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One Direction
Best Song Ever

Gecovert von
De Smurfen (Ik schreef een lied)
Les Schtroumpfs (Je suis Schtroumpf de toi)
103 Bewertungen
04.08.2013 (Rang 11)
29.09.2013 (Rang 67)
11 (1 Woche)
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103 BewertungenOne Direction - Best Song Ever
It's not my type of music and not something I will listen to, but it's catchy. Will probably be their biggest hit since their debut single.
At least it's not a Wallpaper/Janoskians cover :P

The track itself is not too bad, if anything, mildly catchy. This might do a 'LWWY' (overhyped rise then a fast drop).
What Trav said.

Okay so I thought I'd do a proper review now. What Trav said summed up what I thought on first listen however my opinions have shifted quite a bit since then.

I have a big problem with the title. It reminds me of "Best Friends" by The Janoskians and subsequently "F**king Best Song Everrr" by Wallpaper. Obviously they didn't mean this on purpose but it bugs me whenever I hear this as I instantly think of those two awful songs which possibly lowers the enjoyment I get from this.

To the song itself; it sounds a little different to their usual selves and is an improvement on the previous three singles. I'm glad they didn't use any na na na parts in this like they have done in previous songs. However ever since about a week after first listen I've started to tire of this quite a bit. Considering that this is happening I can only imagine what my thoughts of it will be in say a year after first listen. I'm not going for 2 stars yet but I'm certain it will happen in the next 6 months.

Hopefully the next single of theirs is something that makes me think they are deserving of such a big name in not only music but pop culture in general and deserving of such a massive fanbase which seems to be catered mainly to the one demographic. This is yet another song by them which I'm putting in the not worthy of its success bin. I think I'll be waiting a while for something as good as "One Thing" or "What Makes You Beautiful" or something that is at least likeable. Hoping this deservedly drops out of the chart soon and I hope their upcoming album is nowhere near as successful as the previous two.

EDIT 2: Whenever I hear this I get the urge to switch it off immediately as it gets annoying and tiring quickly. Down to 2 stars now. The worst song I have heard from the album.

P.S. Funnily enough I quite enjoy "Story Of My Life" so I didn't end up waiting a while :P
Alright. A Grower for sure.
denke, das könnte tatsächlich ihr grösster hit seit "What Makes You Beautiful" werden... ziemlich eingängig ists jedenfalls, gefällt mir.
It's good, better than the other boyband offerings, but they have better singles than this.
I regrettably like this a lot. Already.

EDIT: And in less than a week I am already getting tired of it.
Best Song Ever!!! <3
Sicherlich nicht der beste Song aller Zeiten, jedoch auch nicht ganz schlecht. Ist ok und gibt mir nix. 3*
"Best Song Ever" wird völlig überraschend seinem Titel so gar nicht gerecht. "The Most Average Song Ever" würde da eher passen. Aber immerhin, Mittelmaß haben die Bubis zuletzt auch nicht immer erreicht.
Wellicht binnenkort héél hoog in de hitlijsten.
Best Song Ever!!!! NICHT!!!!

Wen man schon einen solchen Titel nimmt, dann muss man sich auch sicher sein das es tatsächlich so ist, oder immerhin ein sehr sehr sehr guter Song ist, ist hier aber nicht der Fall...

Next Please!
Bad Song Ever !
Was expecting worse (particularly because I too thought it would be a cover of Wallpaper's song), but this isn't too bad. But I could see it wearing out quickly, not that it impacted strong on me to begin with.

Not the best song ever, but nowhere near the worst ever.

EDIT: With more time, I've come to realize how dumb this is.

Overall, I don't mind the sound of it, but it is lyrically horrible and just not a good song.

3* -> 2*.
Oh je - sowas von belanglos und langweilig - ab in die Radiomülltonne mit dem!
It's not the worst song ever, but it's certainly not the best - it's catchy though, I can see this doing quite well.
Im Songtext geht es ja darum, dass man zum besten Song aller Zeiten getanzt hat, das hat ja nichts mit diesem Song von One Direction zu tun.

