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Songs von Steve Barri

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Adriano CelentanoQuesto vecchio pazzo mondo
Coverversion von Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
Alan O'DayAin't That Crazy Baby1978Produzent
Alan O'DayAngie Baby
Coverversion von Helen Reddy - Angie Baby
Alan O'DayCaress Me Pretty Music1973Produzent
Alan O'DayCatch My Breath1977Produzent
Alan O'DayDo Me Wrong, But Do Me
Coverversion von Johnny Mathis - Do Me Wrong, But Do Me
Alan O'DayEngland1978Produzent
Alan O'DayFlashback1977Produzent
Alan O'DayGifts1977Produzent
Alan O'DayHow To Pick Up Girls1978Produzent
Alan O'DayJust You1977Produzent
Alan O'DayLove At First Night1978Produzent
Alan O'DayOh Jonny!1978Produzent
Alan O'DayPeople Who Talk To Themselves1978Produzent
Alan O'DaySatisfied1977Produzent
Alan O'DaySkinny Girls1978Produzent
Alan O'DaySlot Machine1977Produzent
Alan O'DaySpin Away1977Produzent
Alan O'DayStarted Up Dancing, Ended Up Making Love1977Produzent
Alan O'DayTelephone Lovers1978Produzent
Alan O'DayTonight You Belong To Me
Coverversion von Irving Kaufman - Tonight You Belong To Me
Alan O'DayTrain Of Thoughts
Coverversion von Cher - Train Of Thought
Alan O'DayUndercover Angel1977Produzent
AnimotionCalling It Love1989Produzent
AnimotionGround Zero1989Produzent
AnimotionRoom To Move
Coverversion von Climie Fisher - Room To Move
Ann-MargretHe's My Man1964Musik/Text
Apollonia [Apollonia Kotero]Help Wanted1988Produzent
Apollonia [Apollonia Kotero]Synchronize1988Produzent
Apollonia [Apollonia Kotero]Your Eyes1988Produzent
ArkadeFool's Way Of Lovin'1971Produzent
ArkadeRhythm Of The People1970Produzent
ArkadeSentimental Lisa1971Produzent
ArkadeSing Out The Love (In My Heart)1970Produzent
ArkadeThe Morning Of Our Lives1970Musik/Text
ArkadeWhere You Lead
Coverversion von Carole King - Where You Lead
ArkadeWoman In My Life1970Produzent
Austin RobertsI Can Make It Better1971Produzent
Austin RobertsLife Is For Living1971Produzent
BanglesWhere Were You When I Needed You
Coverversion von The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You
Barrett StrongI Wouldn't Treat A Dog The Way You Treated Me1976Musik/Text
Barry McGuireAin't No Way I'm Gonna Change My Mind1965Produzent
Barry McGuireBaby Blue
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Barry McGuireCalifornia Dreamin'
Coverversion von The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'
Barry McGuireChild Of Our Times1965Produzent
Barry McGuireCloudy Summer Afternoon
Coverversion von Bud and Travis - Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Barry McGuireDo You Believe In Magic
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic
Barry McGuireDon't You Wonder Where It's At1965Produzent
Barry McGuireEve Of Destruction1965Produzent
Barry McGuireHang On Sloopy
Coverversion von The Vibrations - My Girl Sloopy
Barry McGuireI'd Have To Be Outa My Mind1966Musik/Text
Barry McGuireJust Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Barry McGuireLet Me Be
Coverversion von The Turtles - Let Me Be
Barry McGuireLollipop Train1967Musik/Text
Barry McGuireMr. Man On The Street1965Produzent
Barry McGuireShe Belongs To Me
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - She Belongs To Me
Barry McGuireSloop John B1965Musik/Text
Barry McGuireThe Sins Of A Family
Coverversion von P.F. Sloan - The Sins Of A Family
Barry McGuireThis Precious Time1965Musik/Text
Barry McGuireTry To Remember
Coverversion von Jerry Orbach - Try To Remember
Barry McGuireUpon A Painted Ocean1965Produzent
Barry McGuireWalking My Cat Named Dog
Coverversion von Norma Tanega - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog
Barry McGuireWhat Exactly Is The Matter With Me1965Produzent
Barry McGuireWhy Not Stop And Dig It While You Can1965Produzent
Barry McGuireYesterday
Coverversion von The Beatles - Yesterday
Barry McGuireYou Never Had It So Good1965Musik/Text
Barry McGuireYou Were On My Mind
Coverversion von Ian & Sylvia - You Were On My Mind
Barry McGuire & The Mama's And The Papa'sYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Coverversion von The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Betty EverettCan I Get To Know You1964Musik/Text
Bill CosbyBrain Damage1982Produzent
Bill CosbyChocolate Cake For Breakfast1982Produzent
Bill CosbyKill The Boy1982Produzent
Bill CosbyNatural Child Birth1982Produzent
Bill CosbySame Things Happen Every Night1982Produzent
Bill CosbyThe Dentist1977Produzent
Bill CosbyThe Grandparents1982Produzent
BirthaDirty Work1973Produzent
BirthaOriginal Midnight Mama1973Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsBilly Don't Be A Hero
Coverversion von Paper Lace - Billy - Don't Be A Hero
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsDeeper And Deeper1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsDon't Ever Look Back1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsDrive Me Crazy1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsFool's Way Of Lovin'1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsGirl, Don't Make Me Wait1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsGoodbye Holly, Goodbye1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsGoodnight And Good Morning1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsHang Your Lamp In The Window1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsKeep On Believin' Love1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsMake The Most Of This World1975Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsOur Last Song Together
