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Honey G
The Honey G Show

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Honey G
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2 BewertungenHoney G - The Honey G Show
Is this Simon Cowells biggest flop to date?
Sure he's worked with novelty joke acts before Teletubbies, WWF Superstars, Wonder Dog, Zig and Zag and Westlife etc but they've all charted at least and highly also.
This song missed the UK top 100 landing at #149 which after all her X Factor hype is really bad.
The song does have a catchiness to it but the fact is some people like to listen to rap but they aren't rappers. This is a case in point.
Trashiger Song aber nicht auf die Art die ich amüsant finde – hätte gedacht der Song sei ein Joke, aber sie meint das tatsächlich ernst