Gary Klein

Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Garry Klein, Gerry Klein

Songs von Gary Klein

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A. KaneLaura & Neville1978Produzent
Aileen Quinn(I Wanna Be) Bobby's Girl
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
Aileen QuinnGive A Little Love1982Produzent
Aileen QuinnI'm Going To Go Back There Someday
Coverversion von The Muppets - I'm Going To Go Back There Someday
Aileen QuinnKeep On Singing
Coverversion von Austin Roberts - Keep On Singing
Aileen QuinnNothing Quite Like Love1982Produzent
Aileen QuinnSongs1982Produzent
Aileen QuinnSpread Some Love (Love Is All Around)1982Produzent
Aileen QuinnThe Great Big Difference1982Produzent
Aileen QuinnWe Don't Know Why1982Produzent
Aileen QuinnYou Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Coverversion von Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
AlessiAs Long As I Still Have You1979Produzent
AlessiGimme Some Lovin'
Coverversion von The Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Loving
AlessiHot Fun In The Summertime
Coverversion von Sly & The Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime
AlessiI Wish That I Was Making Love (To You Tonight)1979Produzent
AlessiLover Boy1979Produzent
AlessiMidnight Low1979Produzent
AlessiWait For Me1979Produzent
AlessiWords And Music1979Produzent
ArielleJe n'aime que Bobby
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
B.J. ThomasAmerica Is1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasAs Long As We've Got Each Other1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasBroken Toys1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasDon't Go Out On Me1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasI Got You1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasLove Has A Mind Of It's Own1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasNorthern Lights1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasNothern Lights1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasThe Part Of Me That Needs You Most
Coverversion von Exile - The Part Of Me That Needs You Most
B.J. ThomasThrowing Rocks At The Moon1985Produzent
B.J. ThomasWe Almost Had It All1985Produzent
Barbra StreisandA Man I Loved1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandAfter The Rain1979Produzent
Barbra StreisandAnswer Me1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandBaby Me Baby1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandCabin Fever1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandCome Rain Or Come Shine
Coverversion von Ruby Hill And Harold Nicholas with "St. Louis Woman" Orchestra - Come Rain Or Come Shine
Barbra StreisandDeep In The Night1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandDon't Believe What You Read1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandHoney, Can I Put On Your Clothes1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandI Ain't Gonna Cry Tonight1979Produzent
Barbra StreisandI Don't Break Easily
Coverversion von Bruce Roberts - I Don't Break Easily
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandI Found You Love1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandKiss Me In The Rain1979Produzent
Barbra StreisandLove Breakdown1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandLove Comes From Unexpected Places1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandLove Theme From "Eyes Of Laura Mars" (Prisoner)1978Produzent
Barbra StreisandLullaby For Myself1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandMy Heart Belongs To Me1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandNew York State Of Mind
Coverversion von Billy Joel - New York State Of Mind
Barbra StreisandNiagara1979Produzent
Barbra StreisandOn Rainy Afternoons1979Produzent
Barbra StreisandOne More Night1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandSongbird1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandSplish Splash
Coverversion von Bobby Darin - Splish Splash
Barbra StreisandStay Away1978Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandSuperman1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandTomorrow
Coverversion von Andrea McArdle - Tomorrow
(Garry Klein)
Barbra StreisandTry To Win A Friend
Coverversion von Larry Gatlin - Try To Win A Friend
Barbra StreisandWet1979Produzent
Barbra StreisandWith One More Look At You1977Produzent
Barbra StreisandYou Don't Bring Me Flowers
Coverversion von Neil Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers
(Garry Klein)
Bobby VeeGuess Who1962Musik/Text
Brenda & The TabulationsBaby You're So Right For Me1968Musik/Text
Carola and Jahn TeigenMedley1984Musik/Text
Charlie DanielsGreat Big Bunches Of Love1971Produzent
Charlie DanielsTomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day1972Produzent
Cheryl LaddBetter Days
Coverversion von Melissa Manchester - Better Days
