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Jack Clement

Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Jack H. Clement

Songs von Jack Clement

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Adam Harvey & Beccy ColeJust Someone I Used To Know
Cover von Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton - Just Someone I Used To Know
B.B. KingHow Blue Can You Get?1964Komponist
Barbara PittmanTwo Young Fools In Love1957Komponist
Bart HermanGuess Things Happen That Way
Cover von Johnny Cash - Guess Things Happen That Way
Bill AndersonA Country Song1974Komponist
Bill AndersonSleep1968Komponist
Bill AndersonTake Me Home1964Komponist
Bill MorganWhat's A Few More Tears Komponist
Billy RileyToo Much Woman For Me1960Komponist
Bobby BareGot Leavin' On Her Mind1966Komponist
Bobby BareThe Old Swimmin' Hole1982Komponist
Bobby HelmsLily White1970Komponist
Carl MannWayward Wind1960Komponist
Charley Pride(Darlin' Think Of Me) Every Now And Then1972Produzent
Charley Pride(I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again1969Produzent
Charley Pride(In My World) You Don't Belong1971Produzent
Charley Pride(It's Just A Matter Of) Making Up My Mind1969Produzent
Charley Pride(There's Still) Someone I Can't Forget1970Produzent
Charley Pride(There's) Nobody Home To Go Home To1970Produzent
Charley PrideA Brand New Bed Of Roses1969Produzent
Charley PrideA Girl I Used To Know1968Komponist
Charley PrideA Good Chance Of Tear-Fall Tonight1969Produzent
Charley PrideA Good Hearted Woman
Cover von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Charley PrideA Good Woman's Love1967Produzent
Charley PrideA Place For The Lonesome1971Produzent
Charley PrideA Poor Boy Like Me1970Produzent
Charley PrideA Shoulder To Cry On1973Produzent
Charley PrideA Sunshiny Day1972Produzent
Charley PrideA Word Or Two To Mary1968Produzent
Charley PrideAble Bodied Man1970Produzent
Charley PrideAbove And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
Cover von Conway Twitty - Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
Charley PrideAct Naturally
Cover von Buck Owens & His Buckaroos - Act Naturally
Charley PrideAll His Children1972Produzent
Charley PrideAll The Time
Cover von Kitty Wells - All The Time
Charley PrideAlong The Mississippi1973Produzent
Charley PrideAmazing Love1973Produzent
Charley PrideAngel Band1971Produzent
Charley PrideAnywhere (Just Inside Your Arms)1971Produzent
Charley PrideApartment #91967Produzent
Charley PrideAtlantic Coastal Line1965Produzent
Charley PrideBaby Is Gone1968Komponist
Charley PrideBack To The Country Roads1972Produzent
Charley PrideBanks Of The Ohio1968Komponist
Charley PrideBe Grateful1976Produzent
Charley PrideBefore I Met You1966Produzent
Charley PrideBefore The Next Teardrop Falls
Cover von Duane Dee - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
Charley PrideBest Banjo Picker1967Komponist
Charley PrideBilly Bayou
Cover von Jim Reeves - Billy Bayou
Charley PrideBlue Ridge Mountains Turning Green1973Produzent
Charley PrideBoth Of Us Love You1968Produzent
Charley PrideBrush Arbor Meeting1976Produzent
Charley PrideBusted
Cover von Johnny Cash with The Carter Family - Busted
Charley PrideChristmas And Love1970Produzent
Charley PrideChristmas In My Home Town1970Produzent
Charley PrideCome On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy1969Produzent
Charley PrideComin' Down With Love
Cover von Ronnie Milsap - Comin' Down With Love
Charley PrideCrystal Chandeliers1967Produzent
Charley PrideDeck The Halls (With Boughs Of Holly)1970Produzent
Charley PrideDetroit City
Cover von Billy Grammer - I Wanna Go Home
Charley PrideDid You Think To Pray1971Produzent
Charley PrideDistant Drums
Cover von Roy Orbison - Distant Drums
Charley PrideDoes My Ring Hurt Your Finger1967Produzent
Charley PrideDon't Fight The Feelings Of Love1973Produzent
Charley PrideEven After Everything She's Done1969Produzent
Charley PrideFifteen Years Ago1970Produzent
Charley PrideFolsom Prison Blues
Cover von Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
Charley PrideFootprints In The Sands Of Time1973Produzent
Charley PrideGive A Lonely Heart A Home1972Produzent
Charley PrideGone, Gone, Gone1969Produzent
Charley PrideGone, On The Other Hand1967Komponist
Charley PrideGot Leavin' On Her Mind1966Komponist
Charley PrideGreen Green Grass Of Home
Cover von Johnny Darrell - Green Green Grass Of Home
Charley PrideGuess Things Happen That Way
Cover von Johnny Cash - Guess Things Happen That Way
Charley PrideHappy Christmas Day1970Produzent
Charley PrideHappy Street1969Produzent
Charley PrideHe Took My Place1976Produzent
Charley PrideHello Darlin'1971Produzent
Charley PrideHe's The Man1976Produzent
Charley PrideI Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me1970Produzent
Charley PrideI Could Have Saved You The Time1968Komponist
Charley PrideI Don't Deserve A Mansion1976Produzent
Charley PrideI Don't See How I Can Love You Anymore1974Produzent
Charley PrideI Know One1967Komponist
Charley PrideI Love You More In Memory1972Produzent
Charley PrideI Think I'll Take A Walk1970Komponist
Charley PrideI Threw Away The Rose
Cover von Merle Haggard And The Strangers - I Threw Away The Rose
Charley PrideI'd Rather Love You1971Produzent
Charley PrideIf She Just Helps Me (Get Over You)1973Produzent
Charley PrideIf You Had Only Taken The Time1969Produzent
Charley PrideIf You Should Come Back Today1968Produzent
Charley PrideI'll Fly Away
Cover von Rev. J. M. Gates - I'll Fly Away
Charley PrideI'll Wander Back To You1967Produzent
Charley PrideI'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Cover von Merle Haggard And The Strangers - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
Charley PrideI'm Beginning To Believe My Own Lies1971Produzent
Charley PrideI'm Building Bridges1972Produzent
Charley PrideI'm Glad It Was You1973Produzent
Charley PrideI'm Just Me1971Produzent
Charley PrideI'm Learning To Love Her1973Produzent
Charley PrideI'm Not The Boy I Used To Be1967Produzent
Charley PrideI'm Only Losin' Everything I Threw Away1973Produzent
Charley PrideIn Jesus' Name I Pray1976Produzent
Charley PrideIn The Middle Of Nowhere1967Produzent
Charley PrideInstant Loneliness1971Produzent
Charley PrideIs Anybody Goin' To San Antone1969Produzent
Charley PrideIt Amazes Me1974Produzent
Charley PrideIt's All Right1969Produzent
Charley PrideIt's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer1972Produzent
Charley PrideIt's The Little Things1969Produzent
Charley PrideI've Just Found Another Reason For Loving You1973Produzent
Charley PrideJeanie Norman1971Produzent
Charley PrideJesus Is Your Saviour, Child1976Produzent
Charley PrideJesus, Don't Give Up On Me1971Komponist
Charley PrideJust Between You And Me1966Komponist
Charley PrideJust To Be Loved By You1973Produzent
Charley PrideKaw-Liga (Live)
Cover von Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys - Kaw-Liga
Charley PrideKiss An Angel Good Mornin'1971Produzent
Charley PrideLet Me Help You Work It Out1968Produzent
Charley PrideLet Me Live1971Produzent
Charley PrideLet Me Live Again1969Produzent
Charley PrideLet My Love In1974Produzent
Charley PrideLet The Chips Fall1968Komponist
Charley PrideLie To Me1968Produzent
Charley PrideLife Turned Her That Way1967Produzent
Charley PrideLittle Delta Church1976Produzent
Charley PrideLittle Drummer Boy
Cover von Trapp Family Singers - Carol Of The Drum
Charley PrideLittle Folks1967Komponist
Charley PrideLord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory1971Produzent
Charley PrideLouisiana Man1969Produzent
Charley PrideLove Put A Song In My Heart1974Produzent
Charley PrideLove Unending1973Produzent
Charley PrideMama Don't Cry For Me1967Produzent
Charley PrideMe And Bobby McGee
Cover von Roger Miller - Me And Bobby McGee
Charley PrideMiller's Cave
Cover von Tommy Tucker - Miller's Cave
Charley PrideMiracles, Music And My Wife1971Produzent
Charley PrideMr. Joe Henry's Happy Hand-Clappin' Open Air Rhythm Band1973Produzent
Charley PrideMy Heart Is A House1968Produzent
Charley PrideMy Love Is Deep, My Love Is Wide1972Produzent
Charley PrideNever More Than I1969Produzent
Charley PrideNext Year Finally Came1976Produzent
Charley PrideNo One Could Ever Take Me From You1971Produzent
Charley PrideNothin' Left But Leavin'1972Produzent
Charley PrideNow I Can Live Again1968Komponist
Charley PrideO Holy Night1970Produzent
Charley PrideOld Photographs1973Produzent
Charley PrideOn The Southbound1971Produzent
Charley PrideOnce Again1971Produzent
Charley PrideOne More Year1972Produzent
Charley PrideOne Of These Days1968Produzent
Charley PrideOne Time1969Produzent
Charley PridePass Me By
Cover von Johnny Rodriguez - Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
Charley PridePiroque Joe1970Produzent
Charley PridePretty House For Sale1971Produzent
Charley PridePut Back My Ring On Your Hand1972Produzent
Charley PrideRiver Song1973Produzent
Charley PrideSanta And The Kids1970Produzent
Charley PrideSeven Years With A Wonderful Woman1972Produzent
Charley PrideShe Made Me Go1968Produzent
Charley PrideShe's Got A Hold On You1969Komponist
Charley PrideShe's Helping Me Get Over You1972Produzent
Charley PrideShe's That Kind1972Produzent
Charley PrideShe's Too Good To Be True1972Produzent
Charley PrideSilence1967Produzent
Charley PrideSilent Night1970Produzent
Charley PrideSingin' A Song About Love1974Produzent
Charley PrideSomeday You Will1968Produzent
Charley PrideSpecial1970Produzent
Charley PrideSpell Of The Freight Train1967Komponist
Charley PrideStreets Of Gold1974Produzent
Charley PrideSweet Promises1970Produzent
Charley PrideTake Care Of The Little Things1969Produzent
Charley PrideTake Me Home1967Komponist
Charley PrideTennessee Girl1973Produzent
Charley PrideThat's My Way1971Produzent
Charley PrideThat's The Chance I'll Have To Take1966Produzent
Charley PrideThat's The Only Way Life's Good To Me1970Produzent
Charley PrideThat's Why I Love You So Much1969Produzent
Charley PrideThe Church In The Wildwood1971Produzent
Charley PrideThe Day The World Stood Still1967Produzent
Charley PrideThe Day You Stop Loving Me1968Produzent
Charley PrideThe Easy Part's Over1968Produzent
Charley PrideThe First Christmas Morn1970Produzent
Charley PrideThe Happiest Song On The Jukebox1973Produzent
Charley PrideThe Last Thing On My Mind
Cover von Tom Paxton - The Last Thing On My Mind
Charley PrideThe Man I Used To Be1974Produzent
Charley PrideThe Right To Do Wrong1968Produzent
Charley PrideThe Shelter Of Your Eyes1973Produzent
Charley PrideThe Snakes Crawl At Night1965Produzent
Charley PrideThe Thought Of Losing You1970Produzent
Charley PrideThe Top Of The World1968Produzent
Charley PrideThey Stood In Silent Prayer1969Produzent
Charley PrideThings Are Looking Up1970Produzent
Charley PrideThis Highway Leads To Glory1971Produzent
Charley PrideThis Is My Year For Mexico1970Produzent
Charley PrideThrough The Years1970Produzent
Charley PrideTime (You're Not A Friend Of Mine)1970Produzent
