21.01.1993
Your Pretty Face Is Going To HellDynamic1995
Live On The King Biscuit Flower HourKing Biscuit Flower28.10.1997
Double Danger (Iggy & The Stooges)Bomp!20.03.2000
Telluric Chaos (Iggy And The Stooges)Skydog20.06.2005
Live In Cleveland-1977 (Iggy Pop feat. David Bowie)Golden Core24.07.2009
The Electric Circus (The Stooges)Easy Action22.02.2010
Have Some Fun: Live At Ungano's (The Stooges)Rhino Handmade22.11.2010
Sister Midnight - Live At The Agora (Iggy & Ziggy)Store For Music08.04.2011
Live New York 1980Plastic Soho28.06.2013
Hello Cleveland - Live! (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)Rockborn04.10.2013
Paris PalaceCleopatra24.10.2014
Live In Germany 1996Immortal01.05.2015
Shot Myself UpEasy Action08.05.2015
Sister Midnight - Live At The Opera (Iggy & Ziggy)Let Them Eat Vinyl21.08.2015
Sadistic Summer Live 2011 (Iggy And The Stooges)Let Them Eat Vinyl30.10.2015
Post Pop Depression - Live At The Royal Albert HallEagle28.10.2016
Mantra Studios Broadcast 1977 (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)Parachute28.04.2017
Live - The Ritz New York City November 14, 1986Lasgo20.10.2017
The Ohio Shuffle (Iggy Pop & David Bowie)Parachute20.10.2017
Live In NYCCult Legends01.04.2018
Bookies Club 870Easy Action31.08.2018
Mantra Studios Broadcast, Chicago 1977 (Iggy Pop with David Bowie)Cult Legends10.05.2019
Live [2010] 
Live Supreme 
Lust For Live 1977 
The Passenger Live In U.S.A. 
Live [2009] 

Alben - Best Of

Nude & Rude: The Best Of Iggy PopVirgin25.10.1996
A Million In Prizes - The AnthologyVirgin15.07.2005
Greatest Hits - Steel Box CollectionSony16.03.2009
The Best OfRCA04.06.2010
Alle 30 goedEMI Catalogue Marketing29.03.2013

Alben - Box

The Stooges + Fun House (The Stooges)Elektra05.10.2007
Lust For Life / The IdiotVirgin11.09.2009
Original Album ClassicsSony25.03.2011
Lust For Life + The IdiotVirgin24.06.2011

Alben - Misc

The Sacred Triangle (Bowie Iggy & Lou)Audioglobe19.11.2010
US-Underground Legends (Iggy Pop & Lou Reed)GRC03.12.2010
Roadkill Rising - The Bootleg Collection: 1977-2009Shout Factory27.05.2011
I Used To Be A Stooge, But Now I'm A Real Wild ChildStore For Music03.06.2011
The Detroit Tapes (Iggy Pop & The Stooges)Store For Music05.08.2011
Funtime (Iggy Pop feat. David Bowie)Collector's Dream31.08.2012
Search And Destroy - The Detroit Studio Out-Takes (Iggy & The Stooges)Cleopatra22.11.2013
Gimme Some SkinCleopatra24.10.2014
Psychodophonic MedicineCleopatra26.03.2015
Stars That Shine So BrightPower Station24.11.2017
Teatime Dub Encounters [EP] (Underworld & Iggy Pop)Caroline27.07.2018

Alben - DVD

Kiss My BloodSilva16.03.2007
Post Pop Depression - Live At The Royal Albert HallEagle28.10.2016
American Valhalla (Joshua Homme / Iggy Pop)Eagle09.03.2018
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