Lou Adler

Songs von Lou Adler

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5th Ball GangWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Al WilsonPoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
Ann-MargretHe's My Man1964Produzent
Ann-MargretSomeday Soon1964Produzent
Art Garfunkel, James Taylor, Paul Simon(What A) Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
BandannaHome Cooking1981Musik/Text
Barry McGuireAin't No Way I'm Gonna Change My Mind1965Produzent
Barry McGuireBaby Blue
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Barry McGuireCalifornia Dreamin'
Coverversion von The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'
Barry McGuireChild Of Our Times1965Produzent
Barry McGuireCloudy Summer Afternoon
Coverversion von Bud and Travis - Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Barry McGuireDo You Believe In Magic
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic
Barry McGuireDon't You Wonder Where It's At1965Produzent
Barry McGuireEve Of Destruction1965Produzent
Barry McGuireHang On Sloopy
Coverversion von The Vibrations - My Girl Sloopy
Barry McGuireHide Your Love Away1965Produzent
Barry McGuireI'd Have To Be Outa My Mind1966Produzent
Barry McGuireJust Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Barry McGuireLet Me Be
Coverversion von The Turtles - Let Me Be
Barry McGuireMr. Man On The Street1965Produzent
Barry McGuireShe Belongs To Me
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - She Belongs To Me
Barry McGuireSloop John B1965Produzent
Barry McGuireSouth Of The Border1971Produzent
Barry McGuireThe Sins Of A Family
Coverversion von P.F. Sloan - The Sins Of A Family
Barry McGuireThis Precious Time1965Produzent
Barry McGuireTry To Remember
Coverversion von Jerry Orbach - Try To Remember
Barry McGuireUpon A Painted Ocean1965Produzent
Barry McGuireWalking My Cat Named Dog
Coverversion von Norma Tanega - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog
Barry McGuireWhat's Exactly The Matter With Me1965Produzent
Barry McGuireWhy Not Stop And Dig It While You Can1965Produzent
Barry McGuireYesterday
Coverversion von The Beatles - Yesterday
Barry McGuireYou Never Had It So Good1965Produzent
Barry McGuireYou Were On My Mind
Coverversion von Ian & Sylvia - You Were On My Mind
Barry McGuire & The Mama's And The Papa'sYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Coverversion von The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Billy StormCoal Mine1969Produzent
Billy StormTonight I'll Be Staying With You1969Produzent
Brian ProtheroeWhat A Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Carole King(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Coverversion von Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Carole KingA Night This Side Of Dying1974Produzent
Carole KingA Quiet Place To Live1973Produzent
Carole KingAlabaster Lady1983Produzent
Carole KingAlligators All Around1975Produzent
Carole KingAmbrosia1975Produzent
Carole KingAve. P1975Produzent
Carole KingBack To California1971Produzent
Carole KingBeautiful1971Produzent
Carole KingBeen To Canaan1972Produzent
Carole KingBeing At War With Each Other1973Produzent
Carole KingBelieve In Humanity1973Produzent
Carole KingBitter With The Sweet1972Produzent
Carole KingBrighter1971Produzent
Carole KingBrother, Brother1971Produzent
Carole KingCarry Your Load1971Produzent
Carole KingChalice Borealis1983Produzent
Carole KingChange Of Mind, Change Of Heart1974Produzent
Carole KingChicken Soup With Rice1975Produzent
Carole KingCome Down Easy1972Produzent
Carole KingComputer Eyes1983Produzent
Carole KingCorazón1973Produzent
Carole KingCrying In The Rain
Coverversion von The Everly Brothers - Crying In The Rain
Carole KingDancing1983Produzent
Carole KingDaughter Of Light1975Produzent
Carole KingDirections1973Produzent
Carole KingFantasy Beginning1973Produzent
Carole KingFantasy End1973Produzent
Carole KingFeeling Sad Tonight1972Produzent
Carole KingFerguson Road1972Produzent
Carole KingGoodbye Don't Mean I'm Gone1972Produzent
Carole KingGotta Get Through Another Day1972Produzent
Carole KingGrowing Away From Me1971Produzent
Carole KingHaywood1973Produzent
Carole KingHigh Out Of Time1975Produzent
Carole KingHome Again1971Produzent
Carole KingI Feel The Earth Move1971Produzent
Carole KingI Think I Can Hear You1972Produzent
Carole KingI'd Like To Know You Better1975Produzent
Carole KingIt's Going To Take Some Time1971Produzent
Carole KingIt's Gonna Work Out Fine1975Produzent
Carole KingIt's Too Late1971Produzent
Carole KingJazzman1974Produzent
Carole KingMusic1971Produzent
Carole KingMy Lovin' Eyes1974Produzent
Carole KingMy My She Cries1972Produzent
Carole KingMy Simple Humble Neighborhood1975Produzent
Carole KingNightingale1974Produzent