Charley PrideTime Out For Jesus1971Produzent
Charley PrideToday Is That Tomorrow1970Produzent
Charley PrideToo Hard To Say I'm Sorry1967Komponist
Charley PrideToo Weak To Let You Go1972Produzent
Charley PrideTouch My Heart1967Produzent
Charley PrideWas It All Worth Losing You1970Produzent
Charley PrideWe Could
Cover von "Little" Jimmy Dickens - We Could
Charley PrideWe Had All The Good Things Going1969Produzent
Charley PrideWhat Money Can't Buy1971Produzent
Charley PrideWhen The Trains Come In1972Produzent
Charley PrideWhich Way Do We Go1974Produzent
Charley PrideWhispering Hope1971Produzent
Charley PrideWhy Didn't I Think Of That1968Produzent
Charley PrideWings Of A Dove1968Produzent
Charley PrideWithout Mama Here1976Produzent
Charley PrideWonder Could I Live There Anymore1970Produzent
Charley PrideYonder Comes A Sucker
Cover von Jim Reeves - Yonder Comes A Sucker
Charley PrideYou Can Tell The World1967Produzent
Charley PrideYou Never Gave Up On Me1971Produzent
Charley PrideYou Were All The Good In Me1972Produzent
Charley PrideYou'll Still Be The One1971Produzent
Charley PrideYou're Still The Only One I'll Ever Love1971Produzent
Charley PrideYou're Wanting Me To Stop Loving You1972Produzent
Chuck ProphetLet's All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues)
Cover von Waylon Jennings - Let's All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues)
Chuck ProphetQueen Bee1990Komponist
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Cowboy Jack ClementYou Asked Me To1978Produzent
Danial Bridges, Blue FlamesFools Like Me1961Komponist
David Allan CoeBallad Of A Teenage Queen
Cover von Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Deep PurpleIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Del WoodBallin' The Jack1960Produzent
Del WoodIn The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree1960Produzent
Del WoodIt's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary
Cover von John McCormack - It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary
Del WoodMeet Me Tonight In Dreamland1960Produzent
Del WoodNew Maple Leaf Rag1960Produzent
Del WoodNola1960Produzent
Del WoodPeg O' My Heart1960Produzent
Del WoodPut On Your New Grey Bonnet1960Produzent
Del WoodRoses Of Picardy
Cover von Hubert Eisdell - Roses Of Picardy
Del WoodRow, Row, Row1960Produzent
Del WoodThe World Is Waiting For The Sunrise1960Produzent
Del WoodWhen I Lost You1960Produzent
Dickey Lee(There's) Nobody Home To Go Home To
Cover von Charley Pride - (There's) Nobody Home To Go Home To
Dickey LeeA Girl I Used To Know1965Komponist
Dickey LeeA Kingdom I Call Home1972Produzent
Dickey LeeA Little Bitty Tear
Cover von Ray Sanders - A Little Bitty Tear
Dickey LeeAnnie1965Produzent
Dickey LeeAshes Of Love1972Produzent
Dickey LeeBallad Of A Teenage Queen
Cover von Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Dickey LeeBig Brother1965Komponist
Dickey LeeDevil Woman
Cover von Marty Robbins - Devil Woman
Dickey LeeEbony Eyes
Cover von The Everly Brothers - Ebony Eyes
Dickey LeeEverybody's Reaching Out For Someone1971Produzent
Dickey LeeGina1965Produzent
Dickey LeeGo Go Girl1965Produzent
Dickey LeeGot Leavin' On Her Mind1972Komponist
Dickey LeeI Saw My Lady1972Produzent
Dickey LeeJulie Never Meant A Thing1965Produzent
Dickey LeeLaurie (Strange Things Happen)1965Produzent
Dickey LeeMarie1965Produzent
Dickey LeeMiller's Cave
Cover von Tommy Tucker - Miller's Cave
Dickey LeeMore Or Less1962Komponist
Dickey LeeMy Blue Tears
Cover von Dolly Parton - My Blue Tears
Dickey LeeMy Girl
Cover von The Temptations - My Girl
Dickey LeeNadine
Cover von Chuck Berry - Nadine (Is It You?)
