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Ich bin back mit meiner neuen Single "Fear 2 Faith"

07.02.2023 18:44
Hoi Zeme!

Ich hoffe es geht euch Allen bestens und ihr hattet eine guten Rutsch ins 2023. Ich bleib fleissig dran und bin zurück mit meiner neuen Single "Fear 2 Faith". Es handelt sich um das leben mit geistlichen/psychischen Schwierigkeiten, aber mit der Botschaft dass es auch ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels gibt. Das weis ich jetzt aus eigener jahrelangen Erfahrung. Ich empfehle das Lied mit guten Kopfhörer anzuhören. Ich wünsche viel Spass beim zuhören und hoffe es gefällt euch. Wie immer, vielen Dank für eure Zeit und jedes Feedback.

Song Link: https://mx3.ch/t/1K10

Much love,

Stephan aka Gakuseii McFly

PS: Hier sind noch die Lyrics dazu

Intro/Verse 1:

I want to live but I feel like I’m stuck in a phase
They say make the day count but I’m really just counting the days
Cause nothing good ever seems to come around my way
Now I’m begging for a change

Year after year is the same I’m still living in hell
My body is shackled my mind is confined to a cell
The only thing left is for me to go hide in my shell
Can I live? Only time will tell

Screaming at walls with the hope that I’m finally heard
Watching my tears as they drop and turn into words
I wanna be strong but this fear in my soul yeah it hurts
Why does it feel like I’m cursed?

Verse 2 (Rap):
Wake up to a bright room, terrified of having to face the night soon
I guess I’m just afraid of the unknown
And even though I’m grown, I fear being alone
Cause nobody wants to be it
Although we try to disbelieve it
We swallow insecurities like a bulimic
And hide when we let them out
But that won’t get them out
A temporary relief with unsettling doubt
Cause every person in this world is affected by some problems
Many of us don’t know how to solve them
Resort to drugs, alcohol and violence
Keep going at it ‘till they have to call the sirens
Seeing friends overdose ain’t pretty
Do you realize this is happening in your city
People drown in their own sorrow
Constantly scared of today yet terrified of tomorrow
And so, I ask you, to not dwell too much cause life’s fast and it’ll run right past you
And I understand, you wanna share your problems with the world, but nobody cares to ask you
So you put on a mask to
Hide the pain and suffering you constantly have to pass through
So this goes out to people going through times
Anxiety, depression, victims of these crimes

Hook 2:
I know that you’ve been hurting so long
It’s the reason why I’m writing this song
Reminding you to always stay strong
Your better days they will come, you’re never alone

As long as we are breathing, we’re blessed
Be grateful and you’ll soon see success
Let go of all the worries and stress
Cause you deserve the best, life!
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