Waylon Jennings

Pseudonyme / Alternative Schreibweisen: Wayland Jennings

Songs von Waylon Jennings

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Al MartinoAnita, You're Dreaming
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Anita, You're Dreaming
Andy Griggs & Waylon JenningsShine On Me1999Musik/Text
Angy Burri & The ApachesSatisfy You1995Musik/Text
Barbara MandrellAngels Love Bad Men1987Musik/Text
Billy Joe ShaverYou Asked Me To1977Musik/Text
Billy SwanYou're The One1976Musik/Text
Bobby SetterAnita niet huilen
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Anita, You're Dreaming
(Wayland Jennings)
Boxcar Willie and Gunter GabrielGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Cal SmithAnita, You're Dreaming
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Anita, You're Dreaming
Carl Perkins / Jerry Lee Lewis / Roy Orbison / Johnny CashWaymore's Blues
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Waymore's Blues
Charley PrideA Good Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Chris Shiflett & The Dead PeasantsAre You Sure Hank Done It This Way?
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
Clint BlackAre You Sure Waylon Done It This Way
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
Country BuskersGood Hearted Woman1993Musik/Text
Country GazetteSure Didn't Take Him Long1976Musik/Text
Cowboy Jack ClementYou Asked Me To1978Musik/Text
David Allan CoeWillie, Waylon And Me1976Produzent
Deana Carter feat. Shooter JenningsGood Hearted Woman2007Musik/Text
Don Bowman feat. The Tijuana Drum And Bugle CorpsAnita, You're Kidding1967Musik/Text
Dr. HookA Couple More Years1976Produzent
Dr. HookA Little Bit More
Coverversion von Bobby Gosh - A Little Bit More
Dr. HookThe Radio1976Produzent
Dr. HookWhat About You1976Produzent
Dwight YoakamI'll Go Back To Her
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - I'll Go Back To Her
Elvis PresleyYou Asked Me To1974Musik/Text
Emmylou Harris & Waylon JenningsSpanish Johnny1980Produzent
George CanyonGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
George CanyonGood Ol' Boys2007Musik/Text
George JonesGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Glen CampbellIt's The World Gone Crazy (Cotillion)1980Musik/Text
Glen CampbellJust To Satisfy You
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Just To Satisfy You
Gunter GabrielEhrbares Mädchen
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Gunter GabrielGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Gunter GabrielJeder Mann braucht eine Frau1974Musik/Text
Gunter Gabriel & Boxcar WillieEhrbares Mädchen1979Musik/Text
Hank Williams Jr.Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
Hank Williams Jr.Just To Satisfy You
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Just To Satisfy You
HighwaymenI Do Believe1995Musik/Text
J.J. CaleWaymore's Blues
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Waymore's Blues
Jerry ReedJust To Satisfy You
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Just To Satisfy You
Jerry ReedThat's The Chance I'll Have To Take1980Musik/Text
Jessi ColterA Fallen Star1981Produzent
Jessi ColterA Woman's Heart (Is A Handy Place To Be)1976Produzent
Jessi ColterAin't Makin' No Headlines (Here Without You)1981Produzent
Jessi ColterAin't No Way1976Produzent
Jessi ColterAll My Life I've Been Your Lady1975Produzent
Jessi ColterBlack Haired Boy1978Produzent
Jessi ColterCome On In1974Produzent
Jessi ColterConcider Me1977Produzent
Jessi ColterCry Softly1970Produzent
Jessi ColterDarlin' It's Yours1975Produzent
Jessi ColterDiamond In The Rough1976Produzent
Jessi ColterDon't Let Him Go1970Produzent
Jessi ColterDon't You Think I Feel It Too1978Produzent
Jessi ColterFor Mama1977Produzent
Jessi ColterFor The First Time1974Produzent
Jessi ColterGet Back
Coverversion von The Beatles with Billy Preston - Get Back
Jessi ColterGod I Love You1977Produzent
Jessi ColterGod, If I Could Only Write Your Love Song1977Produzent
Jessi ColterHard Times And Sno-Cone1981Produzent
Jessi ColterHe Called Me Baby1970Produzent
Jessi ColterHealing Hands Of Time1970Produzent
Jessi ColterHere I Am1975Produzent
Jessi ColterHey Jude
Coverversion von The Beatles - Hey Jude
Jessi ColterHold Back The Tears
Coverversion von Neil Young - Hold Back The Tears
Jessi ColterHoldin' On1981Musik/Text
Jessi ColterI Hear A Song1974Produzent
Jessi ColterI See Your Face (In The Morning's Window)1975Produzent
Jessi ColterI Thought I Heard You Calling My Name1976Produzent
Jessi ColterI Was Kinda Crazy Then1978Produzent
Jessi ColterIf She's Where You Like Livin'1970Produzent
Jessi ColterI'm Looking For Blue Eyes1975Produzent
Jessi ColterI'm Not Lisa1974Produzent
Jessi ColterIs There Any Way (You'd Stay Forever)1974Produzent
Jessi ColterIt's All Over Now1970Produzent
Jessi ColterIt's Morning (And I Still Love You)1975Produzent
Jessi ColterIt's Not Easy1970Produzent
Jessi ColterJennifer (Fly My Little Baby)1981Produzent
Jessi ColterLet It Go1977Produzent
Jessi ColterLove Me Back To Sleep1978Produzent
Jessi ColterLove's The Only Chain1974Produzent
Jessi ColterMaster, Master1977Produzent
Jessi ColterMaybe You Should've Been Listening1978Produzent
Jessi ColterMy Cowboy's Last Ride1978Produzent
Jessi ColterMy Goodness1978Produzent
Jessi ColterNew Wine1977Produzent
Jessi ColterNobody Else Like You1981Produzent
Jessi ColterOh Will (Who Made It Rain Last Night)1976Produzent
Jessi ColterOne Man Woman1975Produzent
Jessi ColterPut You Arms Around Me1977Produzent
Jessi ColterRidin' Shotgun (Honkin')1981Produzent
Jessi ColterRidin' Shotgun (Tonkin')1981Produzent
Jessi ColterRoll On1978Produzent
Jessi ColterRounder1975Produzent
Jessi ColterShine1981Produzent
Jessi ColterSomewhere Along The Way1981Produzent
Jessi ColterStorms Never Last1974Produzent
Jessi ColterThat's The Chance I'll Have To Take1970Produzent
Jessi ColterThat's The Way A Cowboy Rocks And Rolls1978Produzent
Jessi ColterThe Hand That Rocks The Cradle1975Produzent
Jessi ColterThere Ain't No Rain1977Produzent
Jessi ColterToo Many Rivers1970Produzent
Jessi ColterWhat's Happened To Blue Eyes1974Produzent
Jessi ColterWho Walks Thru Your Memory (Billy Jo)1974Produzent
Jessi ColterWhy You Been Gone So Long
Coverversion von Johnny Darrell - Why You Been Gone So Long
Jessi ColterWings Of My Victory1981Produzent
Jessi ColterWithout You1975Produzent
Jessi ColterWould You Leave Now1976Produzent
Jessi ColterWould You Walk With Me (To The Lilies)1975Produzent
Jessi ColterYou Ain't Never Been Loved (Like I'm Gonna Love You)1974Produzent
Jessi ColterYou Hung The Moon (Didn't You Waylon?)1976Produzent
Jessi ColterYou Mean To Say1975Produzent
Jessi Colter feat. Roy Orbison & Waylon JenningsI Belong To Him1977Produzent
Jim Edward BrownJust To Satisfy You
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Just To Satisfy You
Johnny Cash & Waylon JenningsI Wish I Was Crazy Again1978Produzent
Johnny Cash & Waylon JenningsThere Ain't No Good Chain Gang1978Produzent
Johnny HallydayMerci1976Musik/Text
Johnny RodriguezI'll Go Back To Her
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - I'll Go Back To Her
Johnny RussellGood Hearted Woman1982Musik/Text
Josh TurnerGood Ol' Boys
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)
LeAnn RimesA Good Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Marianne FaithfullThis Time1976Musik/Text
Marty RobbinsGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Max StenzWurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You)2010Musik/Text
Nick MacKenzieAnita
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Anita, You're Dreaming
Piet VeermanOld Time Feeling
Coverversion von Dobie Gray - Old Time Feeling
Schurli & Die MotorbienenShake It Up1988Musik/Text
The Everly BrothersGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
The SpotnicksCado Queen1978Musik/Text
Tina TurnerGood Hearted Woman1979Musik/Text
Tom AstorEhrbares Mädchen1982Musik/Text
Tompall GlaserBroken Down Mama
Coverversion von Shel Silverstein - Broken Down Mama
Tompall GlaserCharlie1973Produzent
Tompall GlaserGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Tompall GlaserHunger1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserI Can't Remember1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserIf I'd Only Come And Go1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserPut Another Log On The Fire (Male Chauvinist National Anthem)1974Produzent
Tompall GlaserTime Changes Everything1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserTompall On The Ukulele1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserWe Live In Two Different Worlds1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserWest Centerbury Subdivision Blues1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserWhen It Goes It's Gone Girl1975Produzent
Tompall GlaserWild Side Of Life
Coverversion von Jimmy Heap And The Melody Masters - Wild Side Of Life
Tony Joe White with Waylon JenningsShakin' The Blues2006Musik/Text
Troy Cassar-Daley & Adam HarveyGood Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Turley RichardsLove Is On The Line1976Musik/Text
Volker LechtenbrinkWo mag ich nur sein1978Musik/Text
Waylon & WillieI Can Get Off On You1977Musik/Text
Waylon & WillieI Could Write A Book About You1991Musik/Text
Waylon & WillieIf I Can Find A Clean Shirt1991Musik/Text
Waylon & WillieMammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Coverversion von Ed Bruce - Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Waylon & WillieOld Age And Treachery1991Musik/Text
Waylon & WillieThe Good Ol' Nights1991Musik/Text
Waylon & WillieThe Makin's Of A Song1991Musik/Text
Waylon [US]Angel Eyes
Coverversion von Emmylou Harris - Angel Eyes
Waylon [US]Breakin' Down1983Produzent
Waylon [US]It's Only Rock And Roll1983Produzent
Waylon [US]Let Her Do The Walking1983Musik/Text
Waylon [US]Living Legends1983Musik/Text
Waylon [US]Love's Legalities1983Produzent
Waylon [US]Lucille (You Won't Do Your Daddy's Will)
Coverversion von Little Richard - Lucille
Waylon [US]Medley Of Hits1983Musik/Text
Waylon [US]No Middle Ground1983Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings(Don't Let Let Sun On You) Tulsa1970Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsA Couple More Years1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsA Long Time Ago1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsA Lot Of Good1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsA Love Song (I Can Sing Anymore)1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsAin't No God In Mexico1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsAll Around Cowboy1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsAmanda
Coverversion von Don Williams - Amanda
Waylon JenningsAnita, You're Dreaming1966Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsAre You Ready For The Country
Coverversion von Neil Young - Are You Ready For The Country?
Waylon JenningsAre You Sure Hank Done It This Way1974Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsAs Far As The Eye Can See1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsAs The Billy World Turns1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsBack In The Saddle Again1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsBelle Of The Ball1977Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsBlack Rose
Coverversion von Billy Joe Shaver - Black Rose
Waylon JenningsBob Wills Is Still The King1975Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsCan't You See
Coverversion von The Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See
Waylon JenningsCindy Of New Orleans1965Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsCloudy Days1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsCome Back And See Me1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsCrazy Arms1972Produzent
Waylon JenningsDelias Gone1970Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsDo No Good Woman1971Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsDon't Bring It Around Anymore1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsDon't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsDown Came The World1965Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsDreaming My Dreams With You1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsDrinkin' And Dreamin'1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsEndangered Species1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsFreedom To Stay1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsFriends In California2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsG.I. Joe1988Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsGardenia Waltz1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsGirl I Can Tell (You're Trying To Work It Out)1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsGoin' Down Rockin'2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsGold Dust Woman1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsGone To Denver1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsGood Hearted Woman1971Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsGood Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Coverversion von Danny O'Keefe - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
Waylon JenningsGot A Lot Going For Me1974Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsGrapes On The Vine1988Produzent
Waylon JenningsHanging On1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsHank Williams Syndrome1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsHeartaches Older Than You1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsHey Willie1988Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsHigh Time (You Quit Your Lowdown Ways)1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsHonky Tonk Heroes1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsHow Much Is It Worth To Live In L.A.1988Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsI Do Believe2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up)1983Produzent
Waylon JenningsI Never Said It Would Be Easy1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI Recall A Gypsy Woman
Coverversion von Don Williams - I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Waylon JenningsI Take My Comfort In You1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsI Think It's Time She Learned1972Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI Wonder Just Where I Went Wrong1966Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsIf My Harley Was Runnin'2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsIf Ole Hank Could Only See Us Now1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsIf She'll Leave Her Mama1984Produzent
Waylon JenningsIf You Could Touch Her At All1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsI'll Go Back To Her1976Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI'm A Ramblin' Man1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsI'm Living Proof (There's Life After You)1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI'm On Fire
Coverversion von Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire
Waylon JenningsIt Goes With The Territory1988Produzent
Waylon JenningsIt'll Be Her1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsIt's Alright1980Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsIt's Not Supposed To Be That Way
Coverversion von Willie Nelson - It's Not Supposed To Be That Way
Waylon JenningsIt's The World's Gone Crazy (Cotillion)1979Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI've Always Been Crazy1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsI've Been A Long Time Leaving (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)
Coverversion von Roger Miller - I've Been A Long Time Leavin' (But I'll Be A Long Time Gone)
Waylon JenningsI've Got Me A Woman1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsI've Got My Faults1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsJack-A-Diamonds1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsJohn's Back In Town1967Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsJulie1968Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsJust For You1965Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsJust Talkin'1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsJust To Satisfy You1964Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsLaid Back Country Picker2003Produzent
Waylon JenningsLay It Down
Coverversion von Lonnie Mack - Lay It Down
Waylon JenningsLet's All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues)1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsLet's Turn Back The Years
Coverversion von Hank Williams - Let's Turn Back The Years
Waylon JenningsLittlefield1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsLiving Legend
Coverversion von Kris Kristofferson - Living Legend
Waylon JenningsLonesome, On'ry And Mean1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsLookin' For A Feeling1978Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsLooking For Suzanne1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsLouisiana Women1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsLow Down Freedom
Coverversion von Billy Joe Shaver - Low Down Freedom
Waylon JenningsMacArthur Park
Coverversion von Richard Harris - MacArthur Park
Waylon JenningsMe And Bobby McGee
Coverversion von Roger Miller - Me And Bobby McGee
Waylon JenningsMe And Them Brothers Of Mine1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsMemories Of You And I1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsMental Revenge
Coverversion von Johnny Darrell - Mental Revenge
Waylon JenningsMidnight Rider
Coverversion von The Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider
Waylon JenningsMona1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsMy Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys1975Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsNashville Burn1966Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsNever Could Toe The Mark1984Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsNever Say Die2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsNo Good For Me1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsNobody Knows1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsNothin' Worth Takin' Or Leavin'1972Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsOklahoma Sunshine1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsOld Five And Dimers Like Me
Coverversion von Billy Joe Shaver - Old Five And Dimers Like Me
Waylon JenningsOld Friend1976Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsOld Timer (The Song)1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsOmaha1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsPeople Up In Texas1984Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsPick Up The Tempo1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsPrecious Memories1976Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsPretend I Never Happened1972Produzent
Waylon JenningsPrologue1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsRainy Day Woman1974Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsRhiannon (Will You Ever Win)
Coverversion von Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
Waylon JenningsRide Me Down Easy1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsRight Before My Eyes1968Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsRoman Candles1982Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsRose In Paradise2008Produzent
Waylon JenningsRough And Rowdy Days1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSad Songs And Waltzes2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSan Francisco Mabel Joy
Coverversion von Mickey Newbury - San Francisco Mabel Joy
Waylon JenningsSandy Sends Her Best1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsSettin' Me Up
Coverversion von Dire Straits - Setting Me Up
Waylon JenningsShadows Of A Distant Friend1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsShakin' The Blues2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsShe Was No Good For Me2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsShe's Looking Good1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsShine1981Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsShopping1976Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSix Strings Away1968Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSlow Movin' Outlaws1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsSlow Rollin' Low1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsSmokey On Your Front Door1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSo Good Woman1976Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSomethings Wrong In California1970Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSorrow (Breaks A Good Man Down)1968Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSparkling Brown Eyes1984Produzent
Waylon JenningsStay A Little Longer1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsSuddenly Single1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsSure Didn't Take Him Long1972Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsSweet Mother Texas1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsTalk Good Boogie1984Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThat Dog Won't Hunt1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsThat's The Chance I'll Ever Have To Take1965Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThe Broken Promise Land1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Days Of Sand And Shovels1970Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThe Devil's Right Hand1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Door Is Always Open1975Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Entertainer1984Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Gemini Song (When I'm Bad, I'm Bad)1984Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThe Hunger1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Last One To Leave Seattle2003Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThe Old Mother's Locket Trick1982Produzent
Waylon JenningsThe Ways Of The World2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThe Wurlitzer Prize (I Don't Want To Get Over You)1978Produzent
Waylon JenningsThem Old Love Songs1976Produzent
Waylon JenningsTheme From The Dukes Of Hazzard (Good Ol' Boys)1980Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThey Ain't Got 'Em All1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsThis Time1974Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThis Train (Russell's Song)1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsThose Kind Of Memories1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsTime Will Tell The Story1966Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsToo Dumb For New York City1992Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsTrouble Man1988Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsTurn It All Around1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsTurn The Page
Coverversion von Bob Seger - Turn The Page
Waylon JenningsWaking Up With You1990Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWalkin'1974Produzent
Waylon JenningsWastin' Time2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWave Goodbye To Me1968Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWaymore's Blues1975Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWaymore's Blues (Part II)1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWhat You'll Do When I'm Gone1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhatever Gets You Through The Night1984Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhere Do We Go From Here1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWhere Does Love Go1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhere Would I Be (Without You)1984Produzent
Waylon JenningsWhich Way Do I Go (Now That I'm Gone)1988Produzent
Waylon JenningsWild Ones1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWill The Wolf Survive
Coverversion von Los Lobos - Will The Wolf Survive?
Waylon JenningsWilly, The Wandering Gypsy And Me1973Produzent
Waylon JenningsWoman I Hate It1988Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWomen Do Know How To Carry On1981Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsWorking Without A Net1986Produzent
Waylon JenningsWrong Road To Nashville2012Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYellow Haired Woman1969Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYou Asked Me To1973Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYou Can Have Her
Coverversion von Roy Hamilton - You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)
Waylon JenningsYou Deserve The Stars In My Crown1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYou Don't Mess Around With Me1994Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYou Put The Soul In The Song1988Produzent
Waylon JenningsYou Showed Me Somethin' About Lovin' (I Never Knew Was)1985Produzent
Waylon JenningsYou Went Out With Rock And Roll1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYou'll Look For Me1970Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYou'll Never Take The Texas Out Of Me1987Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYoung Widow Brown1967Musik/Text
Waylon JenningsYoyos, Bozos, Bimbos And Heroes1988Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings & Hank Williams Jr.The Conversation1983Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings & James GarnerI'll Find It Where I Can1983Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jerry ReedHold On! I'm Comin'
Coverversion von Sam & Dave - Hold On, I'm Comin'
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI Ain't The One1970Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI Believe You Can1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterI'll Be Alright1980Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterPastels And Harmony1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterRainy Seasons1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterSight For Sore Eyes1983Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterStorms Never Last
Coverversion von Jessi Colter - Storms Never Last
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterSuspicious Minds
Coverversion von Mark James - Suspicious Minds
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterWhat Happened To Blues Eyes1980Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterWild Side Of Life / It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Coverversion von Jimmy Heap And The Melody Masters - Wild Side Of Life
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterYou Never Can Tell (C'est la vie)
Coverversion von Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell
Waylon Jennings & Jessi ColterYou're Not The Same Sweet Baby
Coverversion von Mickey Newbury - You're Not My Same Sweet Baby
Waylon Jennings & Johnny CashBe Careful Who You Love (Arthur's Song)1985Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Mel TillisMason Dixon Line1983Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Tony Joe WhiteSo You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer1983Musik/Text
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonA Good Hearted Woman
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Good Hearted Woman
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonDon't Cuss The Fiddle
Coverversion von Kris Kristofferson - Don't Cuss The Fiddle
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonHeaven Or Hell1974Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonJust To Satisfy You
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - Just To Satisfy You
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonPick Up The Tempo1978Produzent
Waylon Jennings & Willie NelsonThe Year 2003 Minus 25
Coverversion von Kris Kristofferson - The Year 2000 Minus 25
Waylon Jennings / Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash / Kris KristoffersonAngels Love Bad Men
Coverversion von Barbara Mandrell - Angels Love Bad Men
Willie NelsonA Couple More Years1978Produzent
Willie NelsonGood Hearted Woman1972Musik/Text
Willie NelsonIf You Can Touch Her At All
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - If You Could Touch Her At All
Willie NelsonIt's Not Supposed To Be That Way1974Produzent
Willie NelsonMy Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Willie Nelson with Miranda LambertShe Was No Good For Me
Coverversion von Waylon Jennings - She Was No Good For Me
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