Cheryl LaddDance Forever1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddGood Good Lovin'1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddHere Is A Song1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddI Know I'll Never Love This Way Again1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddI'll Come Runnin'1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddLady Gray1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddMissing You1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddOn The Run1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddRock And Roll Slave1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddSkinnydippin'1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddStill Awake1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddTeach Me Tonight1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddThe Rose Nobody Knows1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddThink It Over1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddThunder In The Distance1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddWalking In The Rain1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddWhatever Would I Do Without You1979Produzent
Cheryl LaddYou Turn Me Around1978Produzent
Cheryl LaddYou're The Only One I Ever Needed1979Produzent
Dino, Desi & BillyGood Luck, Best Wishes To You1967Produzent
Dino, Desi & BillyKitty Doyle1967Produzent
Dino, Desi & BillyTwo In The Afternoon1967Produzent
Dolly PartonAs Soon As I Touched Him1977Produzent
Dolly PartonBaby Come Out Tonight1977Produzent
Dolly PartonBaby I'm Burnin'1978Produzent
Dolly PartonCowgirl & The Dandy1977Produzent
Dolly PartonHeartbreaker
Coverversion von Chris Hillman - Heartbreaker
Dolly PartonHere You Come Again1977Produzent
Dolly PartonI Really Got The Feeling1978Produzent
Dolly PartonI Wanna Fall In Love1978Produzent
Dolly PartonIt's All Wrong, But It's All Right1977Produzent
Dolly PartonIt's Too Late To Love Me Now1978Produzent
Dolly PartonLovin' You
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - Lovin' You
Dolly PartonMe And Little Andy1977Produzent
Dolly PartonNickels And Dimes1978Produzent
Dolly PartonOld Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You
Coverversion von Joe Sun - Old Flames (Can't Hold A Candle To You)
Dolly PartonSure Thing1978Produzent
Dolly PartonSweet Music Man
Coverversion von Anne Murray - Sweet Music Man
Dolly PartonThe Man1978Produzent
Dolly PartonTwo Doors Down1977Produzent
Dolly PartonWith You Gone1978Produzent
Dolly Parton & Richard DennisonWe're Through Forever ('Til Tomorrow)1978Produzent
Donna Summer / Barbra StreisandNo More Tears (Enough Is Enough)1979Produzent
DouchkaMon p'tit cœur (Bobby's Girl)1984Musik/Text
Dusty SpringfieldGet Yourself To Love1979Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldGuess Who?1964Musik/Text
Elmo & AlmoWhen The Good Sun Shines1967Produzent
EngelbertDon't You Love Me Anymore?
Coverversion von Lisa Hartman - Don't You Love Me Anymore
EngelbertTill I Get It Right
Coverversion von Tammy Wynette - 'Til I Get It Right
Engelbert HumperdinckBaby Me Baby
Coverversion von Barbra Streisand - Baby Me Baby
Engelbert HumperdinckCome Spend The Morning
Coverversion von Lee Hazlewood - Come Spend The Morning
Engelbert HumperdinckHeart Don't Fail Me Now1981Produzent
Engelbert HumperdinckI Don't Break Easily
Coverversion von Bruce Roberts - I Don't Break Easily
Engelbert HumperdinckMaybe This Time1981Produzent
Engelbert HumperdinckSay Goodnight
Coverversion von Dolly Parton - Say Goodnight
Engelbert HumperdinckStay Away
Coverversion von Barbra Streisand - Stay Away
Engelbert HumperdinckWhen The Night Ends1981Produzent
FanfayreDonny's Girl
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysA Little Love From You1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysAngel On The Corner1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysBring The Whole Family1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysDon't Make Promises
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Don't Make Promises
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysDouble Good Feeling1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysHappiness1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysHas She Got The Nicest Eyes1968Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysHello Sunshine1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysHere I Am1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysJill1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysKeepin' Company1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysLook, Here Comes The Sun1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysMe About You
Coverversion von The Turtles - Me About You
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysMoonshine1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysNeighborhood Rock 'N' Roll Band1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysNew Day1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysNew In Town1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysPretty Thing1968Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysReason To Believe