Coverversion von Neil Sedaka - Our Last Song Together
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsThe Heartbreak Kid1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsThe Last Blues Song1974Produzent
Bo Donaldson & The HeywoodsWho Do You Think You Are
Coverversion von Candlewick Green - Who Do You Think You Are
Bobby "Blue" Bland24 Hour Blues1974Musik/Text
Bruce WillisSecret Agent Man / James Bond Is Back1986Musik/Text
Burston & LittlejohnRich And Famous1986Musik/Text
Cashman & WestA Man Can't Always Be1974Produzent
Cashman & WestAmerican City Suite: A Friend Is Dying1972Produzent
Cashman & WestAmerican City Suite: All Around The Town1972Produzent
Cashman & WestAmerican City Suite: Hello Jack1972Produzent
Cashman & WestAmerican City Suite: Sweet City Song1972Produzent
Cashman & WestAM-FM Blues1973Produzent
Cashman & WestBecause You're Free1972Produzent
Cashman & WestFly Away1974Produzent
Cashman & WestFollow The Man With The Music1973Produzent
Cashman & WestI Belong To You1972Produzent
Cashman & WestI Could Feel The Morning1974Produzent
Cashman & WestIf You Were A Rainbow1972Produzent
Cashman & WestIs It Raining In New York City1973Produzent
Cashman & WestIt Ain't Easy1972Produzent
Cashman & WestLet Your Feelings Go1973Produzent
Cashman & WestLifesong1974Produzent
Cashman & WestMaury1974Produzent
Cashman & WestMixed Emotions1973Produzent
Cashman & WestNew York Woman1974Produzent
Cashman & WestOnly A Woman Like You1972Produzent
Cashman & WestRock Me To Your Music1974Produzent
Cashman & WestSix-Man Song Band1972Produzent
Cashman & WestSomebody Stole The Sun1973Produzent
Cashman & WestSongman1972Produzent
Cashman & WestThe Dutchman1974Produzent
Cashman & WestThe Girls Next Door1973Produzent
Cashman & WestThe King Of Rock 'N Roll1973Produzent
Cashman & WestThree Stones From The Sun1974Produzent
Cashman & WestTime Traveler1973Produzent
Cashman & WestTuna Fish Song1974Produzent
Cashman & WestWe Let Love Slip Away1972Produzent
Cashman & WestWill You Be My Lady1973Produzent
CherBorrowed Time1976Produzent
CherEarly Morning Strangers
Coverversion von Barry Manilow - Early Morning Strangers
CherI Know (You Don't Love Me)
Coverversion von Barbara George - I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)
CherI Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)1995Musik/Text
CherI'd Rather Believe In You1976Produzent
CherIt's A Cryin' Shame1976Produzent
CherKnock On Wood
Coverversion von Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood
CherLong Distance Love Affair1976Produzent
CherSilver Wings & Golden Rings1976Produzent
Cherokee [1970s]Catch The Velvet Evening1971Produzent
Christopher & MichaelWir sind am Ende
Coverversion von Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
Claude FrançoisLes petites choses
Coverversion von Herman's Hermits - A Must To Avoid
Connie StevensA Girl Never Knows1964Musik/Text
CouchoisDo It In Darkness1979Produzent
CouchoisI Could Never Talk Her Away From You1979Produzent
Dave KozCastle Of Dreams1990Produzent
Dave KozNothing But The Radio On1990Produzent
Del ShannonColorado Rain1969Produzent
Del ShannonComin' Back To Me1969Produzent
Del ShannonSister Isabelle1969Produzent
Del ShannonSweet Mary Lou1969Produzent
Del ShannonWhere Were You When I Needed You
Coverversion von The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You
DevoSecret Agent Man1979Musik/Text
DionHey My Love1976Produzent
DionIf I Can Just Get Through Tonight1976Produzent
DionI'll Give You All I Got1976Produzent
DionLover Boy Supreme1976Produzent
DionMore To You (Than Meets The Eye)1976Produzent
DionOh, The Night1976Produzent
DionQueen Of '591976Produzent
DionRunaway Man1976Produzent
DionThe Way You Do The Things You Do
Coverversion von The Temptations - The Way You Do The Things You Do
DionYou Showed Me What Love Is1976Produzent
Dionne WarwickA Long Way To Go1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickDo I Have To Cry1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickDo You Believe In Love At First Sight
Coverversion von Polly Brown - Do You Believe In Love At First Sight
Dionne WarwickDon't Ever Take Your Love Away1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickEarly Morning Strangers
Coverversion von Barry Manilow - Early Morning Strangers
Dionne WarwickKeepin' My Head Above Water1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickLivin' It Up Is Startin' To Get Me Down1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickLove In The Afternoon1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickOne Thing On My Mind1977Produzent
Dionne WarwickSince You Stayed Here1977Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldEasy Evil1973Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldLearn To Say Goodbye1973Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldMama's Little Girl1973Produzent