Dickey LeeNever Ending Song Of Love
Cover von Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Never Ending Song Of Love
Dickey LeeOh, Pretty Woman
Cover von Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman
Dickey LeeOn The Southbound1971Produzent
Dickey LeePatches1962Produzent
Dickey LeeRoses Are Red
Cover von Bobby Vinton - Roses Are Red (My Love)
Dickey LeeRunning Bear
Cover von Johnny Preston - Running Bear
Dickey LeeSpecial1971Produzent
Dickey LeeTake Me Home Country Roads
Cover von John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads
Dickey LeeTeen Angel
Cover von Mark Dinning - Teen Angel
Dickey LeeTell Laura I Love Her
Cover von Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
Dickey LeeThe Girl From Peyton Place1965Produzent
Dickey LeeThe Mahogany Pulpit1971Produzent
Dickey LeeThe Year That Clayton Delaney Died1971Produzent
Dickey LeeTravelin' Man
Cover von Ricky Nelson - Travelin' Man
Dickey LeeWeekends1971Produzent
Dickey LeeWhat We Used To Hang On To (Is Gone)1974Produzent
Dickey LeeWolverton Mountain
Cover von Claude King - Wolverton Mountain
Don WilliamsMillers Cave
Cover von Tommy Tucker - Miller's Cave
Eddie BondBoo Bop Da Caa Caa1959Komponist
Eddie BondBuford Pusser Goes Bear Hunting With A Switch1973Produzent
Emmylou Harris & John AndersonJust Someone I Used To Know
Cover von Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton - Just Someone I Used To Know
EngelbertThrough The Eyes Of Love1969Komponist
Eric ClaptonFools Like Me2013Komponist
FoghatIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Garth BrooksI Know One1989Komponist
George JonesBest Guitar Picker1962Komponist
Graeme AllwrightEmmène-moi1966Komponist
Hank MizellAin't Got A Thing
Cover von Sonny Burgess - Ain't Got A Thing
Hank SnowI'm Not At All Sorry For You1973Komponist
Hank Williams Jr.Funny Feelings1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.Guess Things Happen That Way
Cover von Johnny Cash - Guess Things Happen That Way
Hank Williams Jr.Hanging My Teardrops Out To Dry1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.I Ain't Sharin' Sharon1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.I Can't Decide1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.I Can't Take It No Longer1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.I Wouldn't Change A Thing About You (But Your Name)1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.I'm Gonna Break Your Heart1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.I'm In No Condition
Cover von Dolly Parton - I'm In No Condition
Hank Williams Jr.Just Another Town1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.Next Best Thing To Nothing1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.No Meaning And No End1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.Prison Of Memories1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.The Moods Of Mary1967Komponist
Hank Williams Jr.Waitin' For The Money From Home1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.Wandering Astray1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.What A Heck Of A Mess1967Produzent
Hank Williams Jr.Young Man's Fancy1967Produzent
Hayden ThompsonQueen Bee1963Komponist
HeadCatIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Hoyt JohnsonToo Shy1960Komponist
Jack ClementWhole Lotta Lookin'1959Komponist
Jack JerseyGone Girl1975Komponist
Jerry Lee LewisI'm Feelin' Sorry1957Komponist
Jerry Lee LewisIt'll Be Me1957Komponist
Jerry ReedMiller's Cave
Cover von Tommy Tucker - Miller's Cave
Jim ReevesI Know One1960Komponist
Jimmy EdwardsLive And Let Live1960Produzent
Jimmy EdwardsRosie Lee1960Produzent
John ScofieldJust A Girl I Used To Know2016Komponist
Johnnie And JackHappy, Lucky Love1960Produzent
Johnnie And JackSweetie Pie1960Produzent
Johnny CashAin't Gonna Hobo No More1982Produzent
Johnny CashAngel And The Badman
Cover von Johnny Cash - Man In Black
Johnny CashBeans For Breakfast1990Produzent
Johnny CashChildren, Go Where I Send Thee1979Produzent
Johnny CashCome In Stranger1958Produzent
Johnny CashCountry Boy1957Produzent
Johnny CashCry, Cry, Cry1955Produzent
Johnny CashDidn't It Rain1979Produzent
Johnny CashDirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog1966Komponist
Johnny CashDoin' My Time
Cover von Jimmie Skinner - Doin' My Time
Johnny CashDon't Take Everybody For Your Friend1979Produzent
Johnny CashEverybody Loves A Nut1966Komponist
Johnny CashFair Weather Friends1982Produzent
Johnny CashGeorgia On A Fast Train
Cover von Billy Joe Shaver - I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train
Johnny CashGoin' By The Book1990Produzent
Johnny CashGone Girl1978Komponist
Johnny CashGood Old American Guest1982Produzent
Johnny CashGospel Boogie (A Wonderful Time Up There)