Carole KingOne Small Voice1983Produzent
Carole KingOne Was Johnny1975Produzent
Carole KingOnly Love Is Real1975Produzent
Carole KingOut In The Cold1971Produzent
Carole KingPeace In The Valley1972Produzent
Carole KingPierre1975Produzent
Carole KingPocket Money1971Produzent
Carole KingReally Rosie1975Produzent
Carole KingSacred Heart Of Stone1983Produzent
Carole KingScreaming And Yelling1975Produzent
Carole KingSmackwater Jack1971Produzent
Carole KingSo Far Away1971Produzent
Carole KingSo Many Ways1975Produzent
Carole KingSo Ready For Love1983Produzent
Carole KingSome Kind Of Wonderful
Coverversion von The Drifters - Some Kind Of Wonderful
Carole KingSong Of Long Ago1971Produzent
Carole KingSpeeding Time1983Produzent
Carole KingStand Behind Me1972Produzent
Carole KingStandin' On The Borderline1983Produzent
Carole KingStill Here Thinking Of You1975Produzent
Carole KingSuch Sufferin'1975Produzent
Carole KingSurely1971Produzent
Carole KingSweet Adonis1974Produzent
Carole KingSweet Seasons1971Produzent
Carole KingTapestry1971Produzent
Carole KingThat's How Things Go Down1973Produzent
Carole KingThe Awful Truth1975Produzent
Carole KingThe Ballad Of Chicken Soup1975Produzent
Carole KingThe Best Is Yet To Come1974Produzent
Carole KingThe First Day In August1972Produzent
Carole KingToo Much Rain1971Produzent
Carole KingWay Over Yonder1971Produzent
Carole KingWe All Have To Be Alone1975Produzent
Carole KingWe Are All in This Together1974Produzent
Carole KingWeekdays1973Produzent
Carole KingWelfare Symphony1973Produzent
Carole KingWhere You Lead1971Produzent
Carole KingWill You Love Me Tomorrow?
Coverversion von The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Carole KingWrap Around Joy1974Produzent
Carole KingYou Gentle Me1974Produzent
Carole KingYou Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine1974Produzent
Carole KingYou Light Up My Life1973Produzent
Carole KingYou're Something New1974Produzent
Carole KingYou've Been Around Too Long1973Produzent
Carole KingYou've Got A Friend1971Produzent
Carole King / James TaylorThere's A Space Between Us1975Produzent
Cheech & Chong(How I Spent My Summer Vacation) Or A Day At The Beach With Pedro & Man1975Produzent
Cheech & ChongAcapulco Gold Filters1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongBlack Lassie (A Great American Dog)1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongBlind Melon Chitlin1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongBlind Melon Chitlin'1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongChampionship Wrestling1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongCheborneck1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongComing Attractions1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongCruisin' With Pedro De Pacas1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongDave1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongDave Cont.1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongDon't Bug Me1973Musik/Text
Cheech & ChongEmergency World1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongEmpire Hancock1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongEvelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongHey Margaret1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongLet's Make A Dope Deal1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongLos Morphions1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongPedro And Man At The Drive-Inn1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongPeter Rooster1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongRalph And Herbie1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongRebuttal: Speaker Ashley Roachclip1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongSanta Claus And His Old Lady1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongSargent Stadanko1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongSister Mary Elephant (Shudd-Up!)1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongStreets Of New York Or Los Angeles Or San Francisco Or...1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongTelevision1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongTestimonial1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Baby Sitters1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Bust1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Continuing Adventures Of Pedro De Pacas And Man1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Continuing Story Of Pedro De Pacas And Man1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Other Tapes1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Pope: Live At The Vatican1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Strawberry Revival Festival1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongThe Three Little Pigs1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongTortured Old Man1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongTrippin' In Court1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongTurn That Thing Down1974Musik/Text
