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Cliff Martinez, Gregory Tripi, Mac Quayle


Discographie Alben - Studio

Only God Forgives (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)Milan12.07.2013
Solaris (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)Invada06.12.2013
The Foreigner (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)Sony Classical13.10.2017
Contagion (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)Real Gone24.11.2017
Discographie Alben - Soundtrack

Drive (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)Lakeshore27.09.2011
Arbitrage (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)Milan11.09.2012

Cliff Martinez in der Schweizer Hitparade


Drive (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)29.01.2012723

Songs von Cliff Martinez

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After The Accident
After The Chase
All Business
Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother (Cliff Martinez and Gregory Tripi)
Big 'Ol Scardy Pants
Bikinis & Big Booties Y'all (Cliff Martinez & Skrillex)
Bride Of Chang (Cliff Martinez and Mac Quayle)
Bride Of Deluxe
Bring A Notary
Can't Forget (Cliff Martinez, Mac Quayle and Vithaya Pansringarm)
Chang And Sword
Crystal And The bodybuilders
Crystal Checking In (Cliff Martinez and Gregory Tripi)
Dad Are You Listening?
Do As Thou Will
Everything OK Sir?
Falling In Love (Cliff Martinez, Gregory Tripi and Rhatha Phongam)
He Had A Good Time
He's Using You
I Drive
I Need A Serious Favor
I'm Sorry
Involuntary Manslaughter
It's Not My Problem
Just Go Away
Kick Your Teeth
Ladies Close Your Eyes (Cliff Martinez and Gregory Tripi)
Last Chance
Leave My Son In Peace (Cliff Martinez, Gregory Tripi and Mac Quayle)
My Name On A Car
Never Gonna Get This P***y
On The Beach
Only God Forgives (Cliff Martinez and Gregory Tripi)
Pretend It's A Video Game
Rise And Shine Little B***h (Cliff Martinez & Skrillex)
Rubber Head
See You In Four
Sister Part 1 (Cliff Martinez and Gregory Tripi)
Skull Crushing
Slow Mistress
Son Of Scary Monsters (Cliff Martinez & Skrillex)
Take It Off (Cliff Martinez and Mac Quayle)
Then I Don't Make It
They Broke His Pelvis
This Is Crazy
This Is Not Going To Go Away
Wanna Fight
We Will Pick It Up Later
What Would You Have Paid?
What's He Offering You Now?
Where's The Deluxe Version?
Wrong Floor
Your Friends Ain't Gonna Leave With You

Alben von Cliff Martinez

Arbitrage (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)
Contagion (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)
Drive (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)
Only God Forgives (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)
Solaris (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)
The Foreigner (Soundtrack / Cliff Martinez)

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