Robbie Shakespeare

Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Robert Shakespeare
Ist Teil von: Sly & Robbie

Songs von Robbie Shakespeare

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Andru DonaldsStop The Pain2011Musik/Text
(Sly & Robbie)
Barry BiggsBreak Your Promise1982Produzent
Barry BiggsUnmetered Taxi1982Produzent
Beenie ManYou Babe2002Musik/Text
(Sly & Robbie)
Beenie Man & The Taxi GangFoundation1997Produzent
Black Uhuru(Stalk Of) Sensimilia1980Produzent
Black UhuruCarbine1981Produzent
Black UhuruChill Out1982Musik/Text
Black UhuruDarkness1982Produzent
Black UhuruGuess Who's Coming To Dinner1979Produzent
Black UhuruHappiness1980Produzent
Black UhuruJourney1981Produzent
Black UhuruMondays/Killer Tuesday1982Produzent
Black UhuruParty In Session1983Produzent
Black UhuruParty Next Door1983Produzent
Black UhuruPuff She Puff1981Produzent
Black UhuruPush Push1980Produzent
Black UhuruRight Stuff1982Produzent
Black UhuruRockstone1981Produzent
Black UhuruSistren1981Produzent
Black UhuruSponji Reggae1981Produzent
Black UhuruTrodding1981Produzent
Black UhuruUtterance1981Produzent
Black UhuruWorld Is Africa1980Produzent
Black UhuruYouth Of Eglington1980Produzent
Bob Sinclar & Sahara feat. ShaggyI Wanna2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Ben OnonoRainbow Of Life2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Camille LefortKiss My Eyes2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Gary PineGive A Lil' Love2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Gary PineLove Generation2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Gary Pine & DollarmanSound Of Freedom2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Queen IfricaI Feel For You
Coverversion von Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Queen IfricaThe Beat Goes On2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Steve EdwardsPeace Song2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Steve EdwardsTogether2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Steve EdwardsWorld Hold On2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bob Sinclar / Sly & Robbie feat. Tony RebelJamaica Avenue2010Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Bootsy Collins feat. Fat Joe, Cherine Anderson & Will GuiceSoul Sista2002Musik/Text
(Robert Shakespeare)
(Sly & Robbie)
Carly SimonSuch A Good Boy1983Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & PliersChaka Demus And Pliers Party Mix (Medley)1996Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & PliersFriday Evening1993Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & PliersGal Wine1994Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & PliersMurder She Wrote1992Produzent
Chaka Demus & PliersShe Don't Let Nobody
Coverversion von Curtis Mayfield - She Don't Let Nobody (But Me)
Chaka Demus & PliersTease Me1993Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & PliersTracy1993Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & PliersWar A Gwan Down The Line1994Musik/Text
Chaka Demus & Pliers with Jack Radics & Taxi GangTwist And Shout
Coverversion von The Top Notes - Twist And Shout
Chase And Status feat. Mr VegasBig Man Skank2017Musik/Text
(Robert Shakespeare)
CoolioOoh La La1997Musik/Text
Curiosity Killed The CatFree1987Produzent
Damian "Jr. Gong" MarleyHere We Go2017Musik/Text
Dennis BrownRevolution1983Produzent
Dennis BrownSitting & Watching1980Produzent
Enigma [UK]Which Way Is Up1987Musik/Text
Grace JonesPull Up To The Bumper1981Musik/Text
Grace Jones vs. Funkstar De LuxePull Up To The Bumper
Coverversion von Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper
Gregory IsaacsLonely Girl1979Produzent
Gregory IsaacsOh What A Feeling1983Produzent
Gregory IsaacsSoon Forward1979Produzent
Gregory Isaacs & Sly & RobbieSoon Forward Version1979Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Gwen GuthrieDance Fever1982Musik/Text
Gwen GuthrieFor You (With A Melody Too)1982Produzent
Gwen GuthrieGetting Hot1982Musik/Text
Gwen GuthrieGod Don't Like Ugly1982Produzent
Gwen GuthrieHopscotch1983Musik/Text
Gwen GuthrieIs This Love?
Coverversion von Bob Marley & The Wailers - Is This Love
Gwen GuthrieIt Should Have Been You1982Produzent
Gwen GuthrieMiss My Love1990Produzent
Gwen GuthrieOh, What A Life1983Produzent
Gwen GuthriePadlock1983Produzent
Gwen GuthriePeanut Butter1983Produzent
Gwen GuthriePeek-A-Boo1982Produzent
Gwen GuthrieSeventh Heaven1983Produzent
Gwen GuthrieTicket To Ride
Coverversion von The Beatles - Ticket To Ride
Gwen GuthrieYounger Than Me1983Produzent
Gwen GuthrieYour Turn To Burn1982Musik/Text
Gwen GuthrieYou're The One1983Produzent
Horace AndyJohnny Awful2002Musik/Text
(Robert Shakespeare)
Ini KamozeTrouble You A Trouble Me1983Produzent
Jimmy RileyLove And Devotion1979Produzent
Johnny ClarkeDon't Stay Out Too Late1995Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Johnny ClarkeKeep On Moving1995Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Junior DelgadoFort Augustus1980Produzent
Ken BootheIt's Time For Me To Go1978Produzent
Ken BootheJust Say You Love Me1978Produzent
Ken BootheLove Is So Strange1978Produzent
Ken BootheMoving Away1978Produzent
Ken BoothePuppet On A String1978Produzent
Ken BootheYou Are No Good1978Produzent
Marianne Faithfull & Sly And RobbieLola R. For Ever
Coverversion von Serge Gainsbourg - Lola Rastaquouère
Mary CoughlanPull Up The Bumper
Coverversion von Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper
MattafixCool Down The Pace
Coverversion von Gregory Isaacs - Cool Down The Pace
(Sly & Robbie)
Maxi PriestSome Guys Have All The Luck
Coverversion von The Persuaders - Some Guys Have All The Luck
Maxi PriestWild World
Coverversion von Jimmy Cliff - Wild World
