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Bruno Hasler, Thomas Hasler, Back To Earth


Discographie Alben - Studio

Back To EarthThasproduction16.09.1992
Dreams And HopesThasproduction16.09.1992
From Deep InsideThasproduction24.11.1993
Rivers Of LifeThasproduction14.11.1995
Secret SpacesThasproduction12.11.1998
Mystic WaysThasproduction28.10.2002
Kairos - The Spirit Of TimeThasproduction2005
Sensual MindThasproduction26.12.2008
The Moonlight - Mix Of Sensual MindThasproduction03.12.2010
Discographie Alben - Best Of


Back To Earth in der Schweizer Hitparade


Rivers Of Life10.12.1995620
Secret Spaces06.12.1998319
Mystic Ways10.11.20024813
Kairos - The Spirit Of Time18.12.2005498
Sensual Mind11.01.2009539

Songs von Back To Earth

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(Fly) Towards The Inner Eye
... Into Ethereal Peace
... Through All The Storms ...
... White Shadow
...White Shadow
42nd Street Club
A Friday Night In June
A Prayer For All Times
African Princess
All Alone
Angel Of Music
Aurora Magica
Back To Earth
Behind The Mask
Between Heaven & Earth
Bird On A Beach
Blue Sky
Bound Up With Mother Earth
Breakfast In Vienna
Broken Silence
Children Of Hope
Coloured Poem
Coming Home
Deep Down Inside
Desert Dance
Dreamland Crescendo
Dreams And Hopes
Earth Wisdom - Back to Earth '95
Echoes Of East And West
Emotions In Motion
Expression Of Delight
Far From Nowhere ...
Feels Like Flying
Flying Over The Clouds
For The Two Of Us
For You
From Deep Inside
From Deep Inside (Reprise)
From Dusk Till Dawn
From Outer Space
Gentle Touch Of Beauty
Harvest Moon
Healing Dreams
Heart Over Mind
Hymn Of The Universe
In Search Of The White Shadow
In The Garden Of Morpheus
In The Light Of That Night
Indian Summer Breeze
Into Eternity
Into The Myth
Just The Way You Are
Kairos - The Spirit Of Time
Little Lullaby
Living In Balance
Looking Back Ahead
Miss You
Mona Lisa
Mystery In The Dark
Mystic Ways
New Expressions Of Delight
On Eagle Wings
Out In The Green
Pages Of Our Mind
Phases Of The Moon
Pictures Of My Soul
Poem For Shy Hearts
Pour la causes de femmes
Promise To Your Heart
Quiet Memories
Rain Over Clifden Bay
Reflection From The Unseen
Reflections From The Past
Return To Homeland
Rhymes On A Silver Morning
Rivers Of Life Part I: Source Of Life
Rivers Of Life Part II: Floating Through The Time
Rivers Of Life Part III: To Touch The Sky
Roads From Nowhere
Secret Spaces Suite Part Five - Venus Valley
Secret Spaces Suite Part Four - Eastern Sky Lights
Secret Spaces Suite Part One - Secret...
Secret Spaces Suite Part Seven - ...Spaces
Secret Spaces Suite Part Six - On My Way Home
Secret Spaces Suite Part Three - Dancing With The Past
Secret Spaces Suite Part Two - Out Of The Dark
Secrets Of Nature
Sensual Mind
Sensual Touch
Signs And Traces
Silent Sea
Sister Moonshine
Sky Road Memories
So Close To Heaven
So Close To You
Song For Helga
Source Of Life
Still Alone
Still In Love (First Part)
Still In Love (Second Part)
Tender Love Waltz
The Age Of Innocence
The Blue Side Of Midnight
The Call Of Silence
The Certainty Of Illusion
The Dignity Of Nature
The Hidden Smile Of Naiad
The Illusion Of Certainty
The Last Crossing
The New Day
The Night Morning Came Too Soon
The Perfect Moment
The Power Of Ancient Symbols
The Return Of The Silent Sound
The Rythm Of Romance
The Silent Sound Returns
The Smile In Your Eyes
The Spirit Of Time
The Spirit Of Utopia
Tired Of Walking
To The Four Winds
Toscana Nights
Under The African Sky
Venus Valley
Vision Of Change
Walking The Endless Mile
When All Is Said And Done
When Angels Smile
When You Open Your Heart
Whispered Dreams
Whispering Waters
Yin & Yang
Your Beautiful Love

Alben von Back To Earth

Back To Earth
Dreams And Hopes
From Deep Inside
Kairos - The Spirit Of Time
Mystic Ways
Rivers Of Life
Secret Spaces
Sensual Mind
The Dawn Of A New World
The Moonlight - Mix Of Sensual Mind

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