Sehr solid vorgetragene Popnummer, ich muss schon sagen, One Direction ist eine der besseren Boybands der letzten Zeit, angenehme Nummer, weit weg von einem Riesensong, aber absolut ansprechend und für die Zielgruppe sicher ein Knaller!
The play icon was pressed and the anticipation was high. How would the best song ever play out?
Well from the opening notes it was underwhelming. In fact, there was no buzz throughout the song. Just the realisation that they've just gone back to their crappier kind of material.
Actually that's a bit harsh. Realising that this will never be the "best song ever", I could say that this could be a grower. 3*
This is horrible. But with a title like that was it ever going to be good? Funny clip though I must say...
▒ Géén hoogvlieger, maar ook geen bagger, deze ø plaat uit begin juli 2013 van "One Direction", een boyband uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk bestaande uit: "Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik en Harry Styles" !!! Ze eindigden in 2010 als derde in het Britse talentenjachtprogramma "X-Factor" ☺!!!
Het slechtste nummer ooit past er beter bij.

Komt op #5 terecht, serieus? Dit gaat volgende week de top 10 uitvliegen, let op mijn woorden Directioners!

Dat denk ik niet. Komt hoog binnen, maar gaat net als Live We Where Young weer flink dalen.

En het resultaat: Van #5 naar #18. Zal volgende week misschien nog in de top 30 staan.

Edit 28/06/2014:
Op de een of andere manier vind ik toch een aanstekelijk nummer. Veel beter dan de vorige irritante nummers die allemaal op elkaar lijken. De opvolger is ook catchy!
Zeker niet het beste liedje ooit. Wel moet ik opnieuw toegeven dat er weer een bijzonder aanstekelijk nummer uit de koker van deze jongens is gekomen. Met die enorme fanschare moet dit wel opnieuw een hit worden. Ruime voldoende hoor.
And it's anecdotal time! Well I heard 'What Makes You Beautiful' in the supermarket earlier today and I remember immediately having that initial 'urgh' but I came to the realisation that perhaps the fanbase brought in by this song may not otherwise have had such an interest in music. Analysing that point, the assumption lies that One Direction have pretty much become the biggest thing since sliced bread in the pop music world and have conquered all before them. However, due to their mostly specific target market, it is fair to say that they haven't exactly been THE most successful artist on the charts of late (not that it's about that, the effect they've had on pop culture is fairly significant; in the meantime, while they've had five top 10 hits in Australia, the only one of these that perhaps exemplifies their status in pop culture is 'What Makes You Beautiful' in that it seemingly captured everyone's attention, as opposed to the regular fans). But then there's the opinion that they're only popular because of their marketing appeal; I find this slightly misguided because at least they've had the one huge hit that has proven to be genuinely catchy and popular among a large majority of the music-buying market, many of which wouldn't comply with this presumption. So in a nutshell, they have a cult following that will guarantee some extent of success but if the song is able to gain enough momentum, it may or may not be accessible to the everyday public as well. So yeah I believe this theory to be true, and now on to the rest of my review.

They've now gone and released a song which has a title that I have a problem with. I mean, it's obviously not incidental, because music charts history tells us that it's been done before (see Kylie Minogue's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', Timomatic's 'Incredible', Iyaz's 'Replay'; note I'm not being subjective here as I still like 'Replay'). The problem being that the song title is carefully crafted out of a specific lyric or concept in the song but basically allows people to infer the meaning onto the song itself. To me at least, the three examples I provided are what I've found from this strategy, whether or not it exists is a whole different question, that's just my observation :) In any case, these three examples also, to an extent, they're subtle in their approach because it's not exactly obvious to say that it's Iyaz's song you'll eventually have on replay or Kylie's song that will render you incapable of getting it out of your head. In this instance, subtlety clearly isn't One Direction's strong suit as it's so easy for a stan or even just a regular music buyer to think that this could possibly be the best song in existence, go out and buy it, and then actually believe that it is based upon pure emotion driven up by this strategy.

Despite all this angering me, this is a song and not an amalgamation of marketing ploys. It certainly sounds like they've tinkered with a winning formula, risky? Probably not, there's enough catchiness in this for people to enjoy it. However I find it to be cluttered and it doesn't flow particularly well. The vocal effects are quite overbearing and make it a bit hard to listen to. The clip is obviously a whole different story, and I don't want to talk about it. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a song called 'Best Song Ever', but unfortunately I can't get to that stage. I can barely tolerate it. 2.25
ist mir ja schon fast peinlich, aber ich muss hier mit einer guten *5 rausrücken - gefällt mir ziemlich gut bis jetzt
wird wohl ein Riesen-Hit werden
Auf der Rangliste der "best Songs ever" so ca. auf Platz 21.657.079. Ein ziemlich belangloser, vorhersehbarer Boyband-Pop, der allenfalls durch ein einigermaßen lustiges Video überzeugen kann, aber ansonsten nicht all zu viel hergibt.
I do admire this song in its cleverness somewhat. What they do with the chorus is a pretty clever way of justifying meaningless hooks; this is the one time that they're excused for going 'oh! oh! oh!'. There's definitely potential somewhere, but the record falls flat in other parts.

