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Del Newman

Am häufigsten beteiligt bei folgenden Interpreten: Brian Protheroe (35), Scott Walker (21), Squeeze (13), Charles Aznavour (12), Longdancer (11), Asha Puthli (10), Liesbeth List (10), Catherine Howe (10), Randy Vanwarmer (10), A Band Called O (8), Julie Felix (8)

Songs von Del Newman

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A Band Called OLove Ain't A Keeper1977Produzent
Asha PuthliI Am A Song (Sing Me)
Cover von Neil Sedaka - I'm A Song (Sing Me)
Asha PuthliI Dig Love
Cover von George Harrison - I Dig Love
Asha PuthliLet Me In Your Life
Cover von Bill Withers - Let Me In Your Life
Asha PuthliLies
Cover von J.J. Cale - Lies
Asha PuthliLove
Cover von John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band - Love
Asha PuthliNeither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye
Cover von Jim Weatherly - Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Good-Bye)
Asha PuthliRight Down Here
Cover von J.J. Cale - Right Down Here
Asha PuthliThis Is Your Life
Cover von Buddy Greco - This Is Your Life
Asha PuthliTruth1974Produzent
Asha PuthliTry Me1975Produzent
Barbara DicksonA World Without Your Love1984Produzent
Barbara DicksonShe Moves Thro' The Fair1986Produzent
Brian ProtheroeBack Away1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeBattling Annie1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeChanging My Tune1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeChase, Chase, Chase1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeCherry Pie1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeClog Dancer1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeDancing On Black Ice1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeEnjoy It1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeEvery Roman Nose1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeEvil Eye1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeFly Now1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeGertrude's Garden Hospital1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeGoodbye Surprise1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeHotel1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeI Spy Lady1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeI/You1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeInterview/Also In The Limelight1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeKinotata1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeLady Belladonna1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeLucille
Cover von Little Richard - Lucille
Brian ProtheroeMickey Dollar Dreams1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeMoney Love1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeMonkey1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeMoon Over Malibu1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeNever Join The Fire Brigade1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeOh, Wheeping Will1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroePick-Up1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroePinball1974Produzent
Brian ProtheroeRunning Through The City1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeScobo Queen1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeSoft Song1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeThe Face And I1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeThe Good Brand Band1975Produzent
Brian ProtheroeUnder The Greenwood Tree1976Produzent
Brian ProtheroeWrong Kinotata1974Produzent
Catherine HoweHarry1974Produzent
Catherine HoweHigh And Wide Sky1975Produzent
Catherine HoweHot Night1975Produzent
Catherine HoweLoving Arms
Cover von Dobie Gray - Loving Arms
Catherine HoweSweet Dreams1975Produzent
Catherine HoweThe Castle Gate1975Produzent
Catherine HoweThe Gifts You Gave To Me1975Produzent
Catherine HoweTo Be Alone With You
Cover von Bob Dylan - To Be Alone With You
Catherine HoweWhen The Sparrow Flies1974Produzent
Catherine HoweWhere Would You Start?1975Produzent
Charles AznavourBetween Us
Cover von Charles Aznavour - Entre nous
Charles AznavourCiao Always Ciao1975Produzent
Charles AznavourHappy Anniversary
Cover von Charles Aznavour - Bon anniversaire
Charles AznavourHow Sad Venice Can Be
Cover von Charles Aznavour - Que c'est triste Venise
Charles AznavourRemember1975Produzent
Charles AznavourSlowly1975Produzent
Charles AznavourTake Me Away1975Produzent
Charles AznavourThe Sound Of Your Name1975Produzent
Charles AznavourThey Fell
Cover von Charles Aznavour - Ils sont tombés
Charles AznavourWoman Of Today1975Produzent
Charles AznavourYou1975Produzent
Erasmus ChorumMary Jane1972Produzent
Hazell DeanJust One More Time1977Produzent
Hazell DeanNo One's Ever Gonna Love You (The Way That I Love You)1977Produzent