Michael Franti & SpearheadAll I Want Is You2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadHave A Little Faith2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadI Got Love For You2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadLife In The City2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadNobody Right Nobody Wrong2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadRude Boys Back In Town2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadSay Hey (I Love You)2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & SpearheadThe Future2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Cherine AndersonA Little Bit Of Riddim2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Cherine AndersonSoundsystem2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti & Spearhead feat. Zap MamaHigh Low2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Michael Franti And SpearheadEveryone Deserves Music2003Produzent
Neg' Marrons avec Big AliJeux de jambes2008Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
No Doubt feat. Bounty KillerHey Baby2001Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
No Doubt feat. Lady SawUnderneath It All2001Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
PatraPull Up To The Bumper
Coverversion von Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper
Peter ToshBuk-In-Hamm Palace1979Produzent
Peter ToshBush Doctor1978Produzent
Peter ToshCan't You See1979Produzent
Peter ToshCreation1978Produzent
Peter ToshCrystal Ball1979Produzent
Peter ToshDem Ha Fe Get A Beaten1978Produzent
Peter ToshFight On1979Produzent
Peter ToshI'm The Toughest1978Produzent
Peter ToshJah Seh No1979Produzent
Peter ToshMoses - The Prophet1978Produzent
Peter ToshMystic Man1979Produzent
Peter ToshPick Myself Up1978Produzent
(Robert Shakespeare)
Peter ToshRecruiting Soldiers1979Produzent
Peter ToshRumours Of War1979Produzent
Peter ToshSoon Come
Coverversion von Bob Marley & The Wailers - Soon Come
Peter ToshStand Firm1978Produzent
Peter ToshThe Day The Dollar Die1979Produzent
Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back
Coverversion von The Temptations - Don't Look Back
(Robert Shakespeare)
PliersBam Bam1993Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Red Dragon with Brian & Tony GoldCompliments On Your Kiss1994Produzent
Rick Ross feat. Sizzla & MavadoMafia Music III2014Musik/Text
(Robert Shakespeare)
Robbie WilliamsRudebox2006Musik/Text
ShaggyClothes Drop2005Musik/Text
Sinéad O'ConnorCurly Locks2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorDoor Peep2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorDownpressor Man2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorHe Prayed2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorJah Nuh Dead2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorMarcus Garvey2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorProphet Has Arise2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorThrow Down Your Arms2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorUntold Stories2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorVampire2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorWar2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sinéad O'ConnorY Mas Gan2005Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sly & RobbieAyatollah1982Musik/Text
Sly & RobbieBillie Jean
Coverversion von Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Sly & RobbieComputer Malfunction1985Musik/Text
Sly & RobbieDance Hall1989Musik/Text
Sly & RobbieFire And Brimstone1981Produzent
Sly & RobbieHot You Hot1980Produzent
Sly & RobbieLive It Up1997Produzent
Sly & RobbiePeter Gunn Theme1986Produzent
Sly & RobbieRasta Reggae1997Produzent
Sly & RobbieRed Hot1984Produzent
Sly & RobbieSkull & Crossbones1983Produzent
Sly & RobbieSlippin' Into Darkness
Coverversion von War - Slipping Into Darkness
Sly & RobbieSwing Easy1981Produzent
Sly & RobbieTaxi Connection1986Produzent
Sly & RobbieTheme From Mission Impossible1997Produzent
Sly & RobbieTriplet1983Musik/Text
Sly & RobbieUnmetered Taxi1982Produzent
Sly & RobbieWho Done It1981Produzent
Sly & Robbie feat. Mikey Chung(Joshua Fit The) Battle Of Jericho1982Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie feat. ShineheadBoops (Here To Go)
Coverversion von Sly + Robbie - Boops (Here To Go)
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayDream Drifter2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayEuropean Express2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayHow Long2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayIf I Gave You My Love2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayNeil Five2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayNorwegian Sword Fish2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayPolitically KKKorrrekkkttt2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayRock-Stone Noah Bingie2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayStrange Bright Crowd2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayWas In The Blues2018Musik/Text
Sly & Robbie meets Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav DelayWhite Scarf In The Mist2018Musik/Text
Sly + RobbieBoops (Here To Go)1987Musik/Text
Sly + RobbieTicket To Ride1987Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
Sly And RobbieFirst Light1989Musik/Text
(Sly & Robbie)
Sly And Robbie feat. Simply RedNight Nurse
Coverversion von Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
(Sly & Robbie)
Sly DunbarRasta Fiesta1979Musik/Text
StingAnother Pyramid1999Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
SuggsI'm Only Sleeping
Coverversion von The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
(Sly & Robbie)
Suggs feat. Louchie Lou & Michie OneCecilia
Coverversion von Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia
(Sly & Robbie)
Taxi Gang feat. ShineheadRhythm Killer1987Musik/Text
The Lonely IslandRas Trent2009Musik/Text
(Robert Shakespeare)
(Sly & Robbie)
The ParagonsChange Your Ways1995Produzent
(Sly & Robbie)
The Rolling StonesToo Rude1986Musik/Text
(Robert Shakespeare)
Third WorldDem Man Deh1999Produzent
Word, Sound And PowerToughest Version1978Produzent
Wyclef Jean feat. Serj Tankian and SizzlaRiot2007Musik/Text
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