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Rating: 0 This track is awful. The piano sounds like something out of a ragtime production. Then the rhythm does not match it at all as it sounds like dubstep. The melody doesn't make any sense and is very dissonant most of the time. An aural assault on my ears.
Rating: 0 This song was terrible. There was no melody or beat or anything that resembled music. The sound effects were harmful to my ears and the awful piano made me want to hear hot cross buns. It is the same awful noises for almost two minutes.
Rating: 0 There was barely any structure to this piece of music, it was highly repetitive and jarring. The mixture of the instruments was awful and gave me a headache. This was genuinely difficult to listen to and I would never want to hear anything like it ever again.
Rating: 0 this song is also pretty short. it was jazzy.and hip-hop at the same time. there also wasnt any words in this song. i wouldnt recommend others to listen to it . the same beat was playing over and over again. i wouldnt even call it a song
Rating: 0 Just to repetitive and annoying. It is too much and needs to be longer. Why do people try to slide awful sounds together and make it a "song". That is an idiotic way of making a tune. This needs to be thrown away to a "no good" bin.
Rating: 0 There is way too much going on with the instrumentals in the intro. It sounds like you are just trying to fill empty or quiet space with a bunch of loud and random noises. It has no melody or solid tune. It sounds the same throughout the entire song. There are no vocals and this is possibly the worst song I have ever heard and it has zero potential.
Rating: 0 STop I really dislike the beats and the instruments nothing goes togther it all just seems so messy. The overall production is very very messy, It feels cluttered this really needs alot of work. The weird noise and the beat do not work togther this is a disater
Rating: 0 the melody sounds quite messy at the start and i absolutely hate that. i wouldnt chose to listen to this song again. there is no harmony betwen the instruments and it repeats in a massive loop which is pointless and totally lack of creativity. awful melody
Rating: 0 This is not enjoyable to listen to. I feel like I'm in an arcade and it's just the noise of every game's soundtrack and sound effects combined to make a big jumble of noise. It just repeats over and over again and it's not original. It's just annoying and I don't think I could listen to it more than once. And it's super short. It's like someone just set random notes on a line and called it music.
Rating: 0 The music production different yet so terrible that it was very hard to listen to. I felt like my ears were going to fall off. This person needs a lot of work on his beats and music production. A whole lot of trash is all I hear.
Rating: 0 very upbeat sound. Sounds like it would be fun in a club as like hype music. I don't know what instrument this is playing. Not really for me. way too repetitive. the track plays the same part over and over, sounds like a kid banging on a keyboard in the background.
Rating: 0 This is extremely poor I think. Its not catchy at all and all of the instruments are just smashed together and off key its actually gross. The overall production sucks and just all around not set up nicely at all. I really don't care too much for it
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