Part of the problem comes from the fact that musically it's still treading an increasingly tiresome angle, and it's taken a mere few listens to start to get boring. Random choppy soundbites keep coming through but I question their value, and the melody I don't think is very strong at all. 2.5
Zu diesem "oh oh oh-yeah yeah yeah"-Boygroup-Pop tanze ich garantiert nicht ab, 1.75…
It's pretty catchy and enjoyable.
das Kinderkarussel mal wieder unterwegs... wie üblich kündingen die einen Song als den "Best Song Ever" an, stellt sich dann aber heraus das dies mal wieder nicht der fall ist... wird wahrscheinlich wieder überall Top 10 weil es ja so toll ist *nicht*... -.-
I wasn't expecting to like this. Wow.
So schlecht ist es gar nicht, gibt viel schlimmeres
Wenigstens wurde bei der Produktion dieses Songs keinen Lebewesen ein Harm getan. Nur den Ohren des erfahrenen Hörers mag es halt nicht gefallen :-)
Met zo'n titel verwacht je toch wel iets meer dan deze rommel.
Fun music video and initially would have gone for a 4 but agree this gets old quick.
They don't seem to be progressing like other boybands did at similar points in their career ie they seem content to remain very kid/teen orientated.
I can't see their 'Back For Good','I Want It That Way' or 'Stay Another Day' a universal track loved by all ages and both genders that breaks out of the teen demographic and reaches across all persons. 'Beautiful' as huge as it was doesn't (unless I'm mistaken) appeal to an adult audience on the whole and they don't seem in any rush to expand the fanbase and mature their themes/sounds/lyrics. Best British Video at The Brits 2014.

8th UK top 10. 28 weeks in the UK top 100.


South Korea#11.

1 week Canadian top 10. Canada#2.
1 week US top 10. US#2.


2 weeks top 10. World Chart#3.
World Chart Year End (2013): #41.

The biggest selling boyband single of 2013 in the US.

600,000 copies sold in the UK.
1 million copies sold in the US.
Ist halt moderner Teeniepop, dazu noch überladen, vor Allem der Refrain. Sie haben zwar noch Schlimmeres, aber mein Terrain ist das dennoch absolut nicht. Sehr knappe 3*.
Best song ever? my ass!
Hahaha... von 2.5 aufgerundet.
If presenting a songtitle like this you'd better come up with the best song ever indeed.
Ouch ... this ain't ...
Funny video though. One Direction is super cute after all, right?
Song is rather thin and more of the same-already-heard.
Best song ever? LOLWUT!
Inoffensive, but instantly forgettable.
ahahahahahahahahahahahaha *LOL*
Ik heb zo'n idee dat sommige mensen denken dat de titel 'Best Song Ever' slaat op dit nummer, maar als je de tekst erbij haalt, komen ze bedrogen uit. Dit nummer van One Direction is weer een hele slimme zet, want hoewel er een klein beetje wordt afgeweken van de succesformule, is dit weer een typisch 1D-nummer. Het klinkt meer anthemisch, vooral in het refrein, en het gehele nummer is weer catchy as hell. De hoogste binnenkomer in de Single Top100, en terecht: dit gaat hopelijk een grote hit worden.
ja -na - eh...one direction halt...das video ist....hmmm...interessant...da zeigen uns die jungs , das sie bei dem "wir machen ne boyband - spiel" nicht mitmachen wollen...und tuns aber - eindrucksvoll - in wahrheit doch...
Für die Zielgruppe, aber auch nicht störend für alle anderen.
Außerdem will ich Zayn Malik knallen :-D
Bunch of crap.
...was für ein Songtitel - was für eine Ironie...
k'heb een hekel aan deze boysband
schlechter als furchtbar!!
Man kann es sich anhören. Aber auf solche Musik fahr ich nicht ab. 3*
"Tribute" for the tween generation? It has grown on me to be pleasant, but far from their best.
Could have been a lot worse, but I'm getting a strong negative vibe from this song telling me that these lads are not what they used to be.
It was good when it came out, but the song is just a total bore now. They need to step up their game.
Die Truppe geht mir eigentlich am Allerwertesten vorbei. Und doch könnte ich den Jungs wohl noch etwas abgewinnen, wenn der Hitparadenmoderator nicht immer so penetrant "Däirektschen" sagen würde.
Ein bisschen "Yeah Yeah Yeah" und "Oh Oh Oh" und schon ist das Ding erklärt. Billig!
nicht so schlecht, jedoch sicherlich nicht "the best song ever" :-)
Helemaal niet de "Best Song Ever", maar voor mij moet dat zeker niet!! Integendeel, want dit is best een tof plaatje van de Britse boysband!! Komaan jongens, nog net 4 sterren, dan!! ☺