Cheech & ChongUnamerican Bandstand1972Produzent
Cheech & ChongUp His Nose1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongVietnam1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongWaiting For Dave1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongWake Up America1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongWake Up America (Conclusion)1974Produzent
Cheech & ChongWelcome To Mexico1971Produzent
Cheech & ChongWhite World Of Sports1973Produzent
Cheech & ChongWink Dinkerson1971Musik/Text
Cheech & Chong feat. Alice BowieEarache My Eye1974Produzent
Cheech & Chong feat. Tyrone ShoelacesBasketball Jones1973Produzent
Cheech & Chong feat. Tyrone ShoelacesEarache My Eye1978Produzent
Chrístos DantisWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Connie StevensA Girl Never Knows1964Produzent
Connie StevensThey're Jealous Of Me1964Produzent
Cool'rHere's To You1989Produzent
Cool'rI Love My Baby1989Produzent
Cool'rIf It Were Me1989Produzent
Cool'rKinky Lady1989Produzent
Cool'rLove Me All My Life1989Musik/Text
Cool'rVictim (Coda)1989Produzent
David T. WalkerHot Fun In The Summertime
Coverversion von Sly & The Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime
David T. WalkerI Want To Talk To You1972Produzent
De StrangersPolitieke-lieke
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Don EverlyDon't Drink The Water1971Produzent
Don EverlyEyes Of Asia1971Produzent
Don EverlyFebruary 15th1971Produzent
Don EverlyMy Baby1971Produzent
Don EverlyMy Friend1971Produzent
Don EverlyOmaha1971Produzent
Don EverlyOnly Me1971Produzent
Don EverlySafari1971Produzent
Don EverlySweet Dreams
Coverversion von Don Gibson - Sweet Dreams
Don EverlyThinking Is Over1971Produzent
Don EverlyTumbling Tumbleweeds1971Produzent
Don EverlyWhen I Stop Dreaming1971Produzent
Doug SeegersPoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
Günther NeefsWhat A Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Helmut Lotti with the Golden Symphonic OrchestraWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Herman's HermitsWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Jan & DeanGee1960Produzent
Jan & DeanHeart And Soul
Coverversion von Larry Clinton & His Orchestra - Heart And Soul
Jan & DeanHonolulu Lulu1963Musik/Text
Jan & DeanMidsummer Night's Dream1961Produzent
Jan & DeanMy Heart Sings1959Musik/Text
Jan & DeanMy Mighty G.T.O.1964Produzent
Jan & DeanSuch A Good Night For Dreaming1960Produzent
Jan & DeanTennessee1962Produzent
Jan & DeanThe Little Old Lady From Pasadena1964Produzent
Jan & DeanThere's A Girl1959Musik/Text
Jan & DeanYour Heart Has Changed It's Mind1962Produzent
Jesse MalinWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Jimi Hendrix ExperienceKilling Floor
Coverversion von Howlin' Wolf - Killing Floor
Joe Simon(What A) Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Joe StampleyPoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
John PhillipsApril Anne1970Produzent
John PhillipsMississippi1970Produzent
John PhillipsTopanga Canyon1970Produzent
Johnny Nash(What A) Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Johnny Rivers(I Washed My Hands In) Muddy Water
Coverversion von Stonewall Jackson - I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
Johnny Rivers500 Miles
Coverversion von The Journeymen - 500 Miles
Johnny RiversA Hard Day's Night
Coverversion von The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
Johnny RiversA Man Can Cry1966Produzent
Johnny RiversA Taste Of Honey
Coverversion von Billy Dee Williams - A Taste Of Honey
Johnny RiversApple Tree1969Produzent
Johnny RiversBaby I Need Your Lovin'
Coverversion von The Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving
Johnny RiversBaby, What You Want Me To Go1964Produzent
Johnny RiversBlowin' In The Wind
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind
Johnny RiversBlue Skies
Coverversion von Belle Baker - Blue Skies
Johnny RiversBrass Buttons1969Produzent
Johnny RiversBreak Up1965Produzent
Johnny RiversBrown-Eyed Handsome Man1964Produzent
Johnny RiversBy The Time I Get To Phoenix1966Produzent
Johnny RiversC. C. Rider / Got My Mojo Working1963Produzent
Johnny RiversCalifornia Dreamin'
Coverversion von The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'
Johnny RiversCan't Buy Me Love
Coverversion von The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
Johnny RiversCarpet Man1967Produzent
Johnny RiversCast Your Fate To The Wind
Coverversion von Vince Guaraldi Trio - Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Johnny RiversCatch The Wind
