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Richard James Burgess

Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Richard Burgess

Songs von Richard James Burgess

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5 StarAin't Watcha Do1987Produzent
5 StarAre You Man Enough?1986Produzent
5 StarCan't Wait Another Minute1986Produzent
5 StarFind The Time1986Produzent
5 StarMade Out Of Love1987Produzent
5 StarShow Me What You've Got For Me1986Produzent
Adam AntAmazon1983Produzent
Adam AntBaby Let Me Scream At You1983Produzent
Adam AntLibertine1983Produzent
Adam AntMontreal1983Produzent
Adam AntNavel To Neck1983Produzent
Adam AntPlayboy1983Produzent
Adam AntSpanish Games1983Produzent
Adam AntVanity1983Produzent
America5th Avenue1984Produzent
AmericaWe Got All Night1984Produzent
Brother BeyondChain-Gang Smile1987Produzent
ChakkBig Hot Blues1986Produzent
Colonel AbramsI'm Not Gonna Let1985Produzent
Colonel AbramsOver And Over1985Produzent
(Richard Burgess)
Colonel AbramsSpeculation1985Produzent
(Richard Burgess)
Colonel AbramsTrapped1985Produzent
Don JohnsonWhat If It Takes All Night1989Komponist
Easy StreetEasy Street1976Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetHow Can You Take It So Hard1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetI See You1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetIllogical Love1976Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetIs This Real1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetI've Been Lovin' You1976Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetNight Of The 11th1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetOnly A Fool1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetRely On You1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetShadows On The Wall1976Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetStrange Change1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Easy StreetWhat Does The World Know1977Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Eighth WonderAnything At All1988Produzent
Eighth WonderMy Baby's Heartbeat1988Produzent
Eighth WonderThe Dress1988Produzent
Eighth WonderUse Me1988Produzent
Errol BrownBody Rockin'1987Produzent
Fish / Tony BanksShort Cut To Somewhere1986Produzent
Hot GossipCriminal World1981Produzent
Hot GossipOn The Road1981Komponist
Karoline KrügerChild Of Earth1988Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Kim WildeHow Do You Want My Love1986Produzent
Kim WildeVictim1986Produzent
King(KFAD) Wait For No-One1985Produzent
King2 M.B.1985Produzent
KingAlone Without You1985Produzent
KingAnd As For Myself1984Produzent
KingI Cringed, I Died, I Felt Hot1985Produzent
KingI Kissed The Spikey Fridge1984Produzent
KingLove & Pride1984Produzent
KingMind Yer Toes1985Produzent
KingPlatform One1985Produzent
KingSoul On My Boots1984Produzent
KingSugar Candy Mountain Buddhas1985Produzent
KingThe Taste Of Your Tears1985Produzent
KingThese Things1985Produzent
KingUnity Song1984Produzent
KingWon't You Hold My Hand Now1984Produzent
LandscapeBack On Your Heads1982Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeEastern Girls1982Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeEinstein A Go-Go1980Komponist
LandscapeEuropean Man1980Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeFeel So Right1983Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeFrom The Tea-Rooms Of Mars ... To The Hell Holes Of Uranus: a. Beguine1981Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeFrom The Tea-Rooms Of Mars ... To The Hell Holes Of Uranus: b. Mambo1981Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeFrom The Tea-Rooms Of Mars ... To The Hell Holes Of Uranus: c. Tango1981Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeGotham City1979Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeIt's Not My Real Name1982Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeManhattan Boogie-Woogie1982Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeMistaken Identity1982Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeNeddy Sindrum1980Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeNew Religion1980Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeNorman Bates1981Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeSo Good, So Pure, So Kind1983Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeSonja Henie1980Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeThe Fabulous Neutrinos1983Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeToo Many Questions (Don't Ask Me Why)1978Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
(Richard Burgess)
LandscapeYou Know How To Hurt Me1983Komponist
(Richard Burgess)
Leee JohnRock Me Slow1986Produzent
Living In A BoxCan't Stop The Wheel1987Produzent
Living In A BoxEcstasy1987Produzent
Living In A BoxFrom Beginning To End1987Produzent
Living In A BoxGenerate The Wave1987Produzent
Living In A BoxGoing For The Big One1987Produzent
Living In A BoxHuman Story1987Produzent
Living In A BoxLiving In A Box1987Produzent
Living In A BoxLove Is The Art1987Produzent
Living In A BoxSo The Story Goes1987Produzent
Living In A BoxSuperheroes1987Produzent
LubaLet It Go1984Produzent
(Richard Burgess)
Manfred Mann's Earth BandNothing Ever Happens
Cover von Del Amitri - Nothing Ever Happens
(Richard Burgess)
Melba MooreMind Over Matter1985Produzent
New EditionKinda Girls We Like1984Produzent
PrincessRed Hot!1987Produzent
ShockDream Games2002Komponist
ShriekbackBig Fun1988Produzent
ShriekbackGet Down Tonight
Cover von KC & The Sunshine Band - Get Down Tonight
Spandau BalletAge Of Blows1981Produzent
Spandau BalletChant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)1981Produzent
Spandau BalletCoffee Club1982Produzent
Spandau BalletConfused1981Produzent
Spandau BalletFeel The Chant2010Produzent
Spandau BalletGlow1981Produzent
Spandau BalletInnocence And Science1982Produzent
Spandau BalletInstinction1981Produzent
Spandau BalletMan With Guitar1981Produzent
Spandau BalletMandolin1981Produzent
Spandau BalletMissionary1982Produzent
Spandau BalletMuscle Bound1981Produzent
Spandau BalletPaint Me Down1981Produzent
Spandau BalletPharaoh1982Produzent
Spandau BalletReformation1981Produzent
Spandau BalletRe-Paint1981Produzent
Spandau BalletShe Loved Like Diamond1981Produzent
Spandau BalletThe Freeze1981Produzent
Spandau BalletTo Cut A Long Story Short1980Produzent
Spandau BalletToys1981Produzent
The Real Milli VanilliIn My Life1991Komponist
Zan AbeyratneIt's Your Move1989Produzent