Edit 03/09/2013: Toch nog een sterretje meer!! ☺
Schon sehr dreist und frech, so einen belanglosen Titel "Best song ever" zu taufen. Aber immerhin, man ist gezwungen reinzuhören und genau das provozieren die Macher dieser Band.
Eine weitere 3.
Erster Song, den ich mir von ihnen anhöre. Gar nicht so schlecht!
They are nevertheless getting better with singles over time.
...flotte vier...
Un peu chaotique, mais ça passe...
Befinden wir uns gerade im Jahr 1998? Gefällt mir nicht!
Auch diese Band scheint sich immer mehr in Richtung "Hassobjekt" zu bewegen. Solche Songtitel wirken da auch nicht wirklich hinderlich.

Der Song an sich ist zwar nicht so schlecht, wie man denken könnte, aber vom besten Song ever (ABBA - The Day Before You Came, 1982) leider Tausende von Lichtjahren entfernt...
Merveilleux d'inintérêt.
Echt niet !!!
Gar nicht mal so schlecht und das Video ist auch recht funny... 4*

edit: Der Chorus ist wirklich damn catchy. Lang verdiente 5* meinerseits.
It's not too bad but what's up with all these Best Song Ever's suddenly popping up. Also the song seems way too loud for some reason.

That bit at the end of the chorus with the woooooo bit is just dreadful and I really hate it for some strange reason.
Dafür bin ich zu alt.
Weit entfernt davon, "Best Song ever" zu sein. Gerade noch erträglich.
Toujours pas pour moi!!
A good track from 1D. How is that even possible? Very impressed.
It may not be the best song ever but it is their best song ever by far.
Worst song ever...nein, nicht wirklich.
Absolutely dreadful!
Im Refrain die bestens bekannte One Direction-Krachohrwurm-Schiene befahrend. Zwar sicher nicht der "Best Song Ever" auch nicht der "Best Song Of One Direction"; jedoch allemal gut für eine klare Fünf.
Ich mag diesen Teene-boyband-pop einfach nicht
It's far off from being the Best Song Ever but there's no denying their tracks are catchy despite those annoying 'Oh-Oh's'.
Boybands hätten mir vor 30 Jahren besser gefallen, der Song ist nicht schlecht, aber die Performance ist halt nicht meine. Trotzdem Respekt.

CDN: #2, 2013
USA: #2, 2013
Auch von mir nur eine 3.
von mir gibt es eine ordentliche 4
1 star
More like closer to 'Worst Song Ever'.
Might as well be the Most Mediocre Song Ever.
sans plus !
in my dreams, dit is verre van de beste song ooit
Haha, soviel Selbstironie hätte ich der Band gar nicht zugetraut. Und nein, sie behaupten auch nie, dass das der beste Song aller Zeiten sei. Schade, dass die meisten hier nur die Boyband sehen und bewerten und nicht den Song. Abgerundete 4.
Wenn der Titel ironisch gemeint ist, wäre es wenigstens passend!
Süßer Song süße jungs
Das ist definitiv nicht der Best Song ever.
Bestimmt nicht
Heute vor 10 Jahren wurde die "Band" im Rahmen von "The X Factor" gegründet, deshalb reviewe ich zum Geburtstag ihren dem Namen nach besten Song.
Allein schon das Intro klingt verdächtig nach "Baba O'Riley" von The Who, vielleicht ist das ihrer Meinung nach der "Best Song Ever", ansonsten wäre das nahe dran am Rip-Off. Auch sonst kann ich dem Song nur wenig abgewinnen. Solide drei Sterne.