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Discographie Singles

Blind Man In The DarkCapricorn1998
She Said, She SaidCapricorn1998
Slackjaw JezebelATO2004
Funny Little TragedyBlue Note13.08.2013
Discographie Alben - Studio

Gov't MuleRelativity27.06.1995
DoseEvil Teen24.02.1998
Life Before InsanityCapricorn15.02.2000
The Deep End Volume 1ATO23.10.2001
The Deep End Volume 2ATO08.10.2002
Déjà VoodooATO14.09.2004
Mo' Voodoo [EP]ATO2005
High & MightyATO22.08.2006
Mule On Easy Street 10.19.06ATO2006
Mighty HighBlue Rose19.10.2007
By A ThreadProvogue23.10.2009
Revolution Come... Revolution GoConcord09.06.2017
Discographie Alben - Live

Live At Roseland BallroomFoundation22.10.1996
Live...With A Little Help From Our FriendsVolcano23.03.1999
LIVE...With A Little Help From Our Friends Volume 2Evangeline02.11.1999
The Deepest EndATO07.10.2003
Dark Side Of The MuleProvogue05.12.2014
Sco-Mule (Gov't Mule feat. John Scofield)Provogue23.01.2015
Dub Side Of The MuleProvogue03.04.2015
Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol. 1 & 2Provogue17.04.2015
Live... With A Little Help Froum Our Friends - Volume 2Floating World23.09.2016
Discographie Alben - Box

The Georgia Bootleg BoxProvogue12.10.2012
Discographie Alben - Misc

The Tel-Star SessionsProvogue05.08.2016

Gov't Mule in der Schweizer Hitparade


Dark Side Of The Mule14.12.2014651
Sco-Mule (Gov't Mule feat. John Scofield)01.02.2015501
The Tel-Star Sessions14.08.2016351
Revolution Come... Revolution Go18.06.2017193

Songs von Gov't Mule

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3 String George
30 Days In The Hole
About To Rage
Any Open Window
Babylon Turnpike
Bad Little Doggie
Bad Man Walking
Banks Of The Deep End
Beautifully Broken
Birth Of The Mule (Gov't Mule feat. John Scofield)
Birth Of The Mule
Blind Man In The Dark
Brand New Angel
Brighter Days
Bring On The Music (Gov't Mule feat. Ty Taylor)
Bring On The Music
Broke Down On The Brazos
Burning Point (Gov't Mule feat. Jimmie Vaughan)
Captured (Gov't Mule feat. Jim James)
Catfish Blues
Child Of The Earth
Cortez The Killer
Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
Devil Likes It Slow
Done Got Wise
Done Got Wise (Gov't Mule feat. Myles Kennedy)
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
Down And Out In New York City
Drawn That Way
Dreams & Songs
Drivin' Rain
Easy Times
Endless Parade
Eternity's Breath Jam
Fallen Down
Far Away
Fool's Moon
Forsaken Savior (Gov't Mule feat. Dave Matthews)
Forsaken Savior
Frozen Fear
Funny Little Tragedy (Gov't Mule feat. Elvis Costello)
Funny Little Tragedy
Game Face
Gordon James
Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy, Pt. 1
Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy, Pt. 2
Grinnin' In Your Face
Hammer And Nails
Hard To Dubya
Hard To Handle (Gov't Mule feat. Toots Hibbert)
I Can't Be You
I Put A Spell On You
I Shall Return
I Think You Know What I Mean
If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
I'll Be The One
I'm A Ram
In My Life
Inside Outside Woman Blues #3
John The Revelator
Just Got Paid
King's Highway
Larger Than Life
Lay Of The Sunflower
Lay Your Burden Down
Left Coast Groovies (For FZ)
Life Before Insanity
Life On The Outside
Like Flies
Little Toy Brain
Lola Leave Your Light On
Look On Yonder Wall
Maybe I'm A Leo
Million Miles From Yesterday
Monday Mourning Meltdown
Monkey Hill
Monkey Man
Mother Earth
Mr. Big
Mr. High & Mighty
Mr. Man
My Oh My
My Separate Reality
New World Blues
No Celebration
No Need To Suffer
No Reward
No Reward (Gov't Mule feat. Glenn Hughes)
Nothing Again
Outside Myself
Outta Shape
Paint It Black
Painted Silver Light
Perfect Shelter
Plasticine Era (Gov't Mule feat. Willi Williams)
Play With Fire (Gov't Mule feat. Michael Franti)
Pressure Under Fire
Railroad Boy
Raven Black Night
Rebel With A Cause (Gov't Mule feat. Willi Williams)
Reblow Your Mind
Revolution Come, Revolution Go
Rocking Horse
Sad And Deep As You
Same Price
Sarah, Surrender
Scared To Live (Gov't Mule feat. Toots Hibbert)
Scared To Live
Scenes From A Troubled Mind
She Said, She Said
Silent Scream
Sin's A Good Man's Brother
Slackjaw Jezebel
Slow Happy Boys
So Ram, So Rong
So Weak, So Strong
St. Stephen Jam
Steppin' Lightly
Stone Cold Rage
Stoop So Low (Gov't Mule feat. Dr. John)
Stoop So Low
Streamline Woman
Sun Dance
Tastes Like Wine
Tear Me Down
Temporary Saint
The Man I Want To Be
The Shape I'm In
Thelonius Beck
Thorazine Shuffle
Thorns Of Life
Time To Confess
Towering Fool
Traveling Tune
Trying Not To Fall
Unblow Your Horn
Under My Thumb
Unring The Bell
Unthrow That Spear (Gov't Mule feat. Michael Franti)
Ventilator Blues
Wandering Child
War Pigs
What Fresh Hell
What Is Hip?
When The World Gets Small (Gov't Mule feat. Steve Winwood)
When The World Gets Small
Which Way Do We Run?
Whisper In Your Soul (Gov't Mule feat. Grace Potter)
Whisper In Your Soul
Wine And Blood
World Boss
World Boss (Gov't Mule feat. Ben Harper)
World Gone Wild
World Of Confusion
World Of Difference
World Wake Up
Worried Down With The Blues

Alben von Gov't Mule

By A Thread
Dark Side Of The Mule
Déjà Voodoo
Dub Side Of The Mule
Gov't Mule
High & Mighty
Life Before Insanity
Live At Roseland Ballroom
Live... With A Little Help Froum Our Friends - Volume 2
Live...With A Little Help From Our Friends
LIVE...With A Little Help From Our Friends Volume 2
Mighty High
Mo' Voodoo [EP]
Mule On Easy Street 10.19.06
Revolution Come... Revolution Go
Sco-Mule (Gov't Mule feat. John Scofield)
Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol. 1 & 2
The Deep End Volume 1
The Deep End Volume 2
The Deepest End
The Georgia Bootleg Box
The Tel-Star Sessions

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