Paul Worley

Songs von Paul Worley

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Charles KelleyDancing Around It2016Produzent
Charles KelleyLeaving Nashville2016Produzent
Charles KelleyLonely Girl2016Produzent
Charles KelleyRound In Circles2016Produzent
Charles KelleyThe Only One Who Gets Me2016Produzent
Charles KelleyYour Love2016Produzent
Charles Kelley feat. Dierks Bentley & Eric PaslayThe Driver2016Produzent
Charles Kelley feat. Miranda LambertI Wish You Were Here2016Produzent
Charles Kelley feat. Stevie NicksSouthern Accents
Coverversion von Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Southern Accents
Chris IsaakBaby What You Want Me To Do2015Produzent
Chris IsaakDon't Break My Heart2015Produzent
Chris IsaakDown In Flames2015Produzent
Chris IsaakEvery Night I Miss You More2015Produzent
Chris IsaakFirst Comes The Night2015Produzent
Chris IsaakInsects2015Produzent
Chris IsaakPlease Don't Call2015Produzent
Chris IsaakReverie2015Produzent
Collin RayeDreaming My Dreams With You1994Produzent
Collin RayeI Think About You1995Produzent
Collin RayeIf I Were You1994Produzent
Collin RayeLittle Rock1993Produzent
Collin RayeLove Remains1995Produzent
Collin RayeMan Of My Word1994Produzent
Collin RayeMy Kind Of Girl1994Produzent
Collin RayeNot That Different1995Produzent
Collin RayeOn The Verge1995Produzent
Collin RayeOne Boy, One Girl1995Produzent
Collin RayeSomeone You Used To Know1998Produzent
Collin RayeThat's My Story1992Produzent
Collin RayeTo The Border And Beyond1993Produzent
Collin RayeWhat If Jesus Comes Back Like That1995Produzent
Collin RayeWhat The Heart Wants1997Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonBut I Want To2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonHope You're Doing Fine2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonI Always Liked The Best2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonIf You Could Only See2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonIf You Were Mine2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonI'll Be Seeing You2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonI'm Gone2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonMy World2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonThere Goes The Boy2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonThings I Would Do2001Produzent
Cyndi ThomsonWhat I Really Meant To Say2001Produzent
Del ShannonIn My Arms Again1974Produzent
Dixie ChicksAm I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksCold Day In July1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksCowboy Take Me Away1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksDon't Waste Your Heart1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksGive It Up Or Let Me Go1997Produzent
Dixie ChicksGoodbye Earl1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksHeartbreak Town1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksHello Mr. Heartache1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksHole In My Head1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksI Can Love You Better1997Produzent
Dixie ChicksIf I Fall You're Going Down With Me1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksI'll Take Care Of You1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksLet 'Er Rip1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksLet Him Fly1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksLoving Arms
Coverversion von Dobie Gray - Loving Arms
Dixie ChicksNever Say Die1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksOnce You've Loved Somebody1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksReady To Run1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksSin Wagon1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksSome Days You Gotta Dance
Coverversion von Keith Urban - Some Days You Gotta Dance
Dixie ChicksThere's Your Trouble1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksTonight The Heartache's On Me1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksWide Open Spaces1998Produzent
Dixie ChicksWithout You1999Produzent
Dixie ChicksYou Were Mine1998Produzent
Eddy RavenI Got Mexico1984Produzent
Eddy RavenJust For The Sake Of The Thrill1985Produzent
Eddy RavenLove Burning Down1984Produzent
Eddy RavenOperator, Operator1985Produzent
Highway 101(Do You Love Me) Just Say Yes1988Produzent
Highway 101I'll Be Missing You1988Produzent
Joy Lynn WhiteCold Day In July1992Produzent
Lady AntebellumA Holly Jolly Christmas2012Produzent
Lady AntebellumAll For Love2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumAll I Want For Christmas Is You
Coverversion von Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Lady AntebellumAll We'd Ever Need2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumAmerican Honey2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumAs You Turn Away2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumBetter Man2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumBetter Off Now (That You're Gone)2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumBlue Christmas
Coverversion von Doye O'Dell - Blue Christmas
Lady AntebellumBottle Up Lightning2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumCan't Stand The Rain2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumCan't Take My Eyes Off You2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumChristmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Coverversion von Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Lady AntebellumCold As Stone2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumDancin' Away With My Heart2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumDowntown2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumFriday Night2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumGeneration Away2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumGet To Me2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumGolden2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumGoodbye Town2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Coverversion von Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Lady AntebellumHeart Of The World2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumHello World2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumHome Is Where The Heart Is2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumI Run To You2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumIf I Knew Then2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumI'll Be Home For Christmas
