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Samantha Jade
What You've Done To Me

33 Bewertungen
Peak: 1 / Wochen: 15
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Samantha Jade

33 BewertungenSamantha Jade - What You've Done To Me
Catchy pop! The right person won X-Factor.
Infinitely better winners single than Good Night!
It's quite generic but it's killer and she deserved to win X-Factor this year.
Okay, but it is generic though. 3.5*.

Would much prefer a different sounding original track to make #1 this week (AKA "Thrift Shop"), but with the publicity this has already received and is still yet to receive, there is no chance that it will happen :(

EDIT: Fairly good, despite it being another generic pop track. 3.5* -> 4*.
It may be better than Good Night, but it's painfully generic and boring. I understand she may be a great talent, but songs like this completely detract from her full potential.

EDIT: It's not as bad as I thought, and I agree that this really is amazing for a song produced by DNA Songs :P
Very solid pop track. Deserving winner, and very happy she won!
Good song.
Another incredibly lame generic pointless pop song. I've never watched x-factor and this is why.
No I can't really hate on this. For DNA Songs' standard, it's quite amazing. My main problem is a very nitpicky one (you have been warned!), but I think the chorus would be better if the melody was rearranged on the 2nd line of the chorus (the "I'm a heartbeat on the run" etc line). The impact should rise instead of drop at the end of the measure. Again, very nitpicky but that's all I think every time I hear it, and it always makes it fall flat for me unfortunately. Apart from that, it's well structured and the bridge leads well into the final chorus. 3.5
I can like this. I don't have a problem with her voice and the song is only mildly generic and mostly very catchy and enjoyable, and she's not a harpy on the run.
Der Siegersong der Siegerin von X-Factor Australia 2012. Nun, ich glaube, mit ihrer Stimme kann man viel mehr machen, sehr einfach geratene Popnummer. Knappe 4*
Das ist alles, was "X Factor" in Australien zu bieten hat? Eher dünnes Durchschnittsstimmchen, das einen eher dünnen Plastikpop-Titel runternudelt. Das alles ist zwar sehr eingängig, aber aus künstlerischer Sicht kaum substanziell.

Solide bis gute 3.
I particular find the way she sings the title annoying, but aside from that it's a typically unremarkable talent show #1.
I think this is gonna cop a lot of flack since it's the X Factor winner's single, which are never going to be that good, because who's going to give a fantastic song to someone if there's only a 1 in 3 chance of it ever being released? This isn't half-bad though, it's catchy and unlike 'Good Night' it's pleasant enough - and it's really not that generic compared to most of the shite that comes out today. Really, I think it's quite good.
Immer noch besser, dass sie die aktuelle australische The X-Factor-Staffel gewonnen hat und nicht The Collective, nicht gross in Erinnerung bleibender Dance-Pop-Titel, 3*…
Everytime i hear this I just think it;s a Jessica Mauboy demo. Imagine Ms Mauboy belting this out.... anyway Sammy's vocals are good and it's listenable. Deserves the success.
Sounds kinda like a Robyn song. I like it but the chorus could have been better. The 'that's what you've what you've done to me' sounds very disjointed.
Lucky to get a 3* This is quite bland except for some good parts within the melody.

EDIT: Constant radio airplays has actually worked for me. 4*
I don't watch the X Factor, but this song is actually pretty good in my opinion.
Keeps its 5 star score for the nostalgia. It's a good pop song, not exceptional, that sounds like it was pinched from some Swedish pop producer. Which is a compliment given that it's a DNA production. It's catchy, her voice is good and it's a nice listen. Goes without saying that it's easily the best X Factor winner's single.
This is a very solid offering especially from the DNA stable of hit makers.
Samantha Jade however still has to sell it to me because all I see her is as a rehash of Kylie Minogue.
Time will tell if she can eclipse this offering or fade into the abyss of dismal pop stars.
For the record this isn't a #1 deserving record but what is these days?
Très entraînant, j'aime beaucoup le refrain.
I'm only getting into it now for some reason and I love it! Awesome song, deserving #1. 5.5*
It's not bad for a winners single, but nothing to write home about.
Unsuprisingly, better than any of Reece Mastin's songs. This is one catchy song.
Gut gelaunter Dancepoptrack, der mir eine aufgerundete 4-5 wert ist.
:O wiso habe ich das bisher nicht bewertet?! Naja super Song, der aber nicht mit ihrem neueren Werk "Firestarter" mithalten kann...
Generic pop winners single. Because I don't hear it anymore it gets a 3 but if I was reviewing it in late 2012/early 2013 it would get a 2.
Tolerable, I must say.
One of the only 'Winners Singles' that I really love, and it made #1 in AUS :)
Toller Song aus der Feder von Jörgen Elofsson - Super gesungen und schön präsentiert