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Interview mit Thierry Condor - hitparade.ch

Thierry Condor - So Close
1. Thierry Condor feat. Daniel Küffer - Heart To Heart
2. Thierry Condor feat. Jeff Lorber - Just Call
3. Love Will Rise And Fall
4. Thierry Condor feat. Tom Scott - Deeper Than The Night
5. Touch By Touch
6. Thierry Condor feat. Jeri Lynne - Hard To Say Goodbye
7. Let's Go Up
8. So Close
9. Thierry Condor feat. G-Sax - Music Prayer For Peace
10. Now
11. I Thought That We Were Still In Love
12. Deeper Than The Night (Extended Version)
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Interview durchgeführt: Alexander Dal Farra
Redaktion: Alexander Dal Farra

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