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Noel Walker

Am häufigsten beteiligt bei folgenden Interpreten: The Bachelors (63), The Fortunes (35), Blackfoot Sue (27), East Of Eden (22), Whistling Jack Smith (17), Amen Corner (16)

Songs von Noel Walker

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Amen Corner(Our Love) Is In The Pocket1968Produzent
Amen CornerBend Me Shape Me
Cover von The Outsiders - Bend Me, Shape Me
Amen CornerExpressway To Your Heart1968Produzent
Amen CornerGin House Blues1967Produzent
Amen CornerGood Time
Cover von The Easybeats - Good Times
Amen CornerHigh In The Sky1968Produzent
Amen CornerI Am An Angel But I Can't Fly1968Produzent
Amen CornerI Know1967Produzent
Amen CornerLet The Good Times Roll / Feel So Good1968Produzent
Amen CornerLost And Found1968Produzent
Amen CornerLove Me Tender
Cover von Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender
Amen CornerNema1967Produzent
Amen CornerRun, Run, Run1968Produzent
Amen CornerSatisnek The Job's Worth1967Produzent
Amen CornerThe World Of Broken Hearts1967Produzent
Amen CornerYou're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It)
Cover von Little Richard - I Don't Want To Discuss It
Big BerthaFunky Woman1970Produzent
Big BerthaMunich City1970Produzent
Birds Of A FeatherSummer Has Gone1972Produzent
Birds Of A FeatherYou Know Me Better (Than I Know Myself)1972Produzent
Blackfoot Sue18121974Produzent
Blackfoot Sue2 B Free1972Produzent
Blackfoot SueBye Bye Birmingham1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueCare To Believe1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueCorrie1975Produzent
Blackfoot SueCountry Home1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueCry1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueGet It All To Me1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueGlittery Obituary1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueGypsy Jam1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueJoin Together1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueMessiah1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueMoonshine1975Produzent
Blackfoot SueMy Oh My1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueNostalgia Ain't1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueNow We're Three1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueOn His Own1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueShoot All Strangers1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueSing Don't Speak1972Produzent
Blackfoot SueStanding In The Road1972Produzent
Blackfoot SueSummer (From The Season's Suite)1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueTabago Rose1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueThe Spring Of '691973Produzent
Blackfoot SueTobago Rose1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueToo Soon1973Produzent
Blackfoot SueTouch The Sky1974Produzent
Blackfoot SueYou Need Love1974Produzent
East Of EdenBathers1969Produzent
East Of EdenBeast Of Sweden1970Produzent
East Of EdenBoehm Constrictor1970Produzent
East Of EdenCentaur Woman1969Produzent
East Of EdenCommunion1969Produzent
East Of EdenGum Arabic/Confucius1970Produzent
East Of EdenHabibi Baby1970Produzent
East Of EdenHave To Whack It Up1970Produzent
East Of EdenIn The Snow Of A Blow1970Produzent
East Of EdenIn The Stable Of The Sphinx1969Produzent
East Of EdenIsadora1969Produzent
East Of EdenJig-A-Jig1970Produzent
East Of EdenLeaping Beauties For Rudy1970Produzent
East Of EdenMarcus Junior1970Produzent
East Of EdenMoth1969Produzent
East Of EdenNorthern Hemisphere1969Produzent
East Of EdenNymphenburger1970Produzent
East Of EdenRamadhan1970Produzent
East Of EdenTraditional1970Produzent
East Of EdenUno tansito clapori1970Produzent
East Of EdenWaterways1969Produzent
East Of EdenXhorkom1970Produzent
Jack HammerThe Mason Dixon Line1969Produzent
Jack HammerWhat Greater Love1969Produzent
Katja EbsteinNo More Love For Me
Cover von Katja Ebstein - Wunder gibt es immer wieder
Katja EbsteinWithout Love
Cover von Katja Ebstein - Ich will ihn
Lorne GibsonA Little Lovin' Light1966Produzent
Lorne GibsonRed Roses For A Blue Lady
Cover von Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Lorne GibsonTalking To Your Picture1965Produzent
Lorne GibsonWhen Baby Says Goodbye1966Produzent
P.J. ProbyIt's Goodbye1970Produzent
Rudy BennettI'm So Proud
Cover von Keith - I'm So Proud
Shirley BasseyAs I Love You1958Produzent
Shirley BasseyJezahel
Cover von Delirium - Jesahel
Shirley BasseyThink Of Me1970Produzent
Tam WhiteGirl Watcher1968Produzent
The BachelorsA Love To Last A Lifetime1965Produzent
The BachelorsA Well Respected Man1966Produzent
The BachelorsAin't It True1966Produzent
The BachelorsCall Me Irresponsible1966Produzent
The BachelorsCan I Trust You1966Produzent
The BachelorsCecilia1966Produzent
The BachelorsChapel In The Moonlight1965Produzent
The BachelorsDanny Boy1965Produzent
The BachelorsDown Among The Sheltering Palms1965Produzent
The BachelorsElusive Butterfly
Cover von Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly
The BachelorsFar Far Away1965Produzent
The BachelorsHello Dolly
Cover von Carol Channing and David Hartman - Hello, Dolly!
The BachelorsHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands1964Produzent
The BachelorsHomeward Bound1966Produzent
The BachelorsI Can't Wish You Any More1968Produzent
The BachelorsI Do Adore Her
Cover von Harry Belafonte - I Do Adore Her