Cover von Lee Roy Abernathy And His Homeland Harmony Quartet - Gospel Boggie (Ev'rybody's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There)
Johnny CashGuess Things Happen That Way1958Komponist
Johnny CashHeavy Metal (Don't Mean Rock And Roll To Me)1987Produzent
Johnny CashHey, Good Looking
Cover von Hank Williams - Hey, Good Lookin'
Johnny CashI Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Cover von Hank Williams - I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
Johnny CashI Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow1957Produzent
Johnny CashI Love You Because
Cover von Leon Payne - I Love You Because
Johnny CashI Walk The Line1956Produzent
Johnny CashI Was There When It Happened1957Produzent
Johnny CashI'd Rather Have You1987Produzent
Johnny CashIf The Good Lord's Willing
Cover von Jerry Reed - If The Lord's Willing And The Creeks Don't Rise
Johnny CashI'll Cross Over Jordan Someday1982Produzent
Johnny CashI'm A Newborn Man1979Produzent
Johnny CashI'm An Easy Rider1991Produzent
Johnny CashIt Ain't Nothing New Babe1980Produzent
Johnny CashI've Got A Thing About Trains1970Komponist
Johnny CashJohn's1982Produzent
Johnny CashJust About Time1958Komponist
Johnny CashLet Him Roll1987Produzent
Johnny CashLetters From Home1987Produzent
Johnny CashMy Ship Will Sail1987Produzent
Johnny CashOh Come, Angel Band1979Produzent
Johnny CashOnly Love1982Produzent
Johnny CashParadise1980Produzent
Johnny CashRemember Me1957Produzent
Johnny CashSing A Song1982Produzent
Johnny CashSixteen Tons
Cover von Merle Travis - Sixteen Tons
Johnny CashSo Doggone Lonesome1955Produzent
Johnny CashStrange Things Happening Every Day1979Produzent
Johnny CashTake Me Home1966Komponist
Johnny CashThe Big Light1987Produzent
Johnny CashThe Greatest Cowboy Of Them All1979Produzent
Johnny CashThe Greatest Cowboy Of Them All [1990]
Cover von Johnny Cash - The Greatest Cowboy Of Them All
Johnny CashThe Hobo Song1991Produzent
Johnny CashThe Mystery Of Life1991Produzent
Johnny CashThe One On The Right Is On The Left1965Komponist
Johnny CashThe Rock Island Line1957Produzent
Johnny CashThe Wreck Of The Old '971957Produzent
Johnny CashTruth1979Produzent
Johnny CashW. Lee O'Daniel (And The Light Crust Dough Boys)1987Produzent
Johnny CashWe Must Believe In Magic
Cover von Crystal Gayle - We Must Believe In Magic
Johnny CashWest Canterbury Subdivision Blues1979Komponist
Johnny CashWhen I'm Gray2005Produzent
Johnny CashWings In The Morning1979Produzent
Johnny CashYou Win Again
Cover von Hank Williams - You Win Again
Johnny CashYou're The Nearest Thing To Heaven1958Produzent
Johnny Cash & Billy Joe ShaverYou Can't Beat Jesus Christ2005Produzent
Johnny Cash & The Carter FamilyI've Got Jesus In My Soul1979Produzent
Johnny Cash / The Gene Lowery SingersI Love You Because1960Produzent
Johnny Cash And Tennessee TwoNext In Line1957Produzent
Johnny Cash And Tennessee TwoTrain Of Love1956Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoBallad Of A Teenage Queen1957Komponist
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoBig River1957Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoBlue Train1962Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoBorn To Lose
Cover von Ted Daffan's Texans - Born To Lose
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoDon't Make Me Go1957Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoDown The Street To 3011960Komponist
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoGive My Love To Rose1957Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoGoodbye Little Darlin'1956Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoHey, Porter1955Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoHome Of The Blues1957Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoI Can't Help It
Cover von Hank Williams - I Can't Help It (If Im Still In Love With You)
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoKaty Too1959Komponist
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoLife Goes On1960Komponist
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoMean Eyed Cat1955Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoMy Treasurer1961Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoPort Of Lonely Hearts1960Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoStraight A's In Love1958Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoSugartime1961Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoThe Story Of A Broken Heart1960Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoThe Ways Of A Woman In Love1958Produzent
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee TwoThere You Go1956Produzent
Johnny Cash with Anita CarterOver The Next Hill (We'll Be Home)1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Cindy CashLay Me Down In Dixie1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Emmylou Harris / Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter with Roy AcuffAs Long As I Live
