100% Hits Volume 3

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100% Hits

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3.8 (Reviews: 5)

It's an ok compilation but i feel it was rushed out to early in the year which means it misses some of the better tunes.

Highlights include:

Do Anything
Spill The Wine

Gefällt mir sehr gut.

Hier geben sich international durchgestartete Titel der frühen 90er und Stücke australischer Künstler ein Stelldichein - 3.75...

This compilation had so much promise but loses a few points for a few reasons.

1. Lovesick appeared on volume 2 and didn't need to appear on volume 3.

2. Songs such as Cream and Mysterious Ways (both top 3 hits) should have been on this and not left out but instead included on the Best of 92 edition at the end of the year.

3. A few random songs that weren't even big hits.

Not all is bad, the good:

1. Artists like Color Me Badd and UB40 included when their previous singles were excluded from previous editions.

2. Three #1 singles.

3. A decent representation of what was big at the time with some standout hits.

This one was kind of hit and miss for me, could of been much better for some of the reasons pointed out above. Could of also included:

Amy Grants - That's what love is for
Scorpians - Send me an angel
Blue Train - All I need.

Highlights for me on this set include:

Natural selection - Do anything
Roxette - Spending my time
Julian Lennon - Saltwater
Diesel - Come to me
Color me Badd - All for love
Crowded House - It's only natural
Euphoria - Love you right
Salt n Pepa - Let's talk about sex

Absolute low points of this album were:

Sabrina Johnston - Peace (the horrid loooooong version)
Marky Marks - Walk on the wild side

Give me Lou Reed and Jamie J Morgan's version anyday.
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