Hazell DeanOne Bad Mistake1978Produzent
Hazell DeanWho Was That Lady (I Saw You With)1978Produzent
Julie FelixFather Of Night
Cover von Bob Dylan - Father Of Night
Julie FelixFinally Getting To Know One Another1974Produzent
Julie FelixInto The Mystic1974Produzent
Julie FelixLady With The Braid1974Produzent
Julie FelixLet Me Loose1974Produzent
Julie FelixOh, To Hold You In My Arms1974Produzent
Julie FelixRoadie Man1974Produzent
Julie FelixSong For Spring1974Produzent
KrysiaAnother Song1974Produzent
KrysiaWet Tuesday1974Produzent
Liesbeth ListAnd In My Chair1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListFrom Today1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListShe1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListThe Ham1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListThe I Love You Song1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListWe Had It All1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListWho? (Will Take My Place)1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListYesterday When I Was Young1976Produzent
Liesbeth ListYou've Got To Learn1976Produzent
Liesbeth List & Charles AznavourDon't Say A Word1976Produzent
LongdancerCold Love1974Produzent
LongdancerCountry Song1974Produzent
LongdancerHard Road1974Produzent
LongdancerMother Nature1974Produzent
LongdancerPuppet Man1974Produzent
LongdancerSandy's Song1974Produzent
LongdancerSweet Leaves1974Produzent
LongdancerTake A Song1974Produzent
LongdancerThe Ship1974Produzent
Max Merritt And The MeteorsA Little Easier1975Produzent
Max Merritt And The MeteorsI Keep Forgetting
Cover von Chuck Jackson - I Keep Forgettin'
Max Merritt And The MeteorsLong Time Gone1975Produzent
Max Merritt And The MeteorsSlipping Away1975Produzent
NilssonRemember (Christmas)1972Komponist
Patty PravoCrazy Idea
Cover von Patty Pravo - Pazza idea
Patty PravoDon't Be Sad1974Komponist
Randy VanwarmerCall Me1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerConvincing Lies1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerDeeper And Deeper1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerForever Loving You1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerGotta Get Out Of Here1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerI Could Sing1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerJust When I Needed You Most1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerLosing Out On Love1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerThe One Who Loves You1979Produzent
Randy VanwarmerYour Light1979Produzent
Scott WalkerA Woman Left Lonely
Cover von Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band - A Woman Left Lonely
Scott WalkerBlack Rose
Cover von Billy Joe Shaver - Black Rose
Scott WalkerDelta Dawn
Cover von Alex Harvey [US] - Delta Dawn
Scott WalkerFrisco Depot
Cover von Mickey Newbury - Frisco Depot
Scott WalkerI'll Be Home
Cover von Nilsson - I'll Be Home
Scott WalkerJust One Smile
Cover von Gene Pitney - Just One Smile
Scott WalkerLow Down Freedom
Cover von Billy Joe Shaver - Low Down Freedom
Scott WalkerNo Easy Way Down
Cover von The Germz - No Easy Way Down
Scott WalkerOld Five And Dimers Like Me
Cover von Billy Joe Shaver - Old Five And Dimers Like Me
Scott WalkerRide Me Down Easy1974Produzent
Scott WalkerSomeone Who Cared1973Komponist
Scott WalkerSundown
Cover von Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown
Scott WalkerSunshine
Cover von Mickey Newbury - Sunshine
Scott WalkerThat's How I Got To Memphis
Cover von Bill Haley And His Comets - That's How I Got To Memphis
Scott WalkerThe House Song
Cover von Peter, Paul & Mary - The House Song
Scott WalkerUse Me
Cover von Bill Withers - Use Me
Scott WalkerWe Had It All1974Produzent
Scott WalkerWhatever Happened To Saturday Night1974Produzent
Scott WalkerWhere Does Brown Begin?
Cover von Jimmy Webb - When Can Brown Begin
Scott WalkerWhere Love Has Died1973Produzent
Scott WalkerYou're Young And You'll Forget1974Produzent
Simon TurnerCould It Really Be1977Produzent
Simon TurnerStar Of The Silver Screen1977Produzent
SqueezeIs That Love1981Produzent
SqueezeLabelled With Love1981Produzent
SqueezeMessed Around1981Produzent
SqueezeMumbo Jumbo1981Produzent
SqueezeSomeone Else's Bell1981Produzent
SqueezeSomeone Else's Heart1981Produzent
SqueezeThere's No Tomorrow1981Produzent
SqueezeVanity Fair1981Produzent
SqueezeWoman's World1981Produzent
Steel PulseDon't Give In1980Produzent
Steel PulseReggae Fever1980Produzent
The O BandBack Alley Lightning1977Produzent
The O BandGo To Run1977Produzent
The O BandI'm Gonna Leave You1977Produzent
The O BandStrange Lovin'1977Produzent
The O BandThe Knife1977Produzent
The O BandTime Seems To Fly1977Produzent
The O BandVenus Avenue1977Produzent
The Three DegreesThe Golden Lady1979Produzent