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The Similou
All This Love

12 Bewertungen
Peak: 58 / Wochen: 1
Peak: 16 / Wochen: 2
Peak: 37 / Wochen: 3
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The Similou
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12 BewertungenThe Similou - All This Love
14.08.2006 05:51
...eigenwilliger Track von Similou....gefällt mir nicht so
17.04.2008 15:49
das ist schon ok, geht noch.
The Drill Mix: netter Dance-Track für zwischendurch - 4*...hiermit 2006 2 Wochen in den finnischen Charts mit Peak #16...
Speciaal, maar heeft me nooit echt kunnen bekoren!
▒ Vreemde plaat uit eind november 2004 van het Zweedse electonic duo "Dizzy Crane (Joel Eriksson) & Jesse Nectar (Erik Niklasson)", alias "The Similou" !!! Kan er niet warm of koud van worden ☺!!!

Pretty good.
Quite an interesting track, I feel as though I've heard it before as I recall parts of it, but others don't sound so familiar to me. That's probably because it didn't really impact the charts, and I wasn't very in touch with the charts at the time so I don't think I'd have heard it then.

The song starts with a nifty little synth riff which maintains it's presense for the duration of the song without seeming in the way or obnoxious, I'd say that it really adds to the track, particularly the traces of it that can be made out during the chorus.

Similarly, it uses a simple yet affective drum beat which really gives the song a good kick to it during the verses. A subtle thing that can be picked up is the little drum beat just before the chorus, as if to somehow indicate that it's an important moment, which I suppose it is.

The vocals are quite interesting, at first I thought they were a bit odd, but with a few listens it really gets you moving. During the chorus though it does sound like a female singing, in a bit of a way it does remind me of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool.

Another thing that intrigues me about this track is the little effects added in occasionally, such as the twinkling star effect that is heard during the verses and the chorus. It's a small thing, but it really is quite interesting, and adds replay value to the song. After all, what's the point if you're just going to get sick of it after a couple of listens. I've heard it five times in the last 20 minutes and I'm still enjoying it.

It actually disappoints me a little that this couldn't do better in the charts, as its run clearly just doesn't do it justice, particularly since there was so much rubbish at the time which came and went and became forgotten. A bittersweet thing there, I mean, the success is obviously a good thing, but what does it matter if no one remembers anyway?

A pretty cool thing about this song though, is that despite its evident repetitiveness, it can easily go over your head as you're enjoying it. The advantage there is that one doesn't need to hear it so many times for it to make an impression and cha-ching is the result!

The film clip is pretty cool too, it portrays the band playing in the clouds above the city, even above the tallest buildings around. While it doesn't feature any rainbows or Stalin, it manages to suit the clip appropriately, and you can tell they had plenty of fun making it.

But anyway, this is a pretty cool song that was unfortunately not a big hit. It makes me wonder if I'd like any of the band's other material, as they seem to have quite a good sound to them. Overall, cool track.
Quite good, but a little repetitive.
Good track. A lot better then expected at the time.
Schöner synth-pop-dance Hit.

Geht gerade noch als 4 durch.

2006: #20 UK
Ja, finde auch eine knappe 4 kann man noch vergeben, aber besonders ist der Song sicherlich nicht.