Coverversion von Bing Crosby - I'll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams)
Lady AntebellumIt Ain't Pretty2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumJust A Kiss2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumLay Our Flowers Down2017Produzent
Lady AntebellumLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Coverversion von Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Lady AntebellumLong Gone2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumLong Teenage Goodbye2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumLookin' For A Good Time2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumLove Don't Live Here2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumLove I've Found In You2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumLove This Pain2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumLove's Lookin' Good On You2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumNeed You Now2009Produzent
Lady AntebellumNothin' Like The First Time2013Produzent
Lady AntebellumOn This Winter's Night2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumOne Day You Will2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumOur Kind Of Love2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumPerfect Day2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumReady To Love Again2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumSilent Night (Lord Of My Life)2012Produzent
Lady AntebellumSilver Bells
Coverversion von Bing Crosby & Carole Richards - Silver Bells
Lady AntebellumSinging Me Home2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumSlow Down Sister2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumSomething 'bout A Woman2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumSomewhere Love Remains2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumStars Tonight2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumThe First Noel2012Produzent
Lady AntebellumThings People Say2008Produzent
Lady AntebellumThis Christmas
Coverversion von Donny Hathaway - This Christmas
Lady AntebellumWanted You More2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumWe Owned The Night2011Produzent
Lady AntebellumWhen You Got A Good Thing2010Produzent
Lady AntebellumWhen You Were Mine2011Produzent
Little Big TownFrom This Dream2002Produzent
Little Big TownPontiac2002Produzent
Little Big TownStill2002Produzent
Marie OsmondNew Love1986Produzent
Marie Osmond & Dan SealsMeet Me In Montana1985Produzent
Marie Osmond & Paul DavisYou're Still New To Me1986Produzent
Martina McBrideA Broken Wing1997Produzent
Martina McBrideA Great Disguise1995Produzent
Martina McBrideA Woman Knows1992Produzent
Martina McBrideAll The Things We've Never Done1995Produzent
Martina McBrideAnything And Everything1999Produzent
Martina McBrideAnything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues1999Produzent
Martina McBrideAshes1993Produzent
Martina McBrideAway In A Manger1998Produzent
Martina McBrideBe That Way1990Produzent
Martina McBrideBeing Myself2012Produzent
Martina McBrideBeyond The Blue1995Produzent
Martina McBrideBlessed2001Produzent
Martina McBrideBorn To Give My Love To You1995Produzent
Martina McBrideCheap Whiskey1992Produzent
Martina McBrideCity Of Love2003Produzent
Martina McBrideConcrete Angel2001Produzent
Martina McBrideCry On The Shoulder Of The Road1995Produzent
Martina McBrideDo What You Do1999Produzent
Martina McBrideDo You Hear What I Hear
Coverversion von The Harry Simeone Chorale - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Martina McBrideFor The Love Of A Woman1999Produzent
Martina McBrideFrom The Ashes1999Produzent
Martina McBrideGod's Will2003Produzent
Martina McBrideGoin' To Work1993Produzent
Martina McBrideGood Bye1999Produzent
Martina McBrideHappy Girl
Coverversion von Beth Nielsen Chapman - Happy Girl
Martina McBrideHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Coverversion von Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Martina McBrideHeart Trouble1993Produzent
Martina McBrideHere In My Heart1997Produzent
Martina McBrideHow Far2003Produzent
Martina McBrideI Ain't Goin' Nowhere1999Produzent
Martina McBrideI Can't Sleep1992Produzent
Martina McBrideI Don't Want To See You Again1997Produzent
Martina McBrideI Love You1999Produzent
Martina McBrideI Won't Close My Eyes1997Produzent
Martina McBrideI'll Be Home For Christmas
Coverversion von Bing Crosby - I'll Be Home For Christmas (If Only In My Dreams)
Martina McBrideI'm Little But I'm Loud
Coverversion von "Little" Jimmy Dickens - I'm Little But I'm Loud
Martina McBrideIn My Daughter's Eyes2003Produzent
Martina McBrideIndependence Day1993Produzent
Martina McBrideIt's My Time1999Produzent
Martina McBrideKeeping My Distance1997Produzent
Martina McBrideLearning To Fall2003Produzent
Martina McBrideLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Coverversion von Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Martina McBrideLife #91993Produzent
Martina McBrideLosing You Feels Good1992Produzent
Martina McBrideLove's The Only House1999Produzent
Martina McBrideMake Me Believe1999Produzent
Martina McBrideMy Baby Loves Me1993Produzent
Martina McBrideO Come All Ye Faithful1999Produzent
Martina McBrideO Holy Night1998Produzent
Martina McBrideOne Day You Will1997Produzent
Martina McBrideOver The Rainbow2003Produzent
Martina McBridePhones Are Ringin' All Over Town1995Produzent
Martina McBrideReluctant Daughter2003Produzent
Martina McBrideSafe In The Arms Of Love1995Produzent
Martina McBrideShe Ain't Seen Nothing Yet1993Produzent