Coverversion von Donovan - Catch The Wind
Johnny RiversCupid
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Cupid
Johnny RiversDang Me1964Produzent
Johnny RiversDays Of Wine And Roses
Coverversion von Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - Days Of Wine And Roses
Johnny RiversDo What You Gotta Do1967Produzent
Johnny RiversDo You Want To Dance
Coverversion von Bobby Freeman - Do You Wanna Dance
Johnny RiversDream Doll1964Produzent
Johnny RiversEnemies And Friends1969Produzent
Johnny RiversEvery Day I Have To Cry
Coverversion von Steve Alaimo - Everyday I Have To Cry
Johnny RiversFoolkiller1966Produzent
Johnny RiversFor Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
Coverversion von Simon & Garfunkel - For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
Johnny RiversGettin' Ready For Tomorrow1966Produzent
Johnny RiversGlory Train1969Produzent
Johnny RiversGreen Green1965Produzent
Johnny RiversGreenback Dollar1965Produzent
Johnny RiversHe Don't Love You Like I Love You1965Produzent
Johnny RiversHigh Heel Sneakers
Coverversion von Tommy Tucker [Blues] - Hi-Heel Sneakers
Johnny RiversI Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
Coverversion von The Four Tops - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
Johnny RiversI Should Have Known Better
Coverversion von The Beatles - I Should Have Known Better
Johnny RiversI Wouldnt Happen With Me1966Produzent
Johnny RiversIf I Had A Hammer
Coverversion von The Weavers - The Hammer Song
Johnny RiversIf I Were A Carpenter
Coverversion von Bobby Darin - If I Were A Carpenter
Johnny RiversI'll Cry Instead
Coverversion von The Beatles - I'll Cry Instead
Johnny RiversI'm In Love Again1965Produzent
Johnny RiversInto The Mystic1969Produzent
Johnny RiversIt Wouldn't Happen With Me1964Produzent
Johnny RiversIt'll Never Happen Again1967Produzent
Johnny RiversIt's All Over Now
Coverversion von The Valentinos - It's All Over Now
Johnny RiversIt's So Doggone Lonesome1964Produzent
Johnny RiversIt's Too Late1963Produzent
Johnny RiversI've Got A Woman1964Produzent
Johnny RiversJailer Bring Me Water1965Produzent
Johnny RiversJesus Is A Soul Man1969Produzent
Johnny RiversJohn Lee Hooker1963Produzent
Johnny RiversJohnny B. Goode
Coverversion von Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
Johnny RiversJosephine
Coverversion von Fats Domino - My Girl Josephine
Johnny RiversKeep A-Knockin'
Coverversion von Little Richard - Keep A Knockin'
Johnny RiversKnock Three Times1961Produzent
Johnny RiversLa Bamba / Twist And Shout1964Produzent
Johnny RiversLand Of 1.000 Dances1965Produzent
Johnny RiversLawdy Miss Clawdy1964Produzent
Johnny RiversLong Time Man1965Produzent
Johnny RiversLosers Can't Win1964Produzent
Johnny RiversLove Me While You Can1965Produzent
Johnny RiversMaybelline
Coverversion von Chuck Berry - Maybellene
Johnny RiversMemphis Tennessee
Coverversion von Chuck Berry - Memphis Tennessee
Johnny RiversMichael (Row The Boat Ashore)1965Produzent
Johnny RiversMidnight Special1964Produzent
Johnny RiversMoody River1964Produzent
Johnny RiversMountain Of Love
Coverversion von Harold Dorman - Mountain Of Love
Johnny RiversMr. Tambourine Man
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man
Johnny RiversMuddy River1969Produzent
Johnny RiversMultiplication1964Produzent
Johnny RiversOde To John Lee Hooker1969Produzent
Johnny RiversOh Pretty Woman
Coverversion von Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman
Johnny RiversOh What A Kiss1964Produzent
Johnny RiversOh, Lonesome Me1964Produzent
Johnny RiversOne Woman1969Produzent
Johnny RiversParchman Farm
Coverversion von Mose Allison - Parchman Farm
Johnny RiversPoor Side Of Town1966Musik/Text
Johnny RiversPromised Land
Coverversion von Chuck Berry - Promised Land
Johnny RiversRainy Night In Georgia
Coverversion von Tony Joe White - Rainy Night In Georgia
Johnny RiversResurrection1969Produzent
Johnny RiversRhythm Of The Rain
Coverversion von The Cascades - Rhythm Of The Rain
Johnny RiversRoll Over Beethoven1964Produzent
Johnny RiversRoogalator1966Produzent
Johnny RiversRosecrans Boulevard1967Produzent
Johnny RiversRun For Your Life
Coverversion von The Beatles - Run For Your Life
Johnny RiversSecret Agent Man1966Produzent
Johnny RiversSidewalk Song / 27th Street1967Produzent
Johnny RiversSilver Threads & Golden Needles1965Produzent
Johnny RiversSlim Slo Sliders1969Produzent
Johnny RiversSoftly As I Leave You1966Produzent
Johnny RiversStagger Lee1965Produzent
Johnny RiversStop! In The Name Of Love
Coverversion von The Supremes - Stop! In The Name Of Love
Johnny RiversStrangers In The Night
Coverversion von Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra - Strangers In The Night