Cover von Kitty Wells & Red Foley - As Long As I Live
Johnny Cash with Glen CampbellA Croft In Clachan (The Ballad Of Rob MacDunn)1988Produzent
Johnny Cash with Hank Williams, Jr.That Old Wheel1988Produzent
Johnny Cash with Helen CarterWay Worn Traveler1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Jan HowardI'm Gonna Try To Be That Way1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with John Carter CashCall Me The Breeze
Cover von J.J. Cale - Call Me The Breeze
Johnny Cash with John Carter CashWater From The Wells Of Home1988Produzent
Johnny Cash with June CarterOne Way Rider1980Produzent
Johnny Cash with June Carter & The Carter FamilyWhere Did We Go Right1988Produzent
Johnny Cash with June Carter CashHe's Alive1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with June Carter CashI'll Have A New Life1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with June Carter CashThis Train Is Bound For Glory1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Marshall GrantI Was There When It Happened1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Rodney CrowellHe Touched Me1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Rodney CrowellYou'll Get Yours And I'll Get Mine1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Rosanne CashWhen He Comes1979Produzent
Johnny Cash with Rosanne Cash & The Everly BrothersBallad Of A Teenage Queen
Cover von Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two - Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Johnny Cash With The Gene Lowery SingersOh Lonesome Me
Cover von Don Gibson - Oh Lonesome Me
Johnny Cash with Tom T. HallI'll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again1991Produzent
Johnny Cash with Tom T. HallThe Last Of The Drifters1988Produzent
Johnny Cash with Waylon JenningsThe Night Hank Williams Came To Town1987Produzent
Johnny Cash with Waylon Jennings / Emmylou Harris & Jessi ColterSweeter Than The Flowers
Cover von Moon Mullican - Sweeter Than The Flowers
Johnny DarrellThe One On The Right Is On The Left1966Komponist
Johnny HallydayMa chérie, c'est moi
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Johnny RussellGot Leavin' On Her Mind1973Komponist
Johnny WinterIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Jørgen Krabbenhøft & BandIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Lee Ann WomackJust Someone I Used To Know
Cover von Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton - Just Someone I Used To Know
Louis ArmstrongMiller's Cave1971Komponist
Louis ArmstrongYou Can Have Her
Cover von Roy Hamilton - You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)
Mac WisemanMe And Bobby McGee
Cover von Roger Miller - Me And Bobby McGee
Mac WisemanRing Of Fire
Cover von Anita Carter - Ring Of Fire
Marty StuartJust Between You And Me
Cover von Charley Pride - Just Between You And Me
Mott The HoopleIt'll Be Me2003Komponist
Nat StuckeyGot Leaving On Her Mind1973Komponist
Neal McCoyJust Between You And Me
Cover von Charley Pride - Just Between You And Me
Old FormationIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Opus [UK]What I've Got In Mind1977Komponist
Patty Loveless with Jon RandallSomeone I Used To Know2001Komponist
Porter Wagoner and Dolly PartonJust Someone I Used To Know1969Komponist
Ray PriceA Girl I Used To Know1970Komponist
Ricky NelsonI'm Feelin' Sorry1958Komponist
Roy DruskyThrough The Eyes Of Love
Cover von Tompall & The Glaser Brothers - Through The Eyes Of Love
Roy LoneyAin't Got A Thing
Cover von Sonny Burgess - Ain't Got A Thing
Roy OrbisonI Like Love1957Komponist
Roy OrbisonMean Little Mama1957Produzent
Roy OrbisonProblem Child1957Produzent
Sheb WooleyA Letter To Daddy1967Produzent
Sheb WooleyDraggin' The River1967Produzent
Sonny BurgessAin't Got A Thing1957Komponist
Sonny BurgessSweet Misery1958Komponist
Stu PhillipsGuess Things Happen That Way
Cover von Johnny Cash - Guess Things Happen That Way
Tammy Wynette & George JonesJust Someone I Used To Know
Cover von Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton - Just Someone I Used To Know
The International Submarine BandMiller's Cave
Cover von Tommy Tucker - Miller's Cave
The MoveIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
The Statler BrothersGot Leavin' On Her Mind1972Komponist
The Statler BrothersThe Right One1966Komponist
(Jack H. Clement)
Tom Jones & Jools HollandIt'll Be Me
Cover von Jerry Lee Lewis - It'll Be Me
Tommy TuckerMiller's Cave1960Komponist
Tompall & The Glaser BrothersGone Girl1973Komponist
Tompall & The Glaser BrothersThrough The Eyes Of Love1967Komponist
Tompall GlaserWest Centerbury Subdivision Blues1975Komponist