Martina McBrideShe's A Butterfly2003Produzent
Martina McBrideSilent Night1998Produzent
Martina McBrideSilver Bells
Coverversion von Bing Crosby & Carole Richards - Silver Bells
Martina McBrideSo Magical2003Produzent
Martina McBrideSome Say I'm Running1997Produzent
Martina McBrideStraight To The Bone2012Produzent
Martina McBrideStrangers1993Produzent
Martina McBrideSurrender2012Produzent
Martina McBrideSwingin' Doors1995Produzent
Martina McBrideThat Wasn't Me1993Produzent
Martina McBrideThat's Me1992Produzent
Martina McBrideThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
Coverversion von The King Cole Trio - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
Martina McBrideThe Rope1992Produzent
Martina McBrideThe Time Has Come1992Produzent
Martina McBrideThere You Are1999Produzent
Martina McBrideThis One's For The Girls2003Produzent
Martina McBrideThis Uncivil War1999Produzent
Martina McBrideTil I Can Make It On My Own
Coverversion von Tammy Wynette - 'Til I Can Make It On My Own
Martina McBrideTrue Blue Fool1992Produzent
Martina McBrideTwo More Bottles Of Wine
Coverversion von Emmylou Harris - Two More Bottles Of Wine
Martina McBrideWalk That Line1992Produzent
Martina McBrideWearing White2003Produzent
Martina McBrideWhat Child Is This1998Produzent
Martina McBrideWhatever You Say1997Produzent
Martina McBrideWhen God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues2001Produzent
Martina McBrideWhen You Are Old1992Produzent
Martina McBrideWhen You Love Me2003Produzent
Martina McBrideWhere I Used To Have A Heart1993Produzent
Martina McBrideWhere Would You Be2001Produzent
Martina McBrideWhite Christmas
Coverversion von Bing Crosby - White Christmas
Martina McBrideWild Angels1995Produzent
Martina McBrideWrong Again1997Produzent
Martina McBrideYou've Been Driving All The Time1995Produzent
McGuffey LaneDay By Day1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneDoing It Right1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneHold On To The Night1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneIf I Didn't Love You1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneIf You Were Mine1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneJamaica In My Hand1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneKeep Me Hangin' On1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneLet The Hard Times Roll1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneLorianne1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneMaking A Living's Been Killing Me1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneNever Say Forever1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneRaining Inside And Out1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneSunshine1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneThe First Time1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneThe Legend1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneToo Many Days1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneWasted Love1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneWhat'll You Do About Me1984Produzent
McGuffey LaneYou Wouldn't Give Up On Me1982Produzent
McGuffey LaneYou've Got A Right1984Produzent
Neil DiamondGold Don't Rust1996Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandCadillac Ranch1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandFace On The Cutting Room Floor1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandHigh Horse1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI Love Only You1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandLong Hard Road1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandMust Be Love1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandRun With Me1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band'Til The Fire's Burned Out1984Produzent
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandTwo Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Coverversion von Meat Loaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandVideo Tape1984Produzent
Pam TillisCleopatra, Queen Of Denial1992Produzent
Pam TillisDo You Know Where Your Man Is1992Produzent
Pam TillisFine, Fine, Very Fine Love1992Produzent
Pam TillisHomeward Looking Angel1992Produzent
Pam TillisHow Gone Is Goodbye1992Produzent
Pam TillisLet That Pony Run1992Produzent
Pam TillisRouch And Tumble Heart1992Produzent
Pam TillisShake The Sugar Tree1992Produzent
Pam TillisWe've Tried Everything Else1992Produzent
Pam Tillis feat. Marty RoeLove Is Only Human1992Produzent
Sara EvansBackseat Of A Greyhound Bus2003Produzent
Sara EvansBig Cry2003Produzent
Sara EvansBorn To Fly2000Produzent
Sara EvansEvery Little Kiss2000Produzent
Sara EvansFeel It Comin' On2003Produzent
Sara EvansFour-Thirty2000Produzent
Sara EvansI Could Not Ask For More
Coverversion von Edwin McCain - I Could Not Ask For More
Sara EvansI Give In2003Produzent
Sara EvansI Keep Looking2000Produzent
Sara EvansI Learned That From You2000Produzent
Sara EvansLet's Dance2000Produzent
Sara EvansNeed To Be Next To You2003Produzent
Sara EvansNiagara2003Produzent
Sara EvansOtis Redding2003Produzent
Sara EvansPerfect2003Produzent
Sara EvansRestless2003Produzent
Sara EvansRockin' Horse2003Produzent
Sara EvansSaints And Angels2000Produzent
Sara EvansShow Me The Way To Your Heart2000Produzent
Sara EvansSuds In The Bucket2003Produzent
Sara EvansTo Be Happy2003Produzent
Sara EvansTonight2003Produzent
Sara EvansWhy Should I Care2000Produzent
Sara EvansYou2000Produzent
Sara EvansYou Don't2000Produzent
The Band PerryDouble Heart2010Produzent
The Band PerryIf I Die Young2010Produzent
The Band PerryLasso2010Produzent
The Band PerryMiss You Being Gone2010Produzent
The Band PerryYou Lie2010Produzent
The Desert Rose BandGlass Hearts1987Produzent
The Desert Rose BandOne Step Forward1987Produzent
Trace AdkinsDon't Lie1999Produzent
Ty HerndonA Few Short Years2002Produzent
Ty HerndonI'd Move Heaven And Earth2002Produzent
Ty HerndonIf The Road Runs Out2002Produzent
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