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Reason To Believe
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysShe'd Rather Be With Me
Coverversion von The Turtles - She'd Rather Be With Me
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSix O'Clock1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSlow Movin' Man1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysSmall Talk1967Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysTina (I Held You In My Arms)1966Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysYoung And Carefree1967Produzent
Gary Lewis and The PlayboysI Won't Make That Mistake Again1966Produzent
Gary Lewis and The PlayboysIce Melts In The Sun1967Produzent
Gary Lewis and The PlayboysShe's Just My Style1966Produzent
Gladys KnightI'll Take A Melody
Coverversion von Frankie Miller - I'll Take A Melody
Gladys KnightI'm Coming Home Again
Coverversion von Bruce Roberts - I'm Comin' Home Again
Gladys KnightLove Gives You The Power1978Produzent
Gladys KnightSail Away / Freedom For The Stallions1978Produzent
Gladys KnightThe Way It Was
Coverversion von Bee Gees - The Way It Was
Gladys KnightWith You In Mind
Coverversion von Frankie Miller - With You In Mind
Glen Campbell(I'm Getting) Used To The Crying1977Produzent
Glen CampbellA Daisy A Day1980Produzent
Glen CampbellAny Which Way You Can1980Produzent
Glen CampbellDaisy A Day1980Produzent
Glen CampbellEarly Morning Song1977Produzent
Glen CampbellFor Cryin' Out Loud1977Produzent
Glen CampbellGod Only Knows
Coverversion von The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
Glen CampbellGuide Me1977Produzent
Glen CampbellHollywood Smiles1980Produzent
Glen CampbellHooked On Love1980Produzent
Glen CampbellHow High Did We Go1977Produzent
Glen CampbellI Don't Want To Know Your Name1980Produzent
Glen CampbellIf This Is Love1969Produzent
Glen CampbellIn Cars1980Produzent
Glen CampbellIt Goes Like It Goes1980Produzent
Glen CampbellIt's The World Gone Crazy (Cotillion)1980Produzent
Glen CampbellIt's Your World1980Produzent
Glen CampbellLate Night Confession1980Produzent
Glen CampbellLet Go
Coverversion von Brian Cadd - Let Go
Glen CampbellNothing Quite Like Love1980Produzent
Glen CampbellPart Time Love
Coverversion von David Gates - Part Time Love
Glen CampbellRollin'1980Produzent
Glen CampbellSouthern Nights
Coverversion von Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights
Glen CampbellSunflower1977Produzent
Glen CampbellThat Kind
Coverversion von Neil Diamond - That Kind
Glen CampbellThis Is Sarah's Song1977Produzent
Glen CampbellThrough My Eyes1980Produzent
Glen Campbell & Rita CoolidgeShow Me You Love Me1980Produzent
Glen Campbell & Rita CoolidgeSomethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like
Coverversion von Tom Jones - Somethin' Bout You Baby I Like
Gordie LightfootTake Care Of Yourself1963Musik/Text
Janis IanBigger Than Real1981Produzent
Janis IanDear Billy
Coverversion von Conny Vandenbos - Dag liefste
Janis IanDown And Away1981Produzent
Janis IanGet Ready To Roll1981Produzent
Janis IanI Believe I'm Myself Again1981Produzent
Janis IanI Remember Yesterday1981Produzent
Janis IanPassion Play1981Produzent
Janis IanRestless Eyes1981Produzent
Janis IanSugar Mountain1981Produzent
Janis IanUnder The Covers1981Produzent
Johnny CashClean Your Own Tables
Coverversion von Chip Taylor - Clean Your Own Tables
Johnny CashHard Times Comin'1975Produzent
Johnny CashJesus Was Our Saviour (Cotton Was Our King)1975Produzent
Johnny CashMy Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine And Dandelion Wine)
Coverversion von The Beau Brummels - Old Kentucky Home
Johnny CashReason To Believe
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Reason To Believe
Johnny CashSmokey Factory Blues
Coverversion von Albert Hammond - Smokey Factory Blues
Johnny CashThe Lady Came From Baltimore
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Lady Came From Baltimore
Johnny CashThe Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Coverversion von The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Johnny Cash / David Allan CoeCocaine Carolina1975Produzent
Judy CollinsDesperado1979Produzent
Judy CollinsDorothy1979Produzent
Judy CollinsHappy End1979Produzent
Judy CollinsHard Times For Lovers1979Produzent
Judy CollinsI Remember Sky1979Produzent
Judy CollinsMarie
Coverversion von Randy Newman - Marie
Judy CollinsStarmaker1979Produzent
Judy CollinsTheme From Ice Castles (Through The Eyes Of Love)
Coverversion von Melissa Manchester - Theme From Ice Castles
Judy CollinsTheme From The Promise (I'll Never Say Goodbye)1979Produzent
Judy CollinsWhere Or When
Coverversion von Ray Heatherton & Mitzi Green - Where Or When
L.A. JetsI'll Get Along Somehow1976Produzent
L.A. JetsPrisoner (Captured By Your Eyes)1976Produzent