Dusty SpringfieldOf All The Things1973Produzent
Flash Cadillac & The Continental KidsSummer Means Fun1975Musik/Text
Four Jacks And A JillDon't Start Me Talking1966Musik/Text
Four Jacks And A JillI've Got No More1967Musik/Text
Four Jacks And A JillYou Baby1966Musik/Text
Freddie & The DreamersI Wonder Who The Lucky Guy Will Be1965Musik/Text
Fresh StartFree1974Produzent
Fresh StartMeet Me At The Water1974Produzent
Gary Lewis & The PlayboysI Don't Wanna Say Goodnight1966Musik/Text
Geff HarrisonEve Of Destruction
Coverversion von Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
Hal BlaineSecret Agent Man1966Musik/Text
Hal BlaineThe Invaders1966Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsAin't No Woman (Like The One I Got)1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsAnna, No Can Dance1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsAnnabella1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsBehold1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsBridge Over Troubled Water /You've Got A Friend1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsC'est la vie1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDaisy Mae1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Be Afraid Of The World1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Pull Your Love1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsDon't Refuse My Love1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsFunk In Wagnal1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsGoing Down1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsHalfway Symphony1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsIt Takes The Best1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsLike Monday Follows Sunday1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsLong Road1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsNora1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsOn The Other Hand1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsOne Good Woman1972Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsSweet Pain1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsWhat Can You Say1971Produzent
Hamilton, Joe Frank & ReynoldsYoung Wild And Free1971Produzent
Hazell DeanLove Pains
Coverversion von Yvonne Elliman - Love Pains
Herman's HermitsA Must To Avoid1965Musik/Text
Herman's HermitsAll The Things I Do For You1965Musik/Text
Herman's HermitsHold On1966Musik/Text
Herman's HermitsWhere Were You When I Needed You1965Musik/Text
HucknallI Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)2008Musik/Text
Jack WagnerWeatherman Says1987Produzent
Jan & DeanHorace, The Swingin' School Bus Driver1964Musik/Text
Jan & DeanOne-Piece Topless Bathing Suit1964Musik/Text
Jan & DeanSummer Means Fun1964Musik/Text
Jan & DeanTell 'Em I'm Surfin'1964Musik/Text
Jan & DeanWhere Were You When I Needed You1966Musik/Text
Jigsaw [AU]Belinda1972Musik/Text
Jimmy PatrickGloria1972Musik/Text
Jody WayneI Love You More Than Yesterday1970Musik/Text
Joey LawrenceI Can't Help Myself1993Produzent
Joey LawrenceI Like The Way (Kick Da Smoove Groove)1993Produzent
Joey LawrenceJusta 'Nother Love Song1993Produzent
Joey LawrenceNight By Night1993Produzent
Joey LawrenceNothin' My Love Can't Fix1993Produzent
Joey LawrenceRead My Eyes1993Produzent
Joey LawrenceStay Forever1993Produzent
John Henry KurtzDanny's Song
Coverversion von Gator Creek - Danny's Song
John Henry KurtzDrift Away1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzEverything Has Got To Be Free1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzGet On The Right Road1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzIt Never Hurts To Be Nice To Somebody1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzLight Shine1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzOne Tin Soldier1973Produzent
John Henry KurtzRock And Roll Love Song For Rosie1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzSongbird1972Produzent
John Henry KurtzThe Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Coverversion von Jesse Winchester - The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
John Henry KurtzYou Give Me Something Good To Think About1972Produzent
John KurtzRock And Roll Love Song For Rosie1973Produzent
John KurtzSongbird1973Produzent
John SebastianA Song A Day In Nashville1976Produzent
John SebastianApple Hill1971Produzent
John SebastianBaby Don't Ya Get Crazy1969Produzent
John SebastianBlack Satin Kid1971Produzent
John SebastianBlack Snake Blues1971Produzent
John SebastianDidn't Wanna Have To Do It
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - Didn't Want To Have To Do It
John SebastianDixie Chicken1974Produzent
John SebastianFa-Fana-Fa1969Produzent
John SebastianFriends Again1974Produzent
John SebastianHarpoon1974Produzent
John SebastianHideaway1976Produzent
John SebastianHow Have You Been1969Produzent
John SebastianI Don't Want Nobody Else1970Produzent
John SebastianI Had A Dream1969Produzent
John SebastianI Need Her Most When I Told Her To Go1976Produzent
John SebastianLet This Be Our Time To Get Along1976Produzent
John SebastianMagical Connection1969Produzent
John SebastianOne Step Forward, Two Steps Back1976Produzent