Townes Van Zandt(Quicksilver Daydreams of) Maria1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtAin't Leavin' Your Love1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtAll Your Young Servants1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtAt My Window1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBe Here To Love Me1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBig Country Blues2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBlack Crow Blues2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBlack Jack Mama2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBlack Widow Blues2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBlue Wind Blew1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtBuckskin Stallion Blues1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtColorado Bound2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtDon't Let The Sunshine Fool Ya'1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtFor The Sake Of The Song1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtFraulein1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtGerman Mustard1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtGone, Gone Blues1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtGypsy Friday2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtHeavenly Houseboat Blues1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtHonky Tonkin'1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtHunger Child Blues2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtIf I Needed You1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtI'll Be Here In The Morning1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtKathleen1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtLike A Summer Thursday1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtLittle Soundance #21987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtMany A Fine Lady1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtMaryetta's Song2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtMy Proud Mountains1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtNo Lonesome Tune1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtOur Mother The Mountain1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtPancho And Lefty1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSad Cinderella1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSecond Lovers Song1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtShe Came And She Touched Me1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSilver Ships Of Andilar1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSixteen Summers, Fifteen Falls1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSnake Mountain Blues1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSnow Don't Fall1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSnowin' On Raton1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSt. John The Gambler1969Produzent
Townes Van ZandtStill Lookin' For You1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtSunshine Boy1972Produzent
Townes Van ZandtTalkin' Karate Blues1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtTecumseh Valley1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtThe Catfish Song1987Produzent
Townes Van ZandtThe Spider Song1998Produzent
Townes Van ZandtThe Velvet Voices1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtUpon My Soul1998Produzent
Townes Van ZandtWaitin' For The Day2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtWaiting Around To Die1968Produzent
Townes Van ZandtWhen Your Dream Lovers Die2003Produzent
Townes Van ZandtWhy She's Acting This Way1969Produzent
Udo JürgensSusanie (Golden Girl, Golden Baby)1958Komponist
Udo Jürgens / Orchester Adalbert LuczkowskiDoch leider ist es nicht wahr1961Komponist
Vince TaylorI Like Love1958Komponist
Waylon JenningsAre You Sure Hank Done It This Way1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsBob Wills Is Still The King1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsDreaming My Dreams With You1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsHigh Time (You Quit Your Lowdown Ways)1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsI Recall A Gypsy Woman
Cover von Don Williams - I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Waylon JenningsI've Been A Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)
Cover von Roger Miller - I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)
Waylon JenningsLet's All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues)1975Komponist
Waylon JenningsLet's Turn Back The Years
Cover von Hank Williams - Let's Turn Back The Years
Waylon JenningsShe's Looking Good1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Door Is Always Open1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsWaymore's Blues1975Produzent
WillemSie (ist, wie Mädchen wohl sind)
Cover von Johnny Cash - Gone Girl