Lil MalmkwistBobby's Girl
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
Mac DavisBurnin' Thing1975Produzent
Mac DavisRock'N'Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
Coverversion von Kevin Johnson - Rock And Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
Mac DavisStop And Smell The Roses1974Produzent
Mac DavisYour Side Of The Bed1973Produzent
Marcie BlaneA Time To Dream1962Musik/Text
Marcie BlaneBobby's Girl1962Musik/Text
Marcie BlaneWhat Does A Girl Do?1963Musik/Text
Marion RungPekan tyttö
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
Osmond BrothersBeauty And The Sweet Talk1969Produzent
Osmond BrothersClouds (Both Sides Now)
Coverversion von Judy Collins - Both Sides Now
Osmond BrothersGood News1969Produzent
Osmond BrothersGroove With What You've Got1969Produzent
Osmond BrothersI've Got Lovin' On My Mind1968Produzent
Osmond BrothersMake The Music Flow1969Produzent
Osmond BrothersMary Elizabeth1968Produzent
Osmond BrothersMollie "A"1968Produzent
Osmond BrothersSpeak Like A Child
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Speak Like A Child
Osmond BrothersTakin' A Chance On Love
Coverversion von Ethel Waters - Taking A Chance On Love
Osmond BrothersTakin' On A Big Thing1969Produzent
Ronnie Spector(If I Could) Walk Away1987Produzent
Ronnie SpectorGood Love Is Hard To Find1987Produzent
Ronnie SpectorHeart Song1987Produzent
Ronnie SpectorTrue To You1987Produzent
Ronnie SpectorWhen We Danced1987Produzent
Susan MaughanBobby's Girl
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
Tanya TuckerHalfway To Heaven1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerHeartache No. 31981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerI Oughta Let Go1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerLucky Enough For Two1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerRodeo Girls1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerShould I Do It1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerShoulder To Shoulder1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerStormy Weather
Coverversion von Leo Sayer - Stormy Weather
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerWe're Playing Games Again1981Produzent
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya TuckerYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Coverversion von Pino Donaggio - Io che non vivo (senza te)
(Gerry Klein)
Tanya Tucker & Glen CampbellShoulder To Shoulder1980Produzent
Tanya Tucker & Glen CampbellWhy Don't We Just Sleep On It Tonight1980Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandBilly Joe Young1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandBlack Autumn1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandDrinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandEvil1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandI'll Try Tomorrow1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandIn The City1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandNew York City, King Size Rosewood Bed1972Produzent
The Charlie Daniels BandParchmont Farm1972Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandAce High Love1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandAnyway The Wind Blows Rider1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandEven A Foll Would Let Go1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandHeartbroke1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandIf You Think You're Hurtin' Me (Girl You're Crazy)1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandMr. President1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandReachin' For A Little Bit More1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandSea, Dreams And Fairytales1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandSweet Elaine1982Produzent
The Marshall Tucker BandUnforgiven1982Produzent
The One And Only Extragordonary BandBeatles1976Produzent
The One And Only Extragordonary BandStep Up To The Mike1976Produzent
Tim HardinEverything Good Became More True1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinFirst Love Song1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinLast Sweet Moments1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinLenny's Tune1968Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinLoneliness She Knows1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinMagician1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinOnce Touched By Flame1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinOne, One, The Perfect Sum1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinQuestion Of Birth1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinSusan1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tim HardinThe Country, I'm Living In1969Produzent
(Garry Klein)
Tracey UllmanBobby's Girl
Coverversion von Marcie Blane - Bobby's Girl
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