John SebastianRainbows All Over Your Blues1969Produzent
John SebastianRed-Eye Express1969Produzent
John SebastianShe's A Lady1968Produzent
John SebastianShe's Funny1976Produzent
John SebastianSingin' The Blues
Coverversion von Guy Mitchell - Singing The Blues
John SebastianSitting In Limbo1974Produzent
John SebastianSportin' Life
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - Sportin' Life
John SebastianStories We Could Tell1974Produzent
John SebastianSweet Muse1970Produzent
John SebastianThe Four Of Us1971Produzent
John SebastianThe Room Nobody Lives In1968Produzent
John SebastianWarm Baby
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - Warm Baby
John SebastianWelcome Back (Kotter)1975Produzent
John SebastianWe'll See1971Produzent
John SebastianWell, Well, Well1971Produzent
John SebastianWhat She Thinks About1969Produzent
John SebastianWild About My Lovin'1974Produzent
John SebastianWildwood Flower1974Produzent
John SebastianYou Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine1976Produzent
John SebastianYou're A Big Boy Now
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - You're A Big Boy Now
Johnny Chester & JigsawOnly When You're Lonely1972Musik/Text
Johnny PateAleme Finds Shaft1973Produzent
Johnny PateAleme's Theme1973Produzent
Johnny PateEl Jardia1973Produzent
Johnny PateHeadman1973Produzent
Johnny PateJazar's Theme1973Produzent
Johnny PateShaft In Africa1973Produzent
Johnny PateTruck Stop1973Produzent
Johnny PateYou Can't Even Walk In The Park1973Produzent
Johnny RiversSecret Agent Man1966Musik/Text
Kelly MarieLove Pains2000Musik/Text
Lacy J. DaltonWhere Were You When I Needed You1981Musik/Text
Liza MinnelliLove Pains
Coverversion von Yvonne Elliman - Love Pains
Mama CassA Song That Never Comes1970Produzent
Mama CassAll For Me1969Produzent
Mama CassDon't Let The Good Life Pass You By1971Produzent
Mama CassEasy Come Easy Go1969Produzent
Mama CassIt's Getting Better
Coverversion von The Vogues - It's Getting Better
Mama CassMove In A Little Closer, Baby1969Produzent
Mama CassOne Way Ticket1971Produzent
Mama Cass ElliotLady Love1969Produzent
Mama Cass ElliotMake Your Own Kind Of Music
Coverversion von The Will-O-Bees - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Mama Cass ElliotNew World Coming1969Produzent
Maureen SteeleRock My Heart1985Produzent
Maureen SteeleSave The Night For Me1985Produzent
Michael JacksonFarewell My Summer Love1984Produzent
Michael LovesmithBaby I Will1985Produzent
Michael LovesmithBreak The Ice1985Produzent
Michael LovesmithLucky In Love1985Produzent
Mike KennedyEverything I Touch Turns To Tears1972Produzent
Mike KennedyForgive And Forget1972Produzent
Mike KennedyGeorgia (Didn't Give Me No Goodnight Kissin')1972Produzent
Mike KennedyI Can't Hold On1972Produzent
Mike KennedyLook In My Eyes Pretty Woman1972Produzent
Mike KennedyMore Than Just A Woman1972Produzent
Mike KennedyNaked In The Cradle1972Produzent
Mike KennedyThe Livin' I'm Doin' (Ain't Worth The Lovin' I'm Gettin')1972Produzent
P.F. SloanFrom A Distance1966Produzent
P.F. SloanHalloween Mary1965Produzent
P.F. SloanThe Sins Of A Family1965Produzent
P.F. SloanThis Is What I Was Made For1965Musik/Text
P.F. SloanThis Mornin'1965Produzent
Patty WeaverDon't Want A Heartache1982Produzent
Patty WeaverI Wanted It All1982Produzent
Patty WeaverIt's Your Move1982Produzent
Patty WeaverLine Of Fire1982Produzent
Patty WeaverOne Love Too Late1982Produzent
Patty WeaverPart Time Man1982Produzent
Patty WeaverShot In The Dark1982Produzent
Patty WeaverSomebody's Gonna Get Hurt1982Produzent
Patty WeaverThe Best Is Yet To Come1982Produzent
Paul Revere & The RaidersThese Are Bad Times (For Me And My Baby)1965Musik/Text
Peter & GordonMy First Day Alone1967Musik/Text
Pratt & McClainAmerica (The Lady Of The Harbor)1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainCalifornia Cowboy1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainDevil With A Blue Dress1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainDid You Ever Wander1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainDon't Let The Pieces Fall1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainHere I Am1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainI Remember1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainLay Me Down By The River1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainMidnight Ride1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainOne Way Of The Other1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainOur Last Song Together
Coverversion von Neil Sedaka - Our Last Song Together
Pratt & McClainRaised On Rock
Coverversion von Elvis Presley - Raised On Rock
Pratt & McClainSacred Heart1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainShine On1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainSpirit Of Love1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainSummertime In The City1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainTonight (We're Gonna Fall In Love)1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainTurn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
Coverversion von The Limeliters - To Everything There Is A Season (Turn! Turn! Turn!)