Johnny RiversSuch A Fool For You1964Produzent
Johnny RiversSunny
Coverversion von Mieko Hirota - Sunny
Johnny RiversSusie Q
Coverversion von Dale Hawkins - Susie-Q
Johnny RiversSweet Smiling Children1967Produzent
Johnny RiversTall Oak Tree1965Produzent
Johnny RiversThat Someone Should Be Me1961Produzent
Johnny RiversThe Eleventh Song1967Produzent
Johnny RiversThe Seventh Son1965Produzent
Johnny RiversThe Shadow Of Your Smile1966Produzent
Johnny RiversThe Snake
Coverversion von Oscar Brown jr. - The Snake
Johnny RiversThe Tracks Of My Tears
Coverversion von The Miracles - The Tracks Of My Tears
Johnny RiversTom Dooley1965Produzent
Johnny RiversToo Good To Last1964Produzent
Johnny RiversTunesmith1967Produzent
Johnny RiversUnder Your Spell Again1965Produzent
Johnny RiversUn-Square Dance1965Produzent
Johnny RiversUptight (Everything's Alright)
Coverversion von Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Johnny RiversWalk Myself On Home1964Produzent
Johnny RiversWalkin' The Dog
Coverversion von Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog
Johnny RiversWhat Am I Doin' Here With You1965Produzent
Johnny RiversWhen A Man Loves A Woman1963Produzent
Johnny RiversWhere Have All The Flowers Gone
Coverversion von Pete Seeger - Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Johnny RiversWhisky A Go-Go1964Produzent
Johnny RiversWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On1964Produzent
Johnny RiversWork Song1965Produzent
Johnny RiversWrote A Song For Everyone
Coverversion von Creedence Clearwater Revival - Wrote A Song For Everyone
Johnny RiversYou Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)1964Produzent
Johnny RiversYou Dig1966Produzent
Johnny RiversYou Must Believe1966Produzent
Johnny RiversYou've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Coverversion von The Righteous Brothers - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Johnny Rivers / The Dee Dee Orch.(There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover1959Produzent
Johnny Rivers / The Dee Dee Orch.Your First And Last Love1959Produzent
Le Grand Orchestre de Paul MauriatWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Lloyd CopasCircle Rock1958Musik/Text
Lou RawlsKiddio1960Produzent
Lou RawlsWalkin' (For Miles)1960Produzent
Love MachinePoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
Lynn AndersonPoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
Maul-WurfWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Merry ClaytonA Song For You
Coverversion von Leon Russell - A Song For You
Merry ClaytonAfter All This Time1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonBridge Over Troubled Water
Coverversion von Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Merry ClaytonCountry Road
Coverversion von James Taylor - Country Road
Merry ClaytonForget It I Got It1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonGimme Shelter
Coverversion von The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Merry ClaytonGlad Tidings1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonGood Girls1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonGrandma's Hand
Coverversion von Bill Withers - Grandma's Hands
Merry ClaytonHere Come Those Heartaches Again1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonI Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Away1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonI've Got Life1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonLight On The Hill1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonLove Me Or Let Me Be Lonely
Coverversion von The Friends Of Distinction - Love Or Let Me Be Lonely
Merry ClaytonOh No, Not My Baby
Coverversion von Maxine Brown - Oh No Not My Baby
Merry ClaytonSame Old Story1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonSho' Nuff1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonSouthern Man
Coverversion von Neil Young - Southern Man
Merry ClaytonSteamroller1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonSuspicious Minds
Coverversion von Mark James - Suspicious Minds
Merry ClaytonTell All The People1970Produzent
Merry ClaytonWalk On In1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonWhatever1971Produzent
Merry ClaytonYou've Been Acting Strange1970Produzent
Michael Bolton(What A) Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Michael HirteWhat A Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Patrick Metzker feat. Dino(What A) Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Paul RodgersWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Peggy LiptonHands Off The Man (Flim Flam Man)1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonHoney Won't Let Me1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonIt Might As Well Rain Until September