The BachelorsI Wish You Love1966Produzent
The BachelorsIda, Sweet As Apple Cider1966Produzent
The BachelorsIf I Ever I Would Leave You1967Produzent
The BachelorsIf I Should Fall In Love Again1965Produzent
The BachelorsI'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Cover von Dorsey Brothers' Orchestra - (I'm Gettin') Sentimental Over You
The BachelorsI'm Yours1965Produzent
The BachelorsInvisible Tears
Cover von Ned Miller - Invisible Tears
The BachelorsLinda1966Produzent
The BachelorsLove Isn't Love1968Produzent
The BachelorsLove Me With All Your Heart
Cover von Hermanos Rigual - Cuando calienta el sol
The BachelorsLovey Kravezit1966Produzent
The BachelorsMame1968Produzent
The BachelorsMarcheta1966Produzent
The BachelorsMargie1966Produzent
The BachelorsMarie
Cover von The Troubadours - Marie
The BachelorsMichelle
Cover von The Beatles - Michelle
The BachelorsMistakes1965Produzent
The BachelorsMy Foolish Heart
Cover von Martha Mears - My Foolish Heart
The BachelorsNo Arms Can Ever Hold You
Cover von Georgie Shaw - No Arms Can Ever Hold You (Like These Arms Of Mine)
The BachelorsOh, Samuel Don't Die1964Produzent
The BachelorsOnce In Love With Amy1966Produzent
The BachelorsPennies From Heaven1965Produzent
The BachelorsPortrait Of My Love1966Produzent
The BachelorsRamona
Cover von Dolores Del Rio - Ramona
The BachelorsRosalie1966Produzent
The BachelorsRose Marie1966Produzent
The BachelorsSally1966Produzent
The BachelorsSittin' In The Sun1965Produzent
The BachelorsSkip To My Lou1965Produzent
The BachelorsSweet Sue - Just You1966Produzent
The BachelorsTen Pretty Girls1964Produzent
The BachelorsThe Old Wishing Well1965Produzent
The BachelorsThe Saints1965Produzent
The BachelorsThe Sound Of Silence
Cover von Simon & Garfunkel - The Sounds Of Silence
The BachelorsThe Unicorn1968Produzent
The BachelorsThere's No Room In My Heart1965Produzent
The BachelorsTill Then My Love1965Produzent
The BachelorsTrouble With Angels1966Produzent
The BachelorsTrue Love For Evermore1965Produzent
The BachelorsWhat Kind Of Fool Am I1966Produzent
The BachelorsWhat The World Needs Now Is Love1966Produzent
The BachelorsWhistle Down The Wind1965Produzent
The BachelorsWho Can I Turn To1966Produzent
The BachelorsWith All My Heart1965Produzent
The BachelorsYou Can Tell1965Produzent
The BachelorsYou Were Meant For Me1968Produzent
The BachelorsYou're Next1965Produzent
The FortunesAll Cried Out1965Produzent
The FortunesAm I Losing My Touch1966Produzent
The FortunesBooks And Films1969Produzent
The FortunesClowns Exit Laughing1970Produzent
The FortunesColoured Lights1965Produzent
The FortunesEverything In The Garden1970Produzent
The FortunesFeelings1970Produzent
The FortunesGone From My Mind1966Produzent
The FortunesHere It Comes Again1965Produzent
The FortunesIf We Lived On Top Of A Mountain1965Produzent
The FortunesI'm Still Alone1965Produzent
The FortunesIs It Really Worth Your While1966Produzent
The FortunesI've Got To Go1965Produzent
The FortunesLaughing Fit To Cry1965Produzent
The FortunesLifetime Of Love1970Produzent
The FortunesLooking Through The Eyes Of Love1965Produzent
The FortunesMaria1965Produzent
The FortunesOur Love Has Gone1967Produzent
The FortunesRed Clay County Line
Cover von Peggy Lipton - Red Clay County Line
The FortunesSad Sad Sad1969Produzent
The FortunesSilent Street1966Produzent
The FortunesSomeone Is Standing Outside
Cover von Thelma Houston - Someone Is Standing Outside
The FortunesThat Same Old Feeling1970Produzent
The FortunesThings I Should Have Known1965Produzent
The FortunesThis Empty Place1965Produzent
The FortunesThis Town Should Start Believing1970Produzent
The FortunesTime To Be Going1965Produzent
The FortunesToday I Killed A Man1970Produzent
The FortunesTruly Yours1967Produzent
The FortunesVoice Your Choice1965Produzent
The FortunesWon't You Give Him (One More Chance)1965Produzent
The FortunesYou Can Have Her1965Produzent
The FortunesYou Gave Me Somebody To Love1966Produzent
The FortunesYou Won't Be The Last1970Produzent
The FortunesYou've Got Your Troubles1965Produzent
The MockingbirdsHow To Find A Lover1966Produzent
TrifleAll Together Now
Cover von The Beatles - All Together Now
TrifleGot My Thing1969Produzent
Truly SmithI Wanna Go Back There Again
Cover von Chris Clark - I Want To Go Back There Again
Whistling Jack SmithBattle Hymn Of The Republic1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithÇa ne fait rien1967Komponist
Whistling Jack SmithEarly One Morning1967Komponist
Whistling Jack SmithFrere Jacques1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithHava Nagila1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithHey There Little Miss Mary1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithI Was Bizet's Carman1967Komponist
Whistling Jack SmithI Was Kaiser Bill's Batman1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithRose, Rose, I Love You1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithScotland The Brave1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithSong Of The Steppes1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithThe British Grin And Bear1967Komponist
Whistling Jack SmithThe Happy Wanderer1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithTom Hark1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithUn homme et une femme
Cover von Francis Lai - Un homme et une femme
Whistling Jack SmithUnion Jack1967Produzent
Whistling Jack SmithWaltzing Matilda1967Produzent