Pratt & McClainWe Had It All1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainWhachersign1976Produzent
Pratt & McClainWhen My Ship Comes In1974Produzent
Pratt & McClainWho Need It1976Produzent
Pratt & McClain with Brother LoveCruisin' With The Fonz1975Produzent
Pratt & McClain with Brother LoveHappy Days
Coverversion von Jim Haas, Ron Hicklin, Stan Farber, Gene Morford & Gerry Garrett - Happy Days
Rejoice!November Snow1969Produzent
Rejoice!Quick Draw Man1969Produzent
Rhythm Heritage(It's Time To) Boogie Down1976Produzent
Rhythm HeritageBaretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)
Coverversion von El Chicano - Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)
Rhythm HeritageBlockbuster1976Produzent
Rhythm HeritageCaravan
Coverversion von Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators - Caravan
Rhythm HeritageDisco-Fied1976Produzent
Rhythm HeritageFloat On By1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageHad To Fall In Love1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageHedge Hog1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageHolding Out (For Your Love)1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageI Wouldn't Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)1975Musik/Text
Rhythm HeritageLanguage Of Love1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageMy Cherie Amour
Coverversion von Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour
Rhythm HeritageSail Away With Me1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageSkippin'1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageSky's The Limit1977Produzent
Rhythm HeritageTheme From S.W.A.T.1975Produzent
Rhythm HeritageTheme From Starsky & Hutch1976Produzent
Rhythm HeritageThree Days Of The Condor1976Produzent
Rob GrillWhere Were You When I Needed You1979Musik/Text
Sam HarrisDon't Look In My Eyes1984Produzent
Sam HarrisHearts On Fire1984Produzent
Sam HarrisI Will Not Wait For You1984Produzent
Sam HarrisInside Of Me1984Produzent
Sam HarrisI've Heard It All Before1984Produzent
Sam HarrisOut Of Control1984Produzent
Sam HarrisOver The Rainbow
Coverversion von Judy Garland - Over The Rainbow
Sam HarrisPretender
Coverversion von Ellie Warren - Pretender
Sam HarrisSugar Don't Bite1984Produzent
Sam HarrisYou Keep Me Hangin' On
Coverversion von The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin' On
SmithBaby It's You
Coverversion von The Shirelles - Baby It's You
SmithBorn In Boston1970Produzent
SmithCircle Man1970Produzent
SmithComin' Back To Me (Ooh Baby)1970Produzent
SmithFeel The Magic1970Produzent
SmithI Don't Believe (I Believe)1969Produzent
SmithI Just Wanna Make Love To You1969Produzent
SmithI'll Hold Out My Hand1969Produzent
SmithLast Time1969Produzent
SmithLet's Get Together
Coverversion von The Kingston Trio - Let's Get Together
SmithLet's Spend The Night Together
Coverversion von The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend The Night Together
SmithMojaleskey Ridge1969Produzent
SmithSince You've Been Gone1970Produzent
SmithTake A Look Around1970Produzent
SmithTell Him No
Coverversion von The Zombies - Tell Her No
SmithThe Weight
Coverversion von The Band - The Weight
SmithWhat Am I Gonna Do1970Produzent
SmithWho Do You Love
Coverversion von Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love
SmithYou Don't Love Me (Yes I Know)1970Produzent
Smokey RobinsonBecause Of You (It's The Best It's Ever Been)1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonHanging On By A Thread1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonHold On To Your Love1985Produzent
Smokey RobinsonI'm Gonna Love You Like There's No Tomorrow1987Produzent
Smokey RobinsonNo Time To Stop Believing1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonPhotography In My Mind1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonSleepless Nights1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonSome People (Will Do Anything For Love)1986Produzent
Smokey RobinsonWishful Thinking1986Produzent
Smokey Robinson & The TemptationsBe Kind To The Growing Mind1986Produzent
Smokey Robinson feat. Herb AlpertTe quiero como si no hubiera un mañana1986Produzent
Steve AlaimoPardon Me (It's My First Day Alone)1966Musik/Text
Terry Knight & The PackThis Precious Time1966Musik/Text
The 5th DimensionAnother Day, Another Heartache1967Musik/Text
The Fantastic BaggysSurfin' Craze2005Musik/Text
The Fantastic BaggysTell 'Em I'm Surfin'2005Musik/Text
The Four Tops(I Think I Must Be) Dreaming1972Produzent
The Four Tops(It Would Almost) Drive Me Out Of my Mind1975Produzent
The Four TopsAin't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
Coverversion von Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
The Four TopsAll My Love1974Produzent
The Four TopsAm I My Brother's Keeper1973Produzent
The Four TopsAre You Man Enough1973Produzent
The Four TopsCatfish1976Produzent
The Four TopsI Can't Hold On Much Longer1975Produzent
The Four TopsI Found The Spirit1974Produzent
The Four TopsI Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind1973Produzent
The Four TopsI'm Glad You Walked Into My Life (Dedicated To Stevie)1975Produzent
The Four TopsIs This The Price1975Produzent
The Four TopsIt Won't Be The First Time1973Produzent
The Four TopsI've Got What You Need1975Produzent
The Four TopsJubilee With Soul1972Produzent
The Four TopsKeeper Of The Castle1972Produzent
The Four TopsLet Me Know The Truth1975Produzent
The Four TopsLet's Jam1986Produzent
The Four TopsLove Ain't Easy To Come By1974Produzent
The Four TopsLove Makes You Human1972Produzent
The Four TopsLove Music1972Produzent
The Four TopsMain Street People1973Produzent
The Four TopsMama, You're All Right With Me1975Produzent
The Four TopsMeeting Of The Minds1974Produzent
The Four TopsMidnight Flower1974Produzent
The Four TopsNo Sad Songs1974Produzent
The Four TopsOne Chain Don't Make No Prison
Coverversion von People - One Chain Don't Make No Prison
The Four TopsOne Woman Man1973Produzent
The Four TopsPeace Of Mind1973Produzent
The Four TopsPut A Little Love Away1972Produzent
The Four TopsRemember What I Told You To Forget1972Produzent
The Four TopsRight On Brothers1974Produzent
The Four TopsSeven Lonely Nights1975Produzent
The Four TopsSweet Understanding Love1973Produzent
The Four TopsTell Me You Love Me1974Produzent
The Four TopsThe Good Lord Knows1972Produzent
The Four TopsThe Well Is Dry1974Produzent
The Four TopsToo Little, Too Late1973Produzent
The Four TopsTurn On The Light Of Your Love1972Produzent
The Four TopsWe All Gotta Stick Together1975Produzent
The Four TopsWhen Tonight Meets Tomorrow1972Produzent
The Four TopsWhenever There's Blue1973Produzent
The Grass Roots(These Are) Bad Times1966Musik/Text
The Grass Roots(You Gotta) Live For Love1969Produzent
The Grass RootsAin’t That Loving You Baby1966Produzent
The Grass RootsAin't No Way To Go Home
Coverversion von Barry Mann - Ain't No Way To Go Home
The Grass RootsAll Good Things Come To An End1968Produzent
The Grass RootsAnyway The Wind Blows1971Produzent
The Grass RootsBaby Hold On1970Produzent
The Grass RootsBaby, You Do It So Well1969Musik/Text
The Grass RootsBallad Of A Thin Man
Coverversion von Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man
The Grass RootsBallad Of Billy Joe1973Produzent
The Grass RootsBeatin' Round The Bush1967Produzent
The Grass RootsBella Linda1968Musik/Text
The Grass RootsCity Woman1969Produzent
The Grass RootsClaudia1973Produzent
The Grass RootsCome On And Say It1970Produzent
The Grass RootsDepressed Feeling1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsDinner For Eight1968Produzent
The Grass RootsDon't Remind Me1969Produzent
The Grass RootsFace The Music1971Produzent
The Grass RootsFeelings1968Produzent
The Grass RootsFly Me To Havanna1969Produzent
The Grass RootsGet It Together1970Produzent
The Grass RootsGlory Bound1971Musik/Text
The Grass RootsHeaven Knows1969Produzent
The Grass RootsHere's Where You Belong1968Musik/Text
The Grass RootsHey Friend1968Produzent
The Grass RootsHot Bright Lights1968Produzent
The Grass RootsHouse Of Stone1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsI Am A Rock
Coverversion von Paul Simon - I Am A Rock
The Grass RootsI Can Turn Off The Rain1971Produzent
The Grass RootsI Can't Help But Wonder, Elisabeth1969Produzent
The Grass RootsI Get So Exited1969Produzent
The Grass RootsI’ve Got No More To Say1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsI'd Wait A Million Years1969Produzent
The Grass RootsI'm Livin' For You Girl1969Produzent
The Grass RootsIs It Any Wonder1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsJust A Little Tear1973Produzent
The Grass RootsKeepin' Me Down1970Produzent
The Grass RootsLady Pleasure1968Produzent
The Grass RootsLet It Go1971Produzent
The Grass RootsLet's Live For Today
Coverversion von The Rokes - Piangi con me
The Grass RootsLittle Bit Of Love1973Produzent
The Grass RootsLollipop Train (You Never Had It So Good)1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsLook But Don't Touch1973Produzent
The Grass RootsLook Out Girl1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsLove Is What You Make It1972Produzent
The Grass RootsLovin' Things
Coverversion von The Marmalade - Lovin' Things
The Grass RootsMelinda Love1969Produzent
The Grass RootsMelody For You1968Musik/Text
The Grass RootsMidnight Confessions1968Produzent
The Grass RootsMonday Love1971Produzent
The Grass RootsMove Along1971Produzent
The Grass RootsMr. Jones1965Produzent
The Grass RootsNack To Dreamin' Again1969Produzent
The Grass RootsNo Exit1967Produzent
The Grass RootsOne Word1971Produzent
The Grass RootsOnly One1971Produzent
The Grass RootsOnly When You're Lonely1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsOut Of This World1969Produzent
The Grass RootsOut Of Touch1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsPain1969Produzent
The Grass RootsPick Up Your Feet1973Produzent
The Grass RootsRunnin' Just To Get Her Home Again1971Produzent
The Grass RootsSomeone To Love1971Produzent
The Grass RootsSomething's Comin Over Me1969Produzent
The Grass RootsSooner Or Later1971Produzent
The Grass RootsTake Him While You Can1969Produzent
The Grass RootsTell Me1966Produzent
The Grass RootsTemptation Eyes1970Produzent
The Grass RootsThe Days Of Pearly Spencer
Coverversion von David McWilliams - Days Of Pearly Spencer
The Grass RootsThe River Is Wide1969Produzent
The Grass RootsThe Runway1971Musik/Text
The Grass RootsThe Sins Of A Family Fall On The Daughter1968Produzent
The Grass RootsThings I Should Have Said1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsThis Is What I Was Made For1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsThis Precious Time1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsTip Of My Tongue1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsTruck Drivin' Man1969Produzent
The Grass RootsTwo Divided By Love1971Produzent
The Grass RootsWake Up, Wake Up1967Musik/Text
The Grass RootsWalking Through The Country1969Produzent
The Grass RootsWe Almost Made It Together1973Produzent
The Grass RootsWe Can't Dance To Your Music1973Produzent
The Grass RootsWhat Love Is Made Of1969Produzent
The Grass RootsWhere There's Smoke, There's Fire1973Musik/Text
The Grass RootsWhere Were You When I Needed You1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsWho Will You Be Tomorrow1968Produzent
The Grass RootsWon't You See Me1967Produzent
The Grass RootsYou And Love Are The Same1968Produzent
The Grass RootsYou Baby1966Musik/Text
The Grass RootsYou Didn't Have To Be So Nice
Coverversion von The Lovin' Spoonful - You Didn't Have To Be So Nice
The Grass RootsYou Might As Well Go My Way1968Produzent
The Grass RootsYou’ve Got To Bend With The Breeze1973Produzent
The Grass RootsYou're A Lonely Girl1965Musik/Text
The HitmakersWhere Were You When I Needed You1967Musik/Text
The ImaginationsI Love You When You're Mad1967Musik/Text
The ImaginationsSummer In New York1967Musik/Text
The RobbsBittersweet1966Musik/Text
The RobbsEnd Of The Week1966Produzent
The RobbsI'll Never Get Enough1970Produzent
The RobbsIt All Comes Back1970Produzent
The RobbsLast Of The Wine1970Produzent
The RobbsMovin'1969Produzent
The RobbsWhite To You1969Produzent
The RobbsWritten In The Dust1970Produzent
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Mike Batt / LemmyEve Of Destruction
Coverversion von Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
The SearchersTake Me For What I'm Worth1965Musik/Text
The TemptationsBring Your Body Here1983Produzent
The TemptationsLove On My Mind Tonight1983Produzent
The TemptationsMade In America1983Produzent
The TemptationsOne Man Woman1983Produzent
The TemptationsShow Me Your Love1983Produzent
The TemptationsSurface Thrills1983Produzent
The TemptationsThe Seeker1983Produzent
The TemptationsWhat A Way To Put It1983Produzent
The TripletsYou Don't Have To Go Home Tonight1991Produzent
The TurtlesCan I Get To Know You Better1966Musik/Text
The TurtlesYou Baby1966Musik/Text
Thelma HoustonCrying In The Sunshine1969Produzent
Thelma HoustonI Just Can't Stay Away1969Produzent
Thelma HoustonI Just Gotta Be Me1969Produzent
Thelma HoustonSave The Country1969Produzent
Times TwoCome Over1988Produzent
Times TwoStrange But True1988Produzent
Tommy Roe(They Long To Be) Close To You
Coverversion von Richard Chamberlain - They Long To Be Close To You
Tommy RoeA Dollar's Worth Of Pennies1969Produzent
Tommy RoeBaby, I Love You
Coverversion von The Ronettes - Baby, I Love You
Tommy RoeBack Streets And Alleys1971Produzent
Tommy RoeBeginnings1971Produzent
Tommy RoeBrown Eyed Handsome Man1971Produzent
Tommy RoeBrush A Little Sunshine1970Produzent
Tommy RoeCinnamon
Coverversion von Derek - Cinnamon
Tommy RoeCrimson And Clover
Coverversion von Tommy James And The Shondells - Crimson And Clover
Tommy RoeDizzy1968Produzent
Tommy RoeEvergreen1970Produzent
Tommy RoeFirefly1970Produzent
Tommy RoeGotta Keep Rolling Away1969Produzent
Tommy RoeHeather Honey1969Produzent
Tommy RoeHide Daddy's Whiskey1971Produzent
Tommy RoeIndulge In Love1971Produzent
Tommy RoeJack And Jill1969Produzent
Tommy RoeJam Up Jelly Tight1969Produzent
Tommy RoeKing Of Fools1970Produzent
Tommy RoeLawdy Miss Clawdy1971Produzent
Tommy RoeLittle Miss Goodie Two Shoes1970Produzent
Tommy RoeLook Out Girl1969Produzent
Tommy RoeMakin' Music1969Produzent
Tommy RoeMoney Is My Pay1969Produzent
Tommy RoeNo Sad Songs1970Produzent
Tommy RoePearl1970Produzent
Tommy RoeProud Mary
Coverversion von Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary
Tommy RoeRaining In My Heart
Coverversion von Buddy Holly - Rainin' In My Heart
Tommy RoeSnowman1971Produzent
Tommy RoeStagger Lee
Coverversion von Lloyd Price - Stagger Lee
Tommy RoeStir It Up And Serve It1970Produzent
Tommy RoeStormy
Coverversion von Classics IV feat. Dennis Yost - Stormy
Tommy RoeSugar, Sugar
Coverversion von The Archies - Sugar Sugar
Tommy RoeThe Greatest Love1970Produzent
Tommy RoeThe Way Things Are1971Produzent
Tommy RoeTip Top Tina1969Produzent
Tommy RoeTraffic Jam
Coverversion von Classics IV feat. Dennis Yost - Traffic Jam
Tommy RoeWe Can Make Music1970Produzent
Tommy RoeWhy Can't It Be Me1971Produzent
Tommy RoeYour Touch Is The Best Thing In Life1971Produzent
Ultimate [1970s]Secret Agent Man1980Musik/Text
Viola WillsLove Pains
Coverversion von Yvonne Elliman - Love Pains
Wally McKeyWaar ben jij
Coverversion von The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You
Wally McKeyWhere Were You
Coverversion von The Grass Roots - Where Were You When I Needed You
Willie MitchellSecret Agent Man
Coverversion von Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man
Wings [USA]Changes (Keep Coming About)1968Produzent
Wings [USA]Different Kind Of Woman1968Produzent
Wings [USA]First Time Is The Last1968Produzent
Wings [USA]General Bringdown1968Produzent
Wings [USA]Give Me Your Love1968Produzent
Wings [USA]Pretty Little Girl1968Produzent
Wings [USA]See Someone Hangin'1968Produzent
Wings [USA]Shrinking Violet1968Produzent
Wings [USA]Takin' It Lazy (Takin' It Easy / Lazy Afternoon)1968Produzent
Wings [USA]That's Not Real1968Produzent
Wings [USA]What Do I Know1968Produzent
Yvonne CarrollPlease Don't Go1964Musik/Text
Yvonne EllimanLove Pains1979Musik/Text
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