Coverversion von Carole King - It Might As Well Rain Until September
Peggy LiptonJust A Little Lovin' (Early In The Morning)1970Produzent
Peggy LiptonLady Of The Lake1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonLet Me Pass By1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonLu1969Produzent
Peggy LiptonMemories Of A Golden Weekend (Or How I Got The Acapulco Blues)1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonNatural Woman1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonRed Clay County Line1970Produzent
Peggy LiptonSan Francisco Glide1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonStoney End
Coverversion von Laura Nyro - Stoney End
Peggy LiptonWasn't It You1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonWear Your Love Like Heaven1968Produzent
Peggy LiptonWho Need It1968Produzent
Robert JohnPoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
Rod StewartWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Royal Romantic OrchestraWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Salmas Bros.Circle Rock1958Musik/Text
Sam & DaveWhat A Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Sam CookeAll Of My Life1958Musik/Text
Sam CookeAlong The Navajo Trail1958Produzent
Sam CookeWonderful World1960Musik/Text
Scott McKenzieCeleste
Coverversion von Donovan - Celeste
Scott McKenzieDon't Make Promises
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Don't Make Promises
Scott McKenzieIt's Not Time Now
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - It's Not Time Now
Scott McKenzieLike An Old Time Movie1967Produzent
Scott McKenzieNo, No, No, No, No
Coverversion von Michel Polnareff - La poupée qui fait non
Scott McKenzieReason To Believe
Coverversion von Tim Hardin - Reason To Believe
Scott McKenzieRooms1967Produzent
Scott McKenzieSan Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)1967Produzent
Scott McKenzieSan Francisco (Remix '89)
Coverversion von Scott McKenzie - San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)
Scott McKenzieTwelve-Thirty
Coverversion von The Mamas & The Papas - Twelve-Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)
Scott McKenzieWhat's The Difference (Chapter I)1967Produzent
Scott McKenzieWhat's The Difference (Chapter II)1967Produzent
SpiritAll The Same1968Produzent
SpiritAren't You Glad1968Produzent
SpiritDark-Eyed Woman1969Produzent
SpiritDarlin' If1968Produzent
SpiritDream Within A Dream1968Produzent
SpiritFresh Garbage1967Produzent
SpiritGirl In Your Eye1968Produzent
SpiritGive A Life, Take A Life1969Musik/Text
SpiritGramophone Man1967Produzent
SpiritI Got A Line On You1968Produzent
SpiritIt Shall Be1968Produzent
SpiritMechanical World1967Produzent
SpiritPoor Richard1968Produzent
SpiritShe Smiled1968Produzent
SpiritSilky Sam1968Produzent
SpiritStraight Arrow1967Produzent
SpiritThe Drunkard1968Produzent
SpiritThe Great Canyon Fire In General1967Produzent
SpiritTopanga Windows1967Produzent
SpiritUncle Jack1967Produzent
Steven HoughtonWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Terence Trent D'ArbyWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
The 5th DimensionPoor Side Of Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
The BedrocksWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
The ChildrenFire Ring1970Produzent
The ChildrenFrom The Very Start1970Produzent
The ChildrenHand Of A Lady1970Produzent
The ChildrenSuch A Fine Night1970Produzent
The CityParadise Alley1968Produzent
The CitySnow Queen
Coverversion von Roger Nichols Trio - Snow Queen
The CityThat Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)1968Produzent
The DriftersWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
The Everly BrothersYves1970Produzent
The Grass RootsMr. Jones1965Produzent
The Grass RootsYou're A Lonely Girl1965Produzent
The LettermenPoor Side Of The Town
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town
The Mamas & The PapasBlueberries For Breakfast1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasBoys And Girls Together1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasCalifornia Dreamin'1965Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasCreeque Alley1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasDancing Bear1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasDancing In The Street
Coverversion von Martha & The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street
The Mamas & The PapasDedicated To The One I Love
Coverversion von The "5" Royales - Dedicated To The One I Love
The Mamas & The PapasDid You Ever Want To Cry1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasDo You Wanna Dance
Coverversion von Bobby Freeman - Do You Wanna Dance
The Mamas & The PapasDream A Little Dream Of Me
