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Richie Albright

Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Richi Albright

Songs von Richie Albright

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Billy Joe ShaverAmtrak (And Ain't Coming Back)1982Produzent
Billy Joe ShaverHow Many Hearts Must You Break1982Produzent
Billy Joe ShaverOklahoma Wind1982Produzent
Billy Joe ShaverOne Moving Part1982Produzent
Billy Joe ShaverRide Me Down Easy [1982]
Cover von Billy Joe Shaver - Ride Me Down Easy
Billy Joe ShaverTell Me Virginia1982Produzent
Bobby BareHot Afternoon (Arizona Desert)1978Komponist
David Lynn JonesBonnie Jean (Little Sister)1987Produzent
Jessi ColterBlack Haired Boy1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterDon't You Think I Feel It Too1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterHold Back The Tears
Cover von Neil Young - Hold Back The Tears
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterI Was Kinda Crazy Then1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterI'm Looking For Blue Eyes1975Produzent
Jessi ColterLove Me Back To Sleep1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterMaybe You Should've Been Listening1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterMy Cowboy's Last Ride1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterMy Goodness1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterRoll On1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterThat's The Way A Cowboy Rocks And Rolls1978Produzent
(Richi Albright)
Jessi ColterYou Mean To Say1975Produzent
Johnny RodriguezAll I Can Be Is A Sweet Memory1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezDown In The Boondocks1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezFirst Timed Burned1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezFoolin' With Fire1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezForgiving Her Was Easy1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezFull Circle1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezHand Me Another Of Those1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezHere I Am Again1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezIf I Left It Up To You1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezIf You See Her1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezIt Took Us All Night Long1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezLet's Leave The Lights1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezNo Memories Hangin' Round1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezRose Of My Heart1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezSomewhere Between1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezStone Cold1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezTo Late To Go Home1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezTrade Some Memories1986Produzent
Johnny RodriguezWhat A Movie You'd Make1984Produzent
Johnny RodriguezYou Look Good In Blue1986Produzent
Tompall GlaserPut Another Log On The Fire (Male Chauvinist National Anthem)1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsA Long Time Ago1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsA Lot Of Good1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsAll Around Cowboy1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsAnother Man's Fool1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsArmed And Dangerous1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsAs The Billy World Turns1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsBack In The Saddle Again1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsBilly1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsBob Wills Is Still The King1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsClyde
Cover von J.J. Cale - Clyde
Waylon JenningsCome With Me1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsCrazy Arms1972Produzent
Waylon JenningsDidn't We Shine1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsDo It Again
Cover von Steely Dan - Do It Again
Waylon JenningsDon't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsGardenia Waltz1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsGirl I Can Tell (You're Trying To Work It Out)1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsHank Williams Syndrome1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsHe Went To Paris1980Produzent
Waylon JenningsHeartaches Older Than You1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsHer Man1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsI Ain't Living Long Like This
Cover von Emmylou Harris - I Ain't Living Long Like This
Waylon JenningsI Got The Train Sittin' Waitin'1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsI Walk The Line
Cover von Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line
Waylon JenningsIf You See Her1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsIt's Alright1980Produzent
Waylon JenningsIt's The World's Gone Crazy (Cotillion)1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsI've Always Been Crazy1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsI've Got My Faults1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsIvory Tower1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsJust Talkin'1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsMedley Of Buddy Holly Hits: It's So Easy / Well All Right / Maybe Baby1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsNashville Wimmin'1980Produzent
Waylon JenningsOld Church Hymns And Nursery Rhymes1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsOld Love, New Eyes1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsOut Among The Stars1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsReno And Me1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsRide Me Down Easy1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsShopping1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsSilent Partners1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsSmokey On Your Front Door1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsStay A Little Longer1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsStorms Never Last
Cover von Jessi Colter - Storms Never Last
Waylon JenningsSweet Music Man
Cover von Anne Murray - Sweet Music Man
Waylon JenningsThe Eagle1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsTheme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)1980Produzent
Waylon JenningsTonight The Bottle Let Me Down1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsToo Close To Call1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsToo Dumb For New York City1992Produzent
Waylon JenningsWaking Up With You1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsWaltz Across Texas1980Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhat About You1980Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhat Bothers Me Most1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhat Goes Around1979Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhere Corn Don't Grow1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhistlers And Jugglers1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsWorkin' Cheap1990Produzent
Waylon JenningsWrong1990Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Hank Williams Jr.The Conversation1983Komponist
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI Ain't The One1970Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI Believe You Can1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI'll Be Alright1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterPastels And Harmony1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterRainy Seasons1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterStorms Never Last
Cover von Jessi Colter - Storms Never Last
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterSuspicious Minds
Cover von Mark James - Suspicious Minds
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterWhat Happened To Blues Eyes1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterWild Side Of Life / It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Cover von Jimmy Heap And The Melody Masters - Wild Side Of Life
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterYou Never Can Tell (C'est la vie)
Cover von Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterYou're Not The Same Sweet Baby
Cover von Mickey Newbury - You're Not My Same Sweet Baby
Willie NelsonMy Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Cover von Waylon Jennings - My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys