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Bella Ferraro feat. Will Singe
Forgot You

7 Bewertungen
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Bella Ferraro
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Will Singe
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7 BewertungenBella Ferraro feat. Will Singe - Forgot You
Pretty good! Hasn't hooked me yet, but I can appreciate it for what it is right now.
But the rap has to go.
Good to finally see another single from Bella. Quite good and I'm sure it will grow. I was a little skeptical to what the quality of this would be when I heard one of the members from The Collective was on it; I could do without the rap but in saying that it doesn't make it any less enjoyable.
Pretty nice!
Solid track.
Peaked at #75 in Australia, 2013.
Sehr nett, dazu im aktuellen Sound.
mir nicht gefallender "Whoa oh"-Poptitel mit männlichem Rappart, 2.75…