Coverversion von Ozzie Nelson And His Orchestra - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
The Mamas & The PapasEuropean Blue Boy1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasEven If I Could1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasFor The Love Of Ivy1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasFree Advice1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasFrustration1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasGemini Child1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasGlad To Be Unhappy1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasGo Where You Wanna Go1965Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasGot A Feelin'1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasGrasshopper1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasHey Girl1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasI Call Your Name
Coverversion von Billy J. Kramer - I Call Your Name
The Mamas & The PapasI Can't Wait1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasI Saw Her Again1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasI Wanna Be A Star1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasJohn's Music Box1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasLady Genevieve1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasLook Through My Window1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasMansions1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasMeditation Mama (Transcendental Women Travels)1968Musik/Text
The Mamas & The PapasMidnight Voyage1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasMonday Monday1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasMy Girl
Coverversion von The Temptations - My Girl
The Mamas & The PapasNo Salt On Her Tail1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasNothing's Too Good For My Little Girl1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasOnce Was A Time I Thought1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasPacific Coast Highway1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasPearl1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasPeople Like Us1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasRooms1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasSafe In My Garden1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasSing For Your Supper1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasSnowqueen Of Texas1971Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasSomebody Groovy1965Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasSpanish Harlem
Coverversion von Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem
The Mamas & The PapasStraight Shooter1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasStrange Young Girl1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasString Man1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasThat Kind Of Girl1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasThe 'In' Crowd
Coverversion von Dobie Gray - The "In" Crowd
The Mamas & The PapasThe Right Somebody To Love1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasToo Late1968Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasTrip Stumble And Fall1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasTwelve-Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)1967Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasTwist And Shout
Coverversion von The Top Notes - Twist And Shout
The Mamas & The PapasWords Of Love1966Produzent
The Mamas & The PapasYou Baby1966Produzent
The Raiders [1950s]Yoo Hoo1958Musik/Text
The SupremesWonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
The Untouchables [1950s]New Fad1960Musik/Text
Tim CurryBaby Love1976Produzent
Tim CurryJust Fourteen1976Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseCan You Say What You Need1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseCommunicate1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseGive Yourself A Dream1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseHere We Are1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseI'm A Loser
Coverversion von The Beatles - I'm A Loser
Tufano & GiammareseJust A Dream Away1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseMusic Everywhere1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseRise Up1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseShe Takes Me There1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseShow Me If You Can1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseTake Me Back1973Produzent
Tufano & GiammareseWednesday Down1973Produzent
Vince HillWhat A Wonderful